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Are you tired of hearing this: The gold or the money is in the list. You might get weary of hearing it asChristian Women Entrepreneurs, a Coach, Speaker or Author , but it’s smacking you in the face for a reason – it’s the truth, however, I’d like to add a twist the gold or money is in the relationship you build with the list/community! First of all, let’s answer the question, “What is a list?”

A list in Internet/Online marketing terms is a database of contact information for your prospects. So if you have a product or promote products about gardening and I sign up for your list, I’m a prospect that you can market to repeatedly until I unsubscribe.

So why is building a list so important? Let’s say you start off as an affiliate marketer. You find a niche you truly enjoy and you start working what you’ve learned into some traffic for your affiliate links.

Over a period of 30 days, you funnel 5,000 prospects from the World Wide Web who are interested in your niche straight through your affiliate link to the product owner’s site.

Let’s look at it a little deeper they even buy – yea! You’ve made a 50% commission with a 2% conversion rate. That means 2 out of every 100 people you sent bought the product, and your share was $26.00 (as an example). You earned a cool $2,600 this month – good for you!

There’s only one thing, you’re leaving money on the table. Those 100 people who bought from your 5,000 clicks? They’re now on the product owner’s list, not yours. So what he’s going to do is send them more offers over the coming weeks.

After all, they are proven buyers. Over the next 30 days, those buyers give even more money for products that complement the original one they bought. That money goes to the product owner, not you – because you passed on building a list the first time around.

A better way to build YOUR business is to start with a list from day one. Before you let a single person slip through your link without capturing their name and email address, have your system set up to build a list.

You can have unlimited lists for different niches using a simple tool like Aweber, which will end up being less than $20 per month and you can get a 21 day trial for $1 by clicking here. Every day you can log in and see how many people have signed up, and you can create automated messages to send out to help convert your list into more sales.

Why should the product owner get to cash in on that person again and again when you’re the one who brought him the customer in the first place? Stake claim to each prospect and leverage your relationship with him for future sales and commissions.

Now there is a strategy that you can use if you’re just simply looking to add cash that would possibly make not building your list out the door ideal, however, if you’re looking to build your business, grow your community you would want to opt for this strategy.

Would you like to discover more strategies, tips and more on getting new leads, clients, customers and money “authentically?”

I invite you to join me for my much anticipated Mindset, Marketing and Money e-workshop (webinar). You’ll also received immediate access to my Rapid Profits Promotions Handout.

Register here:

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Website Letters Under Construction

If you are a small business and have not yet established an online presence, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to generate more revenue and profit for your company. As of early 2012, reports have shown that there were 2.4 billion internet users worldwide. The internet has become a great tool for buying and selling products and services, sharing files, communicating with friends and family, entertainment, education and many other activities. Many small businesses that acknowledge this fact have taken steps to build an online presence. Let us look at five top reasons why a website is good for your business.

People Are Online

As a consultant assisting women in business in rural Southern Alabama, I regularly get asked, “Since my business is very small and I only sell my products or services locally, do I really need a website?” My answer is always the same… YES! If you are a business owner, you need to have an internet presence. Here’s why:

  • Statistics have shown that about 2.2 billion people used the internet in 2011 - nearly a third of the earth's population.
  • More than $256 billion were spent by internet shoppers in 2011.
  • Current buying trends show that people purchase everything from books, jewelry, vehicles to live stock and real estate.
  • The number of people that make use of the internet every day is on the increase. This means about 70% of the earth's population have access to it.
  • Online shopping has become a normal activity for many internet users. It has proved to be more convenient and cheaper for them.

As you can see, being a small company does not matter when it comes to potential benefits from having a web presence.

Enhance Your Credibility

Since majority of the earth's population make use of the internet, a website is the best way to tell the world about you and your company. This is also an opportunity to explain why you deserve their confidence and trust. In fact, internet users today expect serious business owners to have an online presence. They use the internet to research before buying products and services. Therefore, a website is a great tool to provide useful information about your business and convince your audience that you offer the best product or service. Here are 4 ways to increase credibility to your website:

  • Update your website with pertinent and relevant information on a regular basis
  • Offer visitors with quick and flexible answers to their needs
  • Post testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Provide visitors with a comment section and make sure you respond in a timely manner

A well designed, informative and updated website will add credibility to your business and strengthen your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Are your competitors outranking you in search results? Imagine a potential customer searching “Animal Clinic San Diego” and the results place your top 5 competitors on the first page while your website is ‘MIA’ (missing in action). Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Mozilla will return the results that are most relevant.

A website that is designed to be an effective Internet marketing tool will increase your website traffic. This internet marketing technique is referred to as Search Engine Optimization. By generating quality back links and creating optimized content, you become an authority before search engines and increase the number of visitors that come to your website.

Global Presence

Imagine serving customers around the world? Since information is always available, people from all over the world can visit your website anytime; and inquire about the products or services that you offer. A website gives you a global footprint exposing you to an international market.

24/7 Exposure

Wouldn’t you like to wake up each morning and ‘ch-ching’ money has magically appeared in your business account? No magic… just a reality for many entrepreneurs. Having a website allows customers to purchase from you 24/7. Your website is sales machine, always open and making sales on your behalf.

I get daily requests for access to my blog. Here are excerpts of two emails that I received this week for access:

“We would like to send you high quality articles that fit your audience… 1 link going to our client's site to each post… pay you $20 per post… send articles in bulk.”

“We will pay you $30 for each article you post… basically our article is related with education”

In conclusion, as you can see, having a professional and optimized website is an important tool in your marketing strategy and a great way to position your company for global exposure.


About Author: Sylvia Browder is a small business consultant, trainer and author. She is founder of National Association Women on the Rise, a virtual community for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. She has served as an online volunteer SCORE counselor since 2004. For FREE weekly articles go to Sylvia Browder’s Blog for Women Entrepreneurs, She can be contacted at

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How To Define Your Unique Value Proposition

10744086299?profile=originalOne of the biggest challenges to competing in an online marketplace is to know confidently what sets you apart from the rest of the pack. This value you add for customers, compared to others out there doing what you do, is referred to as your unique value proposition (UVP), also referred to in some circles as your unique selling proposition.

Why should someone invest their time, money, and effort with you instead of someone else? What extra value can you bring to the table? Look closely at what you would like to offer to people as part of your business model. Then, you’ll need to answer the following questions for your online business.

1. What is your offer?

Lay out the details of the product or service you plan to sell. Outline the features in detail. What does your service or product do and what does the package look like? For example, is it a 7 day ecourse on how to set up a blog in Wordpress? Is it a 90 day coaching program that gives people direct access to you personally via telephone? Be very specific.

2. How does your offer solve customers' problems?

How does your product or service offering solve your client’s problems? State the problems your target customer is facing, which you should know from having done your market research. Then describe how each feature of your product or service solves those problems. Think about how your customer would see your solution, not knowing you at all. If you can answer the question “What’s in it for me?” from the customer’s viewpoint, you’re already halfway there.

3. What is different about your service or product offer?

You have to look at ways to create a product or service that are distinct from your industry competitors. Sure you can try the "yeah, me too" site, but it will be much more difficult in the long run to distinguish between your offer and the person next door. How is your solution different from other providers? Are you offering something extra, such as live training or additional done-for-you services? Do you offer your product in multiple formats, such as audio or video? Do you provide extra resources or tools to make your solution easier to use? If you can’t figure out any features that are different about your product, now is a good time to get creative.

4. Why should a customer buy from you vs. your competitors?

This is probably the toughest part of creating your UVP. It will also be one of the most important parts of your sales and marketing copy. So here's what you do --- tie together the problems your potential clients are facing, the features of your product, and how your product can solve the prospects’ problems. Then pull in your extra “proof” of why people should buy from you. You could gather social proof through testimonials of how well your solution works. You might have started to establish a track record of experience in your industry, and if not, spend time asking for feedback as you go about delivering your services now. You could also have great "case studies" or examples of your solution in action. Which of these examples would be most relevant to your market? Highlight one or use them all depending on what you think your prospective clients need to hear.

If you have already done the essential market research, you know what problems your customers are facing. Make sure you thoroughly understand what your target customers want and what your competitors are already offering. Then you will be able to identify exactly what you can do differently or where you can add something more. Put all of that together and you have your Unique Value Proposition.


You may, as long as you include this complete blurb with it...

About the Author: Tanya Smith is a creative business strategist and coach specializing in showing independent service providers how to simplify, save time & stand out with simple strategies that engage more quality leads and clients. Her company Be Promotable provides fresh actionable strategies and virtual resources to promote business owners as power players in their market. Get free tools to simplify and stand out online

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The Art of Internet Branding


What is Internet Branding?

Internet branding is one strategy that business owners can employ to establishing their position in the marketplace. Even well-established companies are investing on creating an online brand reputation since internet branding strategies have also produced massive impact on a brand's effort to expand. This is most important these days wherein the internet has taken on a significant role in the everyday lives of the consumers. Hence, you need to utilize it as one of the means that you can communicate your message to them.

With internet branding, you are basically utilizing the tools provided by the internet as a leverage to all your marketing efforts. The objective with using the internet as a medium for promoting your brand works the same way as any other branding methods, which is to increase the demand for the products in your brand.

Importance of Internet Branding

Every business owner is aware of the benefits that a good brand can make for your company. Since the brand is basically what distinguishes you from any other companies that offer the same product or service, you must execute your branding strategies properly to produce the results you want. Take a look at some successful brands in the industry, who have become so distinct to the point wherein their names have been associated with a certain product. This is what business owners must try to aim for.

In business terms, this is referred to as brand positioning. It establishes the main locus of your product to the target market. Therefore, you will be utilizing the specific features that makes your product distinct from the other and use that as a focus of your message in the internet branding effort. Indeed, product differentiation and product positioning are closely linked to one another. These are two basic ploys that you can utilize in your internet branding strategies to “own” a segment of the market and produce a loyal customer base from that.

Is It Worth Investing In?

Several companies and brands have worked so hard on establishing their brand and yet they fail to look into the possibilities of producing an online brand. Hence, they lose that advantage to other brands who worked on appealing to the consumers and making their offer known.

However, if you opt to embark on an internet branding strategy, you must not also neglect the positive value or message that you are trying to impart with regards to your company. To sum it up, a good internet branding strategy is worth your investment. So, don't just go right into an online campaign for your brand. It must be something that is a product of your thorough evaluation and planning.

What About Small Businesses?

Despite the large impact of the online industry in people's lives these days, it is only projected to grow in the years to come. Hence, this makes the internet an even more reliable avenue to expand their marketing efforts. The best thing about the internet is that it provides an even playing field for big- and small-time businesses to promote their brand. Even new businesses can utilize the internet as a means to position their brand and make their existence known in the market. So, it's no longer new these days to have new products or brands introduced online as it is one of the fastest growing industries today.

And yet, the benefits of offering your products and brand to a larger market is beneficial for small time businesses since potential buyers can focus only on the quality of service and performance. By maintaining the value and continually differentiating your product, then internet branding will offer several potential benefits for your business.

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Talking to Your Cold Market

A couple of weeks ago, I had a great team meeting led by my business partners, which just so happen  to be my distinguished parents, Dr. Jerome and Cheryl Garrison.  My father spoke about how to approach someone and talk to your cold market  and I wanted to share this effective way to get more prospects or get connected with someone that can give you hot referrals for your business! My father studied these strategies from Network Marketing Gurus such as Bob Schmidt and Zig Ziglar and shared them with our team:

There are 3 things you need to find out when speaking to a prospective business partner or customer:

1. Find out who they are by using the PIN strategy (which we'll get to in a sec)

2. Find out when they can talk again

3. Decide what type of client they would be:  Business Partner, Customer, or New Friend


1.When considering opening up your market and approaching people you see when you're out  grocery shopping, or at the mall, or even at the gas station, there are several things you need to consider. First, you should probably be in a good mood and have a great attitude. You should be ready to present yourself with confidence and great knowledge and love for you business! IF and only IF you see someone who fits in the prior categories should you use this strategy. The PIN:


P= Personal

You need to find out about the person. Go up and introduce yourself. Edify the person and give them a compliment. For example say, "I couldn't help but notice how sharp you looked, how nice your makeup was, how firm your handshake was". Then ask them about themselves. What do they do for a living? Do they have a family? Do they work long hours?



Find out what their hobbies are. What do they like to do for fun? These questions are building trust and allowing your future prospect to trust you and become more comfortable talking to you.



Find out what their needs are. What MORE are they looking for in life? (NOTE: Some people are very content with their lifestyle. Whether it be stressing from check-to-check or spending more hours working, away from family or no vacations to make more money, "to each is own".)  You could ask them, if you could change 1 thing about their life or career, what would it be?


2.After using the PIN strategy find out when and how would be a great time to reconnect with them, contingent on if the person and conversation went well, of course. You might ask something like, " Do you keep your income options open? I would love to share with you what I do", or " I enjoyed talking to you, I would like to talk to you more about what I do and how it might help you, when would be a great time to meet up with you again?" or even " Do you have a card or number so we can connect again?"


3.Keep in mind that while you're talking to people you should be thinking of the categories and figuring out where they would fit in. Would they be a:

 Business Partner: Do they seem industrious, would go the extra mile, are they influential, are they a good communicator, are they open-minded, are they warm and easy to talk to, do you think they're reliable person? 

Customer: Do they have a need for new makeup or have health issues you might be able to help them with? Do they like to throw parties? Do they like candles? Etc.

New friend: Believe it or not, most people might end up in this category. But if you think about it, what's wrong with having a new friend? Especially  if they already own business, you could help each other out.

So, there you have it, some strategies you can use when speaking to a brand new person or what we call someone in your cold market. Speaking to new people can expand your business greatly. You never know who you can come across and what they can help you do. So, consider it!




If you need help staying focused and motivated to be the best you and gain a profitable business to increase your finances let me help you. Subscribe to my blog today and receive a FREE 30 minute consultation and 1 follow-up appointment. ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME, SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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How much time are you spending on various activities to grow your business?

One area that I see far too many individuals spending little time on is that of marketing. I don’t know if it’s because of a lack of knowledge or the mere lack of desire to do so.

Within the activity of marketing is also that of recognizing the correct audience. If you neglect to complete this action all of your other efforts will go futile.

It a major factor in realizing the sales and attracting and getting the clients/customers you seek.

The right customers are known as targeted customers or niche market, those who will be happy to buy products that fulfil their wants and needs.

You no longer have to feel intimidated by the larger companies. The Internet has opened up opportunity for you to get a market share but only if you take the required steps. Targeting also gives an opportunity to you as a smaller firm to produce products, which can cater to the need of a section of people whose needs aren’t met specifically by the large companies.

So who is your ideal prospect? Who is it that you are called to serve? The success lies behind understanding this, which requires thorough research and analysis. And yet it can be accomplished with a simple exercise that I share in More prospects, clients an profits Biz Rockin’ Online Boot Camp. Various factors must be considered. The age group is the first factor, whether the product will be useful to babies or children or teenagers or youngsters or middle aged or old. Sometimes there is a possibility that the product will cater to the needs of all age groups. Next thing to consider is gender. Marital status, hobbies etc., are some of the factors that should also be pondered upon.

After this you must identify what keeps them up at night. What are some of their pains?

Your role comes in by discovering solutions that you will provide in response to the identified areas mentioned above.

You must make a list of the benefits of your solution and communicate it in such a way that your prospect will identify you as the solution to their problem or the expert to hire.

This will also be useful in creating your IFO (irresistible free offers), sales/opt in page and other marketing communications.

Recognizing the target market is crucial to any successful advertising and sales campaign. Once it is recognized, they can be reached through different channels like websites, newspapers, magazines, etc. This makes the customer think that they are being directly addressed to. This will further support the Know, like and trust factor which will make for greater conversions. And that makes the whole effort of identifying your target market down to your niche or whome you serve worth it.
Power up your business growth endeavors by taking the steps needed to complete this activity.

If this post has empowered you in any way you I invite you to request your FREE access to my Training audio "5 dead simple strategies to get your product/service in front of your exact target market!


Go to to request it now.



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Are you experiencing the results you want with Online (Internet) Marketing endeavors? NO? What’s holding you back?

I want to start out by telling you that this “Internet Thing” really isn’t that tough, once you figure it out. Hang in there, apply what you learn and you will become successful.

I also want to give full disclosure…

I am NOT an Internet Guru. I’m sharing what I have learned and experience over the years.

I’ve invested thousands into the knowledge that I have and am passionate about sharing with other Savvy spiritually minded aspiring, new and enterprising Women Entrepreneurs!

This post will introduce you to the simple 3-Step System to succeeding on the Internet. If you’ve been struggling to make your Internet business work for you, then this post will open your eyes and give you hope.

Also I can’t guarantee your results but I will tell you that if you follow these simple steps in this system, you should be well on your way to becoming a success on the Internet and if you find that you can’t quite get started and you want to go deeper, I’ll share how you can get my support.

Step1–The Tools

Tool #1 A website
Okay I know you’re saying this is not going to work. I don’t have a clue about building a website. You don’t necessarily need a full fledge website. Many are utilizing blogs to get started and I’ll share more about this in my Boot Camp.

Tool #2 An Autoresponder
“The money is in the list.” You’ve probably heard it a million times. If you don’t have an autoresponder, you will not be able to build and maintain a list of any significant size.

An autoresponder is basically a service that will allow you to email your leads on a scheduled or on-demand basis. A good autoresponder service will allow you to create a series of emails to start sending your subscribers immediately. This is useful to create an e-course or to set up a series of emails that will allow you to automatically sell your own or affiliate products over time. You should also be able to send out a broadcast email on-demand to your list using your autoresponder service. This will allow you to promote the latest affiliate promotions to your list as they come out.

The number one reason to use an autoresponder is that it allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers.

If you need a good recommendation for an autoresponder you can try the one I currently use. I do receive a small commission when you connect and stay on after the 21 day fre.e trial with this link, however, I don’t recommend anything I don’t support. Go to to get started.

Tool #3 – A Product…
Now, when I first heard that I had to have a product of my own, my first thought was, “There is no way I can create a product.” If you’re just starting out, I’m sure you probably feel the same way.

However, last year I discovered a secret, you don’t have to create a product from scratch!
I’ll share more on this in The Online Marketing Breakthrough Boot Camp!

Step 2–The System

Now that you have the proper tools to get started, you need to set up a system. The key to success on the Internet is to have a system in place. Once you build a system you can then start to build your list and your business.

A system is quite simply a step-by-step process that your prospects will go through. Some people call it a sales funnel. The purpose of the system is to turn prospects into leads into customers. It’s really that simple.

Step 3-The Traffic

Now that you have your system created, it’s time to start driving traffic to your lead capture page. There are millions of web pages on the Internet. If you don’t have any traffic driven to your site, chances are pretty excellent not many people will see it. So, in order to get any leads into your system, you need to drive traffic to that system.
There are two kinds of traffic you can generate – Free or Paid.

Free Traffic –
When are first starting out you may not have a lot of money to invest into your business. After you have purchased your tools and maybe joined some Resell Rights web site, your budget may not allow you to spend money on traffic generation. Don’t worry, though, there are a lot of people who have made a lot of money from free traffic sources. It just may take a little while longer than the paid methods.

This is the general rule of thumb if you have money to invest you can consider paid. If you have more time than money, invest your time into free resources, however, I will say there is a certain skill required to be wise about investing into paid options even if you do have all the money you need.

You’ll notice that this is not a comprehensive course on Internet Marketing. There are far too many intricacies to go into in this short post.

If you want to uplevel your skills now, I invite you to join me for a phenomenal easy learning, step-by-step program “The Online Marketing Breakthrough Boot Camp!”

You’ll get a much more in-depth coverage of the topics presented here and more!
Go to to get started now!


Empowering you,


Robin aka The Empowerment Diva

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Where can Savvy Women Entrepreneurs and aspiring go to find a training program to empower them to effectively market and up level their business by utilizing the internet without the overwhelm while still having time for what matters most?


Sacramento, California, June 24, 2011 – Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva announces her phenomenal easy learning, step-by- step More prospects, More clients/customers and More profits Online Marketing Boot Camp.




Robin intends to fill the gap in the online marketing and social media training arena by offering a supportive environment and program that incorporates components that address the internal and external.  This training has been designed with the Savvy Aspiring, New and Enterprising Woman Entrepreneur in mind. Thanks to Robin the days of regurgitated information is basically over for you and you won't experience information overload.


The MPCCP Online Marketing Boot Camp promises to guide those ready to reap the rewards for business ownership, in a no-hassle manner. Robin states, “If you desire to have step by step guidance with my full support over a 4 week period that will allow you to gain a competitive edge, increase your prospects, clients and/or customers and increase your profits without the overwhelm my Boot Camp is for you!”


Robin was named 1 of 25 urban entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Brand Maker News, Robin Tramble is a coach, trainer, public speaker, author and CEO of Robin Tramble International, an enterprise created for the purpose of empowering women in order to “discover their authentic selves, get unstuck, and (become) laser focused so they can make big changes and manifest their desired results faster than ever before,” according to her spokesperson Gen Larson.


Her presence is also growing on Facebook via her thousands of friends and growing Facebook page community.


Robin’s goal is to empower you to gain World Wide Visibility while increasing your profits and living life on purpose “authentically!”


The More Prospects, Clients, Customers and Profits Online Marketing Boot Camp is an idea whose time has come!


Enrollments are being accepted at


Contact info:





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Business owners know all too well that finding the best qualified leads takes time… lots of time!  So, what if there was a way to skip the time it takes to develop ‘cold leads?’ Now, close your eyes and imagine building a referral network.  Even more, it won’t cost you a dime!  Does that sound too good to be true?  


It can be done by adapting referral networking.  A referral network is a group of people who already know and trust you, understand your business concept and willing to refer people interested in buying your product or service. This is an extremely effective way to create a steady stream of very warm leads. Here are 4 tips to create a powerful referral marketing strategy.  Read more...

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Rickey Johnson, Owner of Juniques Multi Cultural Connections, brings to the marketplace, Email service to reach the 11 Trillion Dollar Multi Cultural Market.If you market to or what to market to this growing market just go your product, service, or message is for the Multi Cultural Communityyou will want to use this service now.Also, Mr. Johnson affirms that THE POST OFFICE IS NOT CLOSED!Using First Class Postage to reach your market is still an effective and cost contained way to do it!!!!Now, for a limited time, you can send your promotion print piece ( up to 8 1/2" by 11" ) for $10 per hundred. Yes, this is a limited time offer.Also, if you require assistanc with marketing and promotional strategies to the Multi Cultural Market you can open an account for $100 which includes 2 hours of consultation. Yes, This is a limited time offer. Yes, ACT NOWGET TO jmcc and send your request.
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Hello Community,Rickey from Phoenix AZ, sharing with you HAPPY NEW MONTH.This is the last month, before the last quarter of 2010.Now, make sure you do the things you know need to do this month.This will get you positioned well for the last quarter of the year.This will ensure your last quarter completion will position you strongly forThe first of the new year. Yes, your LAST, LAST, WILL BE YOUR FIRST!!!Go to work, work smart and not hard, PUT ONE CLICK MARKETING TO WORK TODAY!!!Learn more at COST, A FEW MINUTES OF TIME. You can be using one click marketing in minutes.You will have me to assist you in growing personally and professionally!!!See this my entering the last month, before the last quarter, so I will have a great first of the new year!!I with you. You are the only you there is, NO ONE CAN BE A BETTER YOU!!!!!Take that blessing and manifest it. Collect your business seed, plant in your fertile market, and prepare to reap a bountiful business harvest!!!See at
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10 Ways to Grow Your Business

Growing your business isn’t just a worthy goal; growing your business is a necessity for your business’s survival and your economic well-being. What can you do to get your business beyond the bare sustenance level? All of these ways of growing your business have been successfully used by other businesses and, with some planning and investment, will work for you.

1. Penetrate your existing market

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of growing your business is getting new customers. But the customers you already have are your best bet for increasing your sales; it’s easier and more cost-effective to get people who are already buying from you to buy more than to find new customers and persuade them to buy from you.

2. Ask for referrals

Getting new customers is another approach to growing your business. One of the easiest way to do this is to ask your current customers for referrals. But notice the verb. Doing a great job and just assuming that your customers are passing the word about your business isn’t going to do much to increase your customer base; you have to actively seek referrals. During or after every job or sale, ask your satisfied customer if he knows anyone else who would be interested in your products or services.

3. Innovate your product or service.

Discovering and promoting new uses for your products or services is a great way to both get existing customers to buy more and attract new customers. Think petroleum jelly and duct tape – and how few of these would actually be sold if they only had one use!

4. Extend your market reach.

There are several ways of growing your business by making your product or service available to a new pool of customers. The most obvious is to open stores in new locations, such as opening a store or kiosk in a new town. New locations can also be virtual, such as a website with an online store. Another approach is to extend your reach through advertising. Once you’ve identified a new market, you might advertise in select media that targets that market.

5. Participate in trade shows.

Trade shows can be a great way of growing your business. Because trade shows draw people who are already interested in the type of product or service you offer, they can powerfully improve your bottom line. The trick is to select the trade shows you participate in carefully, seeking the right match for your product or service.

6. Conquer a niche market

Remember the analogy of the big fish in the small pond? That’s essentially how this strategy for growing your business works. The niche market is the pond; a narrowly defined group of customers. Think of them as a subset whose needs are not being met and concentrate on meeting those unmet needs. A nursery, for instance, might specialize in roses.

7. Contain your costs.

Surprised? Bear in mind that when we’re talking about growing your business, we’re actually talking about growing your business’s bottom line. And the difference between pre-tax and post-tax money can make this a very effective growth strategy. There are two main approaches to cutting costs; liquidating your “loser” products and improving your inventory turnover.

8. Diversify your products or services.

The key to successfully growing your business through diversification is similarity. You want to focus on the related needs of your already established market or on market segments with similar needs and characteristics. An artist might also sell frames and framing services, for instance. Or a mountain bike rental business might switch to renting skidoos in the winter season.

9. Franchising.

The stories of entrepreneurs who have become both well known and well heeled due to franchising their small businesses are legion – and not just stories. If you have a successful business and can develop a system that ensures that others can duplicate your success, franchising may be the fast track for growing your business.


10. Exporting.

Expanding into international markets can also be a powerful boost to your business’s bottom line. Like franchising, this is a way of growing your business that requires quite a commitment of time and resources, but can be extremely rewarding.

There you have it; ten ways of growing your business. Don’t let this list overwhelm you; pick one or two of these ideas that are suitable to your business and your circumstances and get your plan for growing your business underway.

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Free website set up

Ok everyone so I know being connected on this site that you have received a lot of information about setting up a website, marketing yourself, being an internet marketer and online sales pro so of course you have received inside tips on free websites, right?

Well I thought I'd add some information about a website that I use. The website designs are similar to having a wordpress blog website, but the set up is easy and simple. You can chose your background/design, chose the content of your website whether you want to make a website that is focused on blogs, selling products, anything you can think of the design options are there for you.

The website and set up is free, if you want to upgrade your services to a professional account there is a minimum fee of $4.58/month for a 6 month membership, $3.99/month for a 1 year membership, and $2.99/month for a 2 year membership.

If you decide to upgrade to a Weebly pro account you will get 10 sites per account, audio player, vidoe player, embedded documents, Adwords credit, premium support(meaning they will create your websites for you) and so much more.

However, if you choose to keep your website free and you are pretty savvy at creating dynamic websites you can maintain a free account and have up to 2 websites on a free account. Not bad huh! Check it out and click the link below!

Create a free website or blog in minutes with Weebly!
Free hosting and no ads. One of Time's 50 best websites of the year.
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Flea Market!!

The BGC flea market is open today 10/25/2009 from 1-430 so stop on by for$1 jewelry$3 blouses 1x-3x, m, l$5 dresses 1x-3x, xl$3-$5 jeans sizes 7/8-24, denim skirts 18, 22$5 pencil skirts 3x-5x$3-$5 shoes sizes 8.5-9$3-$5 clutches and handbagsThis is all female items! The flea market will also be open Monday from 8a-11a, 2p-8p and Tuesday through Friday 10a-8p. Items are going fast! The flea market may end sooner than Friday! Pictures of the items are on this link: a fashion fabulous day,Syreeta
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Single Moms Do You Travel With Your Kids?Hi there! My name is Dana Williams. I'm a travel agent and single mom of a 12-year old in Dallas, TX. I'm starting a women's travel club that's specifically focused on the needs of single moms.If you are a single mom between the ages of 30-45 with one or more children ages 2-18, I need your help!Please help me by completing this brief survey. Your honest feedback is appreciated.Click here to begin the survey >>>http://mommygetaways.questionpro.comThanks,Dana WilliamsWilliams Travel and Cruises
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Warning: What a girl Needs!

Are you aware your pad could make you sick?A company brought this technology & knowledge to the US eight weeks ago. We are excited to share this information to give you a healthier choice.Ordinary PadsIf we use the ordinary sanitary napkins, we are more vulnerable to various bacteria and may incur heavy expenses for treatments of various genital diseases of varying degrees of seriousness. As such, viewed from the perspectives of health and price, ‘Love Moon’ sanitary napkins are worth the money spent. At the time of the month when women need the best care, the use of ‘Love Moon” can keep us away from female genital diseases and give us a healthy and happy family.Love Moon Healthy PadsAfter the product demonstration, use questions to present the price comparison:(1) As far as you know, what are the prices of other brands of sanitary napkin sold in the market?(2) You have seen for yourself the quality of ‘Love Moon’ Anionic Sanitary Napkin. In addition, our product has two technological advancements and we are applying for their patents in 169 countries worldwide. We are also giving a Vaginitis Self Test Card costing RM12. What do you think is a reasonable price you would pay?(3) Tell the consumers that the price on first purchase is RM19 for 10 pieces (for day use) and for every subsequent purchase, a 30% discount is given.Studies Proving the Effectiveness of Negative Ions• Help prevent respiratory-related illnesses• Counteract the effects of smoking• Anti-depressant• Help sleep betterHealing properties of Negative IonsAn Anion tape is embedded in each sanitary pad, the Anion tape may help:o Eradicate odoro Reduce stresso Strengthen immunityo Enhance metabolismo Remove fatigueo Enhance hormonal balanceInterested in more info visit
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Get noticed using TargetStars!

TargetStars Blog ( is dedicated to sharing news that will benefit small business owners, account executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Not to mention other random thoughts about what goes on in the mind of a TargetStars Consultant.Please be sure to check out TargetStars Blog for all the latest business industry information (especially marketing), advice, etc. Have a great day!
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The 7 Essential Aspects Of Marketing For 2009

Entrepreneurs here are 7 of the most essential aspects of MARKETING YOU CANNOT MISS FOR 2009 to get off to a QUICK START and moving into PROFIT1) Work on establishing your TARGET MARKET. Sounds simple? Yes it is BUT it does require some research, brainstorming and fine tuning2) Decide on which NICHES you are going to work in and brainstorm on the best ways to get to that niche. You need to get to the places where you niche congregates3) Put together a MARKETING STRATEGY to get your entire marketing plan and execution of that plan in place. The majority of entrepreneurs miss this because it seems straightforward. . Your MARKETING STRATEGY has to be clearly define and broken down into pieces ready for action4) Get your LEADERSHIP in gear. Nothing goes too far without strong leadership and decision making. So get into the mode of honing your leadership skills. People want to follow those who they feel are going somewhere SPECIAL5) TIME MANAGEMENT - this one appears so easy. Yet 98% of marketers struggle with time and a tremendous amount of time is lost daily. Carving out specific and precise times to work on your business is NON-NEGOTIABLE6) Develop your MARKETING / REVENUE MODEL. This will define how you monetize every visitor to your website and how you are positioned to maximize your PROFITS daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This is where the rubber meets the road and can make or break you if your model is not properly defined7) TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. The marketplace is ripe for the taking as I write this. It means you the Entrepreneur really need to get your game on and set up your business so you reap MAXIMUM PROFITS and you are not playing the hit and miss blunder of marketing.We have an upcoming TELE-SEMINAR this Thursday @ 9:30pm EST which covers all 7 aspects mentioned above. The TELE-SEMINAR delivers over 8 weeks of learning in one shot with ROCK SOLID, Live, Explosive Tactics to implement WITHIN 24 HOURS.Take your business to a new level TODAY.REGISTER HERE: www.ExplosiveTeleSeminars.comNadirawww.180DaysToGreatness.comFollow me on Twitter
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Income From Dividends

Never worry about another job layoff.Never worry about a company outsourcing your job.Never worry about how you're gonna make ends meet.Those aren't dreams. This is real!Learn how to save and invest in the right place.Dividend income is passive income. You can buy stocks and receive a dividend check every month. If you want to avoid paying taxes, include dividends in your IRA.Find dividend paying stocks and learn about dividend paying stocks all in one place.Earn Income From Dividends
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