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Hello Community, here is great news from Micore Intl CEO!!!

You have to check the website, you will be very thrilled with the upgrades.

Check out our video at http://www.jussuccess.com


Ready to get started, just  contact me at juniques@jusmcc



Independent Micore Intl Hair Consultant




WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! www.MicoreInternational.com It’s probably been a while since you visited our MAIN site anyway....so now is a great time to catch up!

In a few hours or days you will each have your own replicated version of this new site, except your site will have a Retail Shopping Cart embedded in it! THEN your customers can order online from a REAL e-commerce cart! (Sorry for the wait but it will be worth it!)

They are also working on a new Capture Page system with Auto-responder emails for you to use for advertising! (All of your Micoré Prospects have been saved and will be in the new email system)

Your new Consultant replicated website WILL BE (not yet): http://www.micoreintl.com/YOURSITENAME or http://YOURSITENAME.micoreintl.com

The Corporate Site will be on our main domain, with your replicated sites being on the abbreviated domain!

OUR MAIN FOCUS right now is releasing your new replicated website with shopping cart!

Our #2 focus is RE-ACTIVATING all of those who are ready for Micoré #2!

This email is going to all registered Micoré Consultants, Active and In-Active. ALL of you can login to the new Micoré BackOffice and browse around! (Using your normal Micoré login credentials. Soon a password LOOKUP tool will be added to the login page for those who can’t remember their passwords)


Many new things will be added into the BackOffice over the next few days & weeks!


ALL Members can SHOP in the BackOffice! Login and click on ORDERS then PLACE ORDER!


In-Active Members cannot earn Commission, but they can buy product at wholesale for themselves, or to sell at retail to others. (Active Members will receive commission from any In-Active purchasers)


Those In-Active Members who are excited about where Micoré is going now and want to RE-ACTIVATE can do so for only $19.95. (As soon as the Re-Activate link is ready)





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Hello Community,

I have to make sure you are aware of this up and coming company in the hair industry. Micore Intl is changing how the hair  extension industry does business. This is really a historical change you can be part of!!

check out Micore Intl Overview call,

Your own Hair business for $19.95

To HEAR this Recorded (July 23) 832-551-5608 Access Code 101455#, file 07232013#

join our team!!


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Micore Intl is positioned to be a leader in the hair care business and help a lot of people earn and save money, on buying of hair extensions and hair growth products.   Our latest hair growth product is one that many people with hair growth problems will be using. We are providing the best hair growth product found in the cosmeceutical industry.

click here and get your own Hair Business for $19.95



Until know it was expensive to investigate starting your own hair extension business. Your options were extremely limited. There is no longer the case. Check this company out and then check it in!!

Start your own Hair Business for only $19.95 month!

Independent Micoré International Business owner and Hair Consultant Juniques http://www.jussuccess.com 623-455-6364

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Hello JMCC Community, this information was provided by Micore Intl Independent consultant

Shazz Sharon Browne

Co-Owner, Artistic and Creative Director, National Sales Executive at Everliss Keratin Inc, CEO & Founder at Natra-Laxa and CEO, President and Founder at PINK CHIXXX by Shazz ('Xtreme. 'Xceptional & 'Xtraordinary')


Do you or anyone you know suffer from hair-loss?

Mistakenly thought to be a strictly male disease, women actually make up forty percent of American hair loss sufferers.

Depression, anxiety and insecurity are just a few of the common symptoms women experiencing any type of uncontrollable hair-loss would suffer.

It's one thing if we choose to chop all our hair off, and another to see it fall off or disappear without any rhyme or reason.

Many women suffer in silence and may hide under some type of prosthetic or head wrap.

There is a solutions for this situation and it's called enhanceHer and enhanceHim.

This miracle product works at the Trans-Follicular level and promotes hair growth, even in cases where some women thought that their case was hereditary or genetic, they have been able to attain favorable results.

The image below has not been altered or enhanced in anyway and is of a real person, who happens to be the mother of one of my professional colleagues.

Her (the model) mother and sisters also suffered with this same condition, so it is not unreasonable to assume that it may have been diagnoses as being hereditary. She was told and believed that her hair was not ever going to grow back.

The scientist who invented this product, recommends using it for a period of 90 days to attain optimum results. However, as you will see in the image, the evidence of new hair growth was present in just 3 short weeks.

After 4 months she was able to braid her hair, something she had not been able to do for years... You may purchase this amazing Hair Growth Enhancement product here:



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Hello community, this gentleman is very passionate about what has happen in the hair extension industry. I like his "take" on the matter.
I believe Micore Intl is starting a consumer movement that will be "felt" by  the hair extension industry. 
The movement has begun we are revolutionizing the Hair & Beauty Industry by changing the thinking and position of the consumers that have been fueling 80% this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry only to be disrespected and sold an inferior product by the people who control 98% of the beauty supply stores.

Time for the consumers to stop cutting each other's throats for less than 2% of the market place and take control of an industry we've never owned because we been to busy fighting over 2% and giving away 98% for decades!

Micoré is taking back that 98% time for the consumers to become investors putting that money back into you pockets and channeling it back into you communities here is your chance to change your future Become Part Of The Micoré Family!!!  click here for more info on Micore Intl and how to start your hair business for $19.95 month
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  • http://www.jussucces.com  Get your Hair Business started for $19.95
    Here is a great example of how you can create yourself some GREAT income
    with Micore Intl!!!
    While we wait on the Retail Shopping Cart to come online, let’s not forget Micoré is NOT just about RETAILING! Selling hair to your own clients sounds nice and prestigious, but what is more important….a BUSINESS CARD….. or a BIG CHECK?

    If you had 10 clients buy hair from you each week, and you averaged $50 per client, you’d earn $500. At $75 per client that’s $750. Yet in order to have 10 clients buying from you every week….you’d have to have 60 clients consistently buying from you every 6 weeks! THAT’S NOT EASY TO DO FOR ANYONE! For $750 a week?

    What if you signed up 10 Consultants into Micoré?
    You give up the Coded Bonus on your first 2, and are “Coded” to everyone you enroll after your first 2! SO YOU’D BE CODED TO 8 NEW CONSULTANTS, RIGHT?

    Those 10 pay anywhere from $19.95 to $325.00 to enroll!
    3 pay $325.00 ($81.25+$32.50= $113.75) Total $341.25
    2 pay $175.00 ($43.75+$17.50= $61.25) Total $122.50
    1 pays $195.00 ($48.75+$19.50= $68.25) Total $68.25
    2 pay $70.00 ($17.50+$7.00= $24.50) Total $49.00
    2 pay $19.95 (your 1st two paid $19.95)
    YOU EARNED $581.00
    (25% Fast Start + 10% Coded Bonus in above examples)

    (REMEMBER: If someone Joins for $325 Product Pack. All they have to do is enroll 4 New Consultants for $325 each and that NEW REP earns $390!
    ($81.25 x 4 + $32.50 x 2 = $390!)

    Not bad, and of course the numbers could be higher or lower, but look what happens NEXT….

    The 8 Consultants you are Coded to are on a MISSION to get 4 each…and YOU are Motivated to HELP THEM because their FIRST 2 go to you!

    Those 8 each enroll at least 2 each….so they bring you 16!
    Now those 8 have done their job and you have 16 to work with!
    (Not that you have to help each one of them!)
    Those 16 bring you 32 New Coded Consultants….3rd GEN
    Those 32 bring you 64 New Coded Consultants….4th GEN
    Those 64 bring you 128 New Coded Consultants….5th GEN
    Those 128 bring you 256 New Coded Consultants….6th GEN
    Those 256 bring you 512 New Coded Consultants….7th GEN
    What if 100 of them sold or purchased $300 in hair in month?
    $30,000 x 10% Coded Bonus means YOU EARNED $3,000!
    What if you did that weekly?
    What if 200 of them purchased or sold hair or products? 500?
    What if the average purchase was $400 instead of $300?

    Let’s not forget that this is only ONE of the ways Micoré PAYS!

    Can you see how HUGE it can become if you choose to BUILD A TEAM?

    Retailing BY YOURSELF is much harder!

    Learn the NEW Micoré Compensation Plan using this simple flip chart:
    (A more detailed version with “fine print” is coming soon)

    Get your Prospects on 3-ways with your upline…
    Invite your Prospects to the Conference Calls…
    (TUE & THU at 9:00PM EST on (832) 551-5558 PIN 101455#

    DOWNLOAD the Micoré Hair Prices!
    Take orders in person, over phone, or fax!
    Have them pay you, then you order?
    WHATEVER IT TAKES is the POINT I’m making!

    (Use your same login as the old system)

    Let’s get busy and BUILD!!!!!

    To your success,

    Derrick Alexander, CEO

    There are currently 5 ways to JOIN MICORÉ in the system!
    $19.95 New Consultant
    $70.00 Enhanceher/him 1-bottle (Plus $19.95 = $99.95) FREE S&H
    $195.00 Enhanceher/him 3-bottles (Plus $19.95+$12S&H = $214.95 total)
    $175.00 IndiSylk Short Pack (Plus $19.95+$12S&H = $206.95 total)
    $325.00 IndiSylk Long Pack (Plus $19.95+$12S&H = $356.95 total)
    More Product Packs COMING SOON
    http://www.jussucces.com  Get your Hair Business started for $19.95
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Micore Intl, introduces Front Lace Wigs, Cavier Silver w/3month warranty

Hello Community,
I am please to share this update
(view www.jussuccess.com  623-455-6364 )

Micore Intl just announced it has open its virgin remy line of wigs.
100% Virgin Remy with a 3-month Warranty on Matting & Excessive Shedding!
All wigs shipped from Florida Headquarters!
Micore Intl is setting a NEW standard for the companies who provide
hair extensions.

Micore Intl is tearing down the limited access people had to starting
hair extension business.

Join the Micore Int MOVEMENT!!!!


It’s TIME to STOP buying hair extensions and get nothing in RETURN!

It’s TIME to Join the Multi-Billion Dollar hair business as a Certified

Micoré Hair Consultant!

Earn Great Part-Time or Full-Time Income Today, Tomorrow and for years to


Micoré (mi-core-ray) is on a Mission to become the single largest seller of

hair extensions in the World! We can accomplish this with hundreds of

thousands of Independent Representatives purchasing and selling Micoré

products. As a true Multi-level Marketing Company for hair extensions and

hair care products, we provide another option to what has been available


OPTION #1 THE OLD WAY: Thousands of people across the globe sell hair from

their salon, store, home, or trunk of their car. This method requires you to

invest thousands of dollars into inventory and finding the right supplier,

which means RISK. The money that you earn is solely from the sales that you

make, and when you’re not selling…you’re not making any MONEY! This is called

the efforts of ONE!

OPTION #2 THE MICORÉ WAY: Maximize your earning potential while minimizing

your risk as a Micoré Consultant! Enroll others into Micoré and build teams

of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of Micoré Consultants in your

organization! Now instead of your income being from the efforts of ONE, you

earn from the efforts of MANY! Earn residual income even when you’re on

vacation! While you are sleeping, your Team Members are still selling and

building THEIR teams! With Micoré you can finally build a consistent residual

income, and build wealth for you and your family!

view www.jussuccess.com  contact Rickey at  623-455-6364

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go to http://www.juniques.ws/weave and get more info

call 623 455 6364  ( Better yet, become a Micore Intl consultant for $19.95!).

Are You Feeling Like There Are No Solutions For You?

Dealing with hair loss issues can way heavy on ones self esteem and cause depression. Although we live in the world of hair weave, extensions and wigs, not all women want to actually wear them; they would rather wear their own head of healthy hair, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Your Hair Loss Solution…

The solutions you are about to read about is not only the “Ultimate Hair Regrowth Solutions”, but it reduces thinning regrows hair fast and makes hair stronger and healthier.

Micoré International introduces a revolutionary new hair GROWTH product especially designed for women, which WE call enhanceher!

Reduce the Appearance of Thinning Hair and Gain Fuller Looking Hair in Weeks! You’re spending hundreds of dollars to cover your thinning hair, when you should be Enhancing your natural hair!

Enhanceher is a revolutionary hair growth product designed for women, and designed to deliver results! Enhanceher takes into account the differences in hormonal imbalances between men and women.  It is specially designed for women to reduce the appearance of hair thinning and prevent the appearance of hair loss.

Enhanceher uses an innovative technology called Deep Penetrating Formula (DPF) with the active ingredient Capixyl to address the signs of hair thinning while nourishing your hair into thicker-looking hair. Enhanceher has been enhanced with ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair and create visibly healthy longer-looking hair.  It will maximize your results and help prevent your hair from the signs of hair thinning and reduce inflammation of the scalp, which can prevent hair from growing.

Enhanceher uses a peptide to help firmly secure the hair to the scalp and reduce the appearance of hair loss.  It contains natural ingredients such as plant extract and red leaf clover extract to help improve the scalp coverage with thicker-looking fullness.

Your hair can have a beautiful, thicker more luxurious appearance.

Product Details

  • Maximum Strength 5% Capixyl™
  • Doctors Approved and Recommended
  • Non-allergenic
  • Safe for ALL Hair Types
  • No Prescription Required
  • For Natural or Chemically Treated Hair
  • Topical Spray for Women
  • Manufactured in USA under F.D.A. Inspected and Organic Certified Facility

Micore Intl has created an exclusive distribution agreement with Cosmoceutical Research Center, a leading provider in hair growth formulation and with international clientele.


Order a 30  or 90 day supply of our product. Send your picture of progress to me. I  will be sharing before and after pictures with our micore intl consultant, who will continue to share your picture with other micore consultants and the general public. go to http://www.juniques.ws/weave

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Hello Team,
Just in!!! Check your email, you should have this message also.
Please join our Facebook group to also stay updated!!
Micore Intl is "in it to win it"  stay connected
Have a Great Weekend!!
more info at
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Hello and good Friday to you Micoreans!

As you know today is payday for most people, and those of you who earned commission from Micore today have already been paid. Congratulations! But I am on a mission to make sure that ALL of you get paid in Micore!

So today we have sharpened our pencils and have lowered the price of the Caviar Collection hair! We have reduced Caviar Platinum by $20 a bundle, so now a bundle of Platinum Natural Straight to Wavy retails for $160, and at the current 30% member discount your costs is $112!


A more popular size 16 inch now retails for $220 a bundle and at the current member discount of 30% your cost is $154.

I don't know who thinks that our platinum hair is way too expensive unless they are shopping at the corner beauty supply store! Other premier brands like Indique, PerfectLocks, etc….cost more than that!


And their hair may have fancy (throw away) packaging but it has NO warranty and, although good hair, does not compare to our Caviar Platinum!

We reduced Caviar Gold by $10 per bundle, so a 10 inch bundle of Natural Straight Gold now retails for $120, and at the Member discount of 25%, your price is $90! And more popular size 16" now retails for $165, with the member price of $123.75!!

In other news, in an effort to streamline our inventory we have temporarily removed Caviar Gold Steam Curl, thereby reducing the Caviar Gold collection to Natural Straight and Natural Wavy.

In addition we have removed one of the five lines of IndiSylk, so we eliminated IndiSylk Natural Straight Wavy. This now gives us two lines of Platinum hair, two lines of Gold hair, and four lines of IndiSylk. (We eliminated the least purchased items)

As you know the current Member discount on products is 25%, and 30% on Platinum hair, however as of July 5th or sooner we will be launching our new and improved Micore back office system!

This means the New Compensation Plan will go live, which will certainly put more money in your pocket, but as a result the Member discount will be reduced to 20% on all hair extensions.

Take advantage of this discount now while you can! We have a good stock of Platinum hair so now is the time to buy! For IndiSylk or Gold orders, even if we are temporarily out of stock get your orders in now while the discount is deeper!

Remember the special promotion guys: any Active Consultant with four personally sponsored consultants below them on the day we go live in the new back office system will be auto qualified as a Silver Consultant! This is a big deal guys!

When the new system launches we will offer one hair product pack and two hair growth product packs. However we are looking into offering a special enrollment package that will include a few select products as well as the Zebra Sample Kit, which will help you make upfront commission when enrolling a new consultant. (Which you will also be earning from Product Pack sales as well for new enrollments)

So with that said I hope that you have a fantastic weekend, and also trust that if you are currently In-Active....but were ever a believer in Micore International, and became frustrated with us for any reason, then believe me when I say that now is the time to get excited about your future and the future of Micore International! RE-ACTIVATE NOW and get ready for Micore TWO!!!!!

Hope to see you on the Saturday morning CEO conference call tomorrow at 10:30 AM!

832 551 5558   101455#

To your success,

Derrick Alexander, CEO

P.S. The prices are being adjusted today but may not be live right NOW...but I have to leave the office and wanted to email you now!

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Cutting Edge Hair Growth Technology has arrived at Micore Intl. http://juniques.ws/hair

Micore Intl Consultant offer innovative cosmeceutical  skin  and  hair care  products available April 2013.

A majority percentage of  hair loss hormone base. Micore Intl cosmeceutical product  is an hormone inhibator (i.e. causes hair growth)

Micore Intl will offer a product that you spray on your scalp causes hair to grow. Yes, it has been clinically tested. Yes!!

A cosmetic product must stay on the "top" of the skin, they can not penetrate the skin, only drugs can do that.

Cosmetics will moisturize, clean, and help skin appearance. However, cosmetics do not correct or control skin problems.

A cosmeceutical product by definition is a cosmetic product in which the active ingredient is meant to have a beneficial physiological effect due to an enhanced pharmacological action when compared with an inert cosmetic.  


Simply stated, cosmeceutical product can minimize or control a skin and hair care "problem".

The term cosmeceutical was created to define a subgroup of topical products with “drug-like” effects on skin and to differentiate this subgroup from purely cosmetic products and topical prescription drugs.


US cosmeceuticals market demand for 2012 estimated at $8.2 billion The global cosmeceuticals market was estimated to be worth $30.9 billion in 2011. The global cosmeceuticals market expected to reach $42.4 billion by 2018.


People are seeking ways, daily, to  improve and maintain their appearance. Skin care is one area they really want to keep  People, especially those in mature group, want to keep looking good as long as possible. Skin and Hair Care products are in demand that fill that need.

Micore Intl in April, will introduce to the consumer marketplace cosmeceuticals skin and hair care products designed to help people look their best.

Already provider of the best hair extensions available, Micore Intl, now moves into another profitable industry.

Micore Intl Consultants are Estatic!

This market, like the hair extension market, was dominated by a small number of large players.

Increasing consumer awareness, demand for high quality, innovative and premium - priced cosmeceutical product allows Micore Intl to enter the this market aggressively.

Micore Intl, is change leader!!! Micore's Intl Market Entry and Market Expansion will make it one of the major players in this market.

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Hello Community
Micore Intl is jamming in Atlanta GA. The National Launch is going great. I am watching the live stream and "acting a fool" with excitment!! You got to be part of this history making company,
I am!!!!
Get started for $19.95

This company is a "gamechanger" in all aspects of the concept.

Micore Intl is "opening" the hair industry to "average" folk!!

Yes, $19.95 and you are in business within minutes.

Your own personalize website

Your own online store

Your own customer management system.

Your own complete product line!!


Yes, you can get a 25% discount on product

Yes, you can generate income from building your company reps,

yes, your reps, for you get paid when they make sales!!!


New product lines being introduced:

Hair growth product

Hair maintenance accessories

Education service expanded

Compensation "just got better" enhancements


Ok, enough already, get on this "trailbrazer" and braze your own trail!!!




Independent  Micore International Consultant


Juniques Marketing and Juniques Multi Cultural Connections ( http://www.jusmcc.org)

endorse this message

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Micore Intl Launch Sunday 17 Mar 2013

We are announcing HUGE advancements like…

•Medical and Dental Insurance available

for all Independent Micore Representatives

•New scientifically formulated products

that grow hair, as well as hair and skin

care products

•New Product Packs to purchase or sell to

New Hair Consultants

•Improvements to our Compensation Plan

•New Director of Micore’ YOUniversity…our

training program

•And SO much more…


Get your business online in minutes for only $19.95 per month

Your own personalized website

Your own online store

Your own customer management system

and 25% discount on hair products


Get this business going today and be smiling all week long!!!

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YOU can still start your Micore Intl Beauty Business offering highest quality remi hair with a 1 year guarantee, ...
Plus now you have exclusive hair growth and skin care products, hair styling tools,
and yes, you still get your own personalize website, online store, and customer management system for $19.95 per month. 
You will be a Micore Intl Consultant.

Oh yes, you get a 20% discount off  Micore Intl suggested retail price for hair  and discounts on other Micore Intl products.

You will earn money from people ordering from your store.
This is known as,  individual  direct sale

Some will want to do what you do, earn money selling Micore Intl Products and they can receive additional dollars from the Micore Compensation Program effective March 2013.

With the enrollment of 4 people, who become Micore Intl  consultants, you will be in position to receive commissions from their product purchases.

So, for $19.95 per month, you can purchase Micore Intl products for discount.
and if you elect,

You can start to expand your business and profits by building a team.
That is known as , Group sales.

That's it. Your choice, Individual or Group sales . Either choice is great!!!

Oh yes, every active consultant will also be able to purchase health and dental insurance ( not a discount plan) which is mandatory by federal law, for every USA citizen, starting 1 Jan 2014.

So, continue to share the word about this "Game Changing, History Making, Industry Leading, Home Based Business creating, Income enhancement" company.

 Actually, I can include more discriptive words, but, I don't
want to get carried away. LOL

Looking forward to sharing in your success.
Juniques Multi Cultural Connections endorse this message ( www.jusmcc.org)
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This will only offered Once From Micore Intl University!!! Special 2 hour Training


This $90.00 consultant session will be open to the public at no cost!!!

Place this date on your schedule now.

Achal Jain who has over 12 years of experience in the hair extension industry will
be conducted this indepth 2 hour training session.

Micore Intl has gained a following of thousands. People are joining from all over
the country!!! The more they learn, The more they want to be a part of this
historical happening.

The Hair Industry has never open to general public at this level.
Moving from consumer to business owner!!!

This is an  opportunity
to learn about the Hair business and create income too!!!

You will learn the real truth about this billion dollar industry.

Send me your email address and I will provide you  specially prepared
training material publication just for this class.

email juniques@jusmcc.org subject: I want to attend the special training from Micore Intl

Learn more about Micore Intl by viewing my Micore Hair business at http://www.jussuccess.com
call 623-455-6364

Micore will be making its public launch 17 Mar 2013. Be part of this success story now!!

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A message from Rickey with Juniques Multi Cultural Connections  about Micore Intl Growth!!!


Hello Business Leaders and Associates, May this note find you well. A lot has been happening for and with your "Own your own Hair Business for $19.95" Micore Intl Business.

Yes, we have high quality virgin remy hair available

We also have:

New business presentation binder are available. If you like to do one on one presentation, this will be a great business tool to have.

The hair growth product is ready for purchase. Ok, there are no miracle in a bottle products for hair growth. Everyone has hair loss, when it becomes excessive, is when people seek "something" that will stop it, slow it down, or reverse it.

From natural supplement to chemical formulas.

We, now, offer a no prescription needed, hair enhancement product. It is  developed by the transdermal specialists at Cosmeceutical Research  Center.


Our product is one of the finest available on the market today. Known as Hair Demand in the marketplace. Micore Intl will be renaming to Enhance Her/Him, which is our brand name.

Background on product

Hair Demand is a new and revolutionary hair solution that contains DPF with Capixyl™.

 Deep Penetrating Formula (DPF) allows the active ingredients to reach the hair's problem area.

In addition Hair Demand uses Capixyl™an innovative and unique active complex designed to stop and reverse the hair loss process. Experiments (ex-vivo) have demonstrated better results in hair growth stimulation than Minoxidil.

It improves hair thickness, luster, radiance and fortifies your hair to prevent future hair loss.

It has no side effects, is safe, effective, gentle on the scalp, and works on all areas of the head associated with hair loss.

 The solution works to control the enzymatic pathway that causes hair loss. It reduces inflammation of the scalp, which can prevent hair to regrow. It also rebuilds the tissues that anchors the hair.

It does it with a protein that mimics nature in reconstituting the

collagen and other supporting material in and around the hair follicle.

The end result of this revolutionary hair product is to have hair growth that is strong and healthy.

 Each bottle contains 2 FL OZ or 59 ml of a liquid solution. It works on all hair types both natural and chemically treated hair. One bottle will last a month using twice daily. It is recommended to use for a minimum of three months to see great results.

Our retail prices is $100 for 30 day supply Micore Intl consultant price is $70. Yes you have financial room to create some great pricing offers.

Remember, purchasing is done on line from your Micore Intl website. You do not have to stock product, ship product, or store product. Just let the world know you offer this great product.

Yes, we have a lot going on. Stay connected. Build your business. Avoid "attraction to distraction". Succeed daily.

At your service, Rickey http://www.jussuccess.com 623 455 6364

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Hello Community, The Special 2 Hour Micore Training Call has been moved
to Thurs, 21 Feb 2013, 8PM, EST.
here are the details

The Micore’ University Class for tonight has been rescheduled till tomorrow night in order to introduce everyone to Toni Love

– Co-Director of Micore’ University! We want to bring her on the call to introduce herself as she will be educating on many

of the calls moving forward.

Tomorrow Night’s class will be a full 2 hour class teaching the Hair Extensions 101 Basic Training Class. This will be the

LAST time the full class is open to the public and taught through this webinar format by our COO – Achal Jain.  Make sure to bring all your friends and clients. This class will be all the information you would ever want to know about the hair extensions industry.

Thursday (2/21/13) at 8:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM CST

Click here to be a part of the webinar: https://join.me/micoreinternational

(The webinar has online audio and a special conference call in# that will be listed on the webinar site)

This is great information for ALL Micore' Members!



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Part 3  What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

The psycho-social ramification of wearing weaves tends not to weigh heavily on the minds of teen-agers who encompass the average age when extensions are first tried. Stacey Clark, a Washington DC professional falls in this category. She first crafted a new look using weave when she was in high school.

“Back then (in the late 80s) I believe everyone tried to pretend (the weave) was theirs,” Clark joked. “Now it’s more of a fashion statement.  Come to work one day with short curly hair, the next day it can be long with blonde streaks.  Changing hair is like changing clothes now.”

But what about when hair placement is more than just a fashion twist? For many African American women, the perception of them as having “Good Hair” is an embedded part of their self esteem. Some can’t and will not be seen without weave despite the cost and the time required to achieve it.

Nikki Walton, a license psychotherapist practicing in North Carolina, routinely counsels women on issues ranging from self-esteem and hair issues to depression and body image.

In fact, since 2000 the number of African American women now suffering from anorexia and bulimia has ballooned. Many say that the increase in these eating disorders among African American and Latino women stems from their buying into the mainstream media image of white beauty – that includes silky long hair and a overly slender silhouette that our fuller shapes cannot naturally accomplish

“We have so many deep rooted issues that we need to overcome in our community to finally make ourselves whole. It’s a shame where we chose to concentrate our efforts,” said Walton, who has chosen to go natural with her hair and councils women on how to do the same.

“In the natural hair community many of my clients tend to go natural because it is a healthier choice for them,” she said. “The vast majority are unfamiliar with their hair’s real texture, because they’ve had perms since they were five or eight.”

Some of the hair drama that she councils about stems from an internalized bias toward their natural hair, she said, so she believe they have to give themselves time to reconnect with their real beauty.

“Just go out and get comfortable with your hair,” she says. “Just embrace the anxiety and insecurity because sometimes you have to fake it until you can make it.”

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Hello Community, Juniques Multi Cultural Connections, is glad to announce,

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Anthony Battaglia President of United Salon Associates (USA) Partners With Micore' International


Anthony Battaglia President of United Salon Associates (USA)

Former owner of the Comare Corp. (1963 to 1988) The Royal Blue styling combs & Battalia 1988 to 2002) Styling combs and brushes Designed his new Apollo line of 100% Boar and ion non scratch poly pins made in the USA most professional styling products are made in Asia, I want to be the first to bring back professional Brushes and related styling tool manufacturing back to the USA .

The APOLLO BRUSH line is the first of a selection OF PROFESSIONAL STYLING PRODUCTS That will be made and assembled in the USA by Americans.

The brushes were designed with 4 rows of 100% reinforced Boar bristle,

and 2 rows, rounded non scratch  Tourmaline Ion infused poly pins. Making it easier to style by using the poly pins to penetrate the hair, stimulating the scalp and directing the hair over the Boar bristle
which helps to disperse natural oils from the scalp leaving the hair Healthy & Conditioned.

All USA Apollo Brushes are manufactured using the highest quality components and are guaranteed against breakage in normal use.


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Part 2 What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Consider this: $46,326 was the median household income in the United States according to 2010 U.S. Census data and the average income for African American families was $32,584, well below a middle-class lifestyle. Yet we over-spend for the purpose of appearance. Why is this?

”It’s not that I think “natural hair” is now invisible but (weave) has become a way for more people to achieve that “good hair” status if only synthetically,” gleamed Davarian L. Baldwin, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of American Studies at Trinity College.

“The culture surrounding weaves; such as the links between more traditionally white hair textures and the pricing system of weaves, helps to exacerbate the notion of “good hair” as “non-Black.”

Baldwin continued, “Who really knows if “Indian Remi” (a popular human hair weft texture) is a reflection of actual Indian women’s hair or what “Hollywood Italian” (another texture classification) actually means, but in hair weave stores there is certainly a hierarchy of hairs that is also linked to a hierarchy of racial value.”

But it’s just fashion, right?

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