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Hey Sistas!!

I’m looking for trendy designers that make clothes, shoes, or accessories for my online boutique. I’m just getting started but believe me it’s going to be great because I’m determined. I’m looking for someone I can partner with and that loves fashion. I would like to see pictures of your work and eventually we can meet and price the merchandise. If you’re interested please let me know. Thank You.

God is Love


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" Vote the Enemy Out"


This message is very much in the news… so it seems… so it is… also witha twist… read on!

“Vote the Enemy Out” by Dr. Larry Ollison

We have the awesomeblessing and responsibility of being able to choose the leadership of ournation. We have the method in place whereby we can install godly men and womeninto office, and we can uninstall evil men and women from their office.

Unfortunately, thereis a default setting when it comes to voting. When we choose good leaders, ourleadership is good. When we choose evil leaders, our leadership is evil.However, if we become lazy, complacent, or apathetic, and for any reason failto choose, our vote is not neutral. Our vote goes to the default setting. Bynot choosing good, we choose evil by default. Let me explain.

In the kingdom of God choices are critical. Your salvationis based upon a choice that you have made. If you choose Jesus as your Lord andSavior, you will be saved. If you choose to reject Jesus, you will not besaved. However, if for any reason you decide to delay your choice or have the“everything will work itself out” mentality, you will not be saved. To besaved, you must choose to be saved. By not choosing, you actually choose the defaultsetting which is “lost.”

When Paul was talkingto King Agrippa, the king told Paul that he was “almost persuaded” to become aChristian. “Almost persuaded” or “almost decided” doesn’t work in God’skingdom. As a Christian we are in this world, but we are not of this world. Wemust act on God’s principles and not man’s. We must choose righteous leaders.Otherwise, evil leaders will prevail.

You have theresponsibility and the ability. Decide to choose. Do not allow complacency,laziness or busyness to derail you. Remember, by not choosing to vote for godlyleaders, by default you are choosing abortion, homosexuality and every evilwork that the enemy desires.

Therefore, submit toGod. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)

By voting for godlyleaders, we are submitting to God’s plan. By submitting to God’s plan, theenemy will flee. And the result is this. By voting for godly leaders, weautomatically vote the enemy out.

Righteousness exaltsa nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. (Proverbs 14:34)

All rights reserved. Used by permission. This article may be reproduced for teaching purposes but not for commercial resale
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When writing about this devotional, refer to devotional #0410 -

Larry Ollison Ministries never sells, rents, or shares your email address.

For more information, please contact

. . .

Praying will give us food for thoughts and actions too!

God’s blessings,

Maria Evangelista


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Good Morning Family,
(Contact Information At Bottom Of Page)

It's your friendly neighborhood "Digital Drummer" again (smile)

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. donated $1 million to Howard University on Tuesday, according to Howard's college paper, The Hilltop (

The money will be put toward upholding the legacy of the sorority through a Founder's endowed scholarship, in addition to helping to preserve the extensive collection of sorority documents kept on a database at Moorland-Spingarn Research Center on Howard's campus, as stated in the release.

The sorority also donated a digitized version of the organization's magazine, the Ivy Leaf. The digital edition contains issues dating back to 1921 all the way to the present.

The $1 million contribution is said to be only the first installment of an even bigger gift to come at the end of the year, according to the release.

The altruism from the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. has been inspired by the organization's 100th anniversary.

The sorority was founded on Howard University's campus on Jan. 15, 1908, and was legally incorporated in 1913.

On Jan. 15, 2008, more than 1,500 ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha came from all over the world to meet at the birthplace of their sorority, celebrating their 100th year. The sojourn was taken to reconnect with their roots and to pay respects to their ancestors.

A service at the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel followed the expedition around campus. Barbara A. McKinzie, the sorority's International President, opened the service by greeting her sorors with a warm, "Happy birthday Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority," according to the release.

Alpha Kappa Alpha has been committed to sisterhood and service, resulting in a wave of growth from nine founding women on one campus to 200,000 members in 975 chapters.

According to the release, McKinzie's response to the organization's philanthropy was, "If we don't preserve our heritage, no one else will. In the interest of safeguarding our legacy, we're more than happy to give $1 million this day."

To Learn more about Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority see


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Looking for the Ladies!!!!

Hello everyone

I wanted to invite you all to view my new webpage called Ladies Inspirational Growth. There are many ways you can get involved and have your voice heard.

I do author interviews for inspirational writers/speakers and Motivational speakers.

I also have questions that you can answer and give your feedback on.

Lastly, I am looking for spiritual mentors to help our ladies in their growth. I am trying to get the word out about the new page. If you are interested, please contact me. You can check out the webpage here:

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Insurance: A Small Price to Pay

By Mark Cipolletti
Travel insurance can help you deal with disaster.

It’s true, travel insurance is a popular option for cruises and tours, because it insures the traveler if, due to a delayed or canceled flight, he or she misses the departure and loses the entire booking. It’s important to note, however, that travel insurance is equally important for other types of travel, especially if you’re booking travel abroad.

Take the following real-life example from Richmond, Va.: With Spring Break beckoning just weeks away, Diane Kaufman, her daughter Charlsey and a few friends were thinking warm...actually, hot. A few photos of sunny Puerto Rico were enough to get them to book a week in San Juan.

They opted for The Ritz-Carlton. And because they were making their reservations less than a month out, they passed on travel insurance, figuring nothing would come up that would cause them to alter or cancel their plans. After all, what could go wrong? Well, as we found out, plenty. Diane’s travel travails make for a basic primer on the benefits of travel insurance.

On the Saturday her group was planning on returning home to Richmond, Diane called the airline to confirm their reservations only to find that a massive snowstorm was wreaking havoc on her travel plans.

Their flight into Philadelphia was canceled. Worse, the earliest departure was Tuesday. Worse yet, their rate at The Ritz was gone, and they would have to pay the full rate, if The Ritz wasn’t completely booked.

“Don’t get me wrong, there are worse places to be stranded,” said Diane, who laughed about the ordeal weeks later. “We didn’t get much sympathy back home for being stuck at The Ritz.”

The result was that Diane shelled out an extra $1,100 for her unplanned layover in San Juan just for the extra hotel stay: $600 at the full rate for one night at The Ritz and then several hundred more at two additional hotels after The Ritz was unable to accommodate them without a reservation. Other expenses were an additional $300 or so.

Was she was aware that travel insurance might have covered these expenses? Several friends had told Diane that travel insurance doesn’t cover “acts of God,” such as weather. She and many travel agents aren’t sure either. In fact, weather-related delay coverage is common on most travel insurance. Though airlines aren’t required to compensate travelers if weather cancels a flight, travel insurance may pick up where the airline leaves off.

A basic package from Access America, for instance, would have offered Diane, and anyone else in her group who had purchased the insurance, a daily stipend (up to $150) that could be used for hotel, food, local transportation and other costs. Additionally, Access America insurance includes a hotline where Diane could obtain assistance with tracking her flight and rebooking her hotel. “If I was doing it again, I would buy insurance in a heartbeat,” Diane says now.

A recent survey by Access America revealed that among consumers planning a vacation in the next six months, only 14 percent had purchased travel insurance. The United States Travel Insurance Association (USTIA) estimates that only 35 percent of travelers throughout the year purchase travel insurance. Perhaps part of the reason for this relatively low market penetration is that few travelers know exactly what travel insurance covers or how it works, much like Diane and her group.

Travelers don’t like to think about what might happen to interrupt their plans. But a lost bag can cost them hundreds of dollars, while a medical emergency can run thousands of dollars.

Take this example: A couple flying round-trip from Richmond, Va., to Miami, Fla., for the weekend pays approximately $900 per person for their airfare and one hotel room. Travel insurance typically costs between 4 and 10 percent of the booking. So for just $29, the couple could be individually covered for cancellation, travel delay, emergency medical and dental care, medical evacuation and transportation and baggage loss, damage and delay.

Is that a small price to pay? Diane Kaufman no doubt thinks so.

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<p style="text-align: left;"><img src="" alt="" width="300" he

Hi my name is VILMA my husband and i own SPECTACULAR EVENTS phone 410-258-3931 located in Baltimore and PA. We have anything and everything you need to hold events of any kind from tenting to lighting and staging,fabrics and linens,table covers,chair covers,we set up and breakdown and will travel anywhere. We also offer cash for all referrals leading up to a signed contract give us a call. Let us make your event a SPECTACULAR one.
Website: ight="760"/></p>

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Greetings Friends!

Happy New Year to everyone. I pray your 2008 has begun well and that you are planning for a passionate and prosperous year.

I wanted to stop by to invite you all to sign up today for SisterSpeak Online Magazine's free e-newsletter. I recently sent our our New Years Issue and realized I had not shared it with you.

To access the newsletter, please visit our web site a.s.a.p. at and use the Newsletter sign-up box in the top right corner of the page to enter your email address.

You'll then be taken to a page to enter a few additional bits of information, click submit, and that's it.

We have a number of new things in store for 2008, including running regular features/profiles on real sisterpreneurs like you throughout the year to our international reading audience.

We also hope to launch a radio show--so stay tuned!

But you need to be a newsletter subscriber to stay in the know!

I hope you join today!

Talk soon,

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Cover of the New Novel

Blessings All.

A few folks have asked me to post more information about my debut novel, Love's Troubadours - Karma: Book One (available on for $20.95). Click on the following link to purchase the book:

1) Book Description (from and Back Cover of Novel)
Karma Francois is a thirty-something, California-born BoHo BAP (Bohemian Black American Princess) with Louisiana roots and urban debutante flair. But her life has suddenly taken a drastic turn. Her relationships and the museum curator career that she struggled to form in New York City have crumbled, leaving no viable options to rebuild.

Relocating to Washington, DC, Karma struggles with denial, depression, and debt. A lack of full-time employment opportunities forces her to craft a gypsy existence as a Jill of Many Trades: yoga teacher, art consultant, and freelance curator. Unable and unwilling to appreciate these jobs as gifts, she wallows in a pool of lost identity-and doesn't see a way to keep from drowning.

When she looks in the mirror, Karma sees a woman whose choices have dishonored her true character. Now, for the first time in her life, Karma must learn to see herself for who she really is.

Love's Troubadours reveals how our everyday decisions affect our future and explores the healing power of love.

2) Author Interviews by My Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Sisters

a. Interview with Soror/Journalist Kesha Boyce in Cleveland

b. Interview with Sorors of Theta Chi Sigma Chapter, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. in Chicago

3) The Women of Love's Troubadours

The Women of Love's Troubadours are an eclectic blend of womanhood. They have the capacity to wake you up with their humanity, humor, hostilities, healing journeys, haute couture, and hurricane-like personas. Their energy, egos, expressions, and ethnicities, and extracurricular activities offer an inside look into the multidimensional lives of women of color with ancestral ties to Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Many are graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUS) such as Morgan State University, Howard University, and Spelman College. Some are actively involved in community service organizations such as the Links, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Their professions are diverse and include artists, yoga teachers, waitresses, administrative assistants, community activists, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, ayurvedic practitioners, information technology senior managers, hair salon owners, restaurateurs, interior designers, nonprofit organization leaders, art consultants, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, bed and breakfast owners, security guards, psychologists, lawyers, doctors, social workers, therapists, reverends, museum administrators, professors, poets, and spoken word performers.

These "femmes de coleur" (women of color) represent a collective of courageous, caring, chic, complicated, caustic, confrontational, and creative beings. They walk Mother Earth as women who shape their worlds with their thoughts, words, and actions. A couple of these fabulous females proudly wear the crowns of La Grande Dame, Drama Queen, and BAP - Black American Princess.
Quite a few live as urban fashionistas with a multitude of identities including wine and martini enthusiasts; Soul Food, Thai, Mexican, Indian, and Haitian foodies; and Cake Love dessert lovers. Be careful! You might just fall in love with one of these sweet and delicious Godiva Chocolate Goddesses because they are multifaceted and have numerous interests. For example, they enjoy spending time with their financial advisors to make sure they are financially responsible; traveling in the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia; shopping at Target, Ann Taylor Loft, Carol's Daughter, Eileen Fisher, Trade Secrets, and stores and boutiques that carry designers like Stef 'n' Ty, Denise Goring, Moshood, Narciso Rodriguez, and Manolo Blahnik; attending and participating in spoken word events; hosting dinner parties; listening to music; appreciating art; visiting museums; playing bridge; reading and discussing Essence and O - The Oprah Magazine, Black literary fiction, romance novels, erotica, and Chick Lit; watching films; going to the theatre to see plays; working on grassroots issues such as campaigns that promote feminism-womanism, health and wellness, HIV/AIDS awareness, and the importance of healing homophobia in the African American community; and sipping tea and drinking coffee with their friends at local cafes such as Mocha Hut and Teaism.

As divine divas, they rely on spiritual practices, positive affirmations, group prayer, yoga, reiki healing touch, meditation, chanting, journaling, ayurveda, therapy, astrology, and Tarot card readings to connect with, honor, and heal their spirits, hearts, minds, and bodies. Most are affiliated with Baptist, Catholic, Unitarian, Christ Universal, Agape International Spiritual Center, and United Church of Religious Science churches; Buddhist organizations; Ausar Auset Societies; and Haitian Vodoun and New Orleans Voodoo practices. Some have incorporated the teachings of Swami Satchidananda (Satchidananda Ashram) and Paramahansa Yogananda (Self-Realization Fellowship) into their spiritual practices.

Several sistaloves struggle with their emotions, choices, experiences, and relationships on some level. After all, they are human! Some choose to be lifelong learners who are committed to healing and accepting themselves by any means necessary. Others are not aware of their power to choose peace over suffering. They end up deeply wounding themselves and others. The great thing about many of these mujeres (women) is that they rely on the support of other women to navigate the emotional, spiritual, and physical terrain of their existence. Their commitment to sisterhood is treasured as a sacred bond.

When it comes to love, some of these women ignore sisterhood bonds and seek to control both females and males. On the flip side, there are a few who have given themselves the permission to love in healthy, life-affirming ways. They celebrate the beauty and blessings they have found as spouses, life partners, girlfriends, and lovers of both men and women. They openly express their sexual orientation and inherent right to enjoy sexual pleasure.

All of these ladies' personalities, passions, and perceptions when mixed together, illustrate a cast of soulful, show-stopping characters who keep it real and speak their truth, no matter what it is or whether it makes sense. I invite you to get to know them better in all of their golden time of day splendor by purchasing a copy of Love's Troubadours - Karma: Book One (iUniverse - August 2007 - - $20.95).

Click on this link to read the entire blog post, view artwork, and learn more about web links for organizations and other topics mentioned above:

4) The Men of Love's Troubadours

The men of Love's Troubadours are wrapped in a Crayola rainbow of incredible shades of brothalove blackness. They represent a wide spectrum of professionals including police men, playwrights, professors, Ph.D. students, journalists, school teachers, architects, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs. Their personalities are richly layered in deep chocolate. As you get to know some of them, beware and be ready to claim your sweet tooth addiction. Each man impacts the life of the main character Karma Francois in a unique way.

Several characters are graduates of HBCUs – Historically Black Colleges and Universities such as:

1) Howard University

Howard is the MECCA of Black Education. It is precious because my brother Matthew J. Leeke, CEO and President of Majik Productions, LLC ( and I are Howardites - Class of 1989. So is one of my dearest brothaloves and prayer partner Dr. Henry L. Jackson.

2) Morehouse College

Morehouse (in my humble opinion) is the architect of African American male trailblazers. It is special to me because my brothalove friends V. Aislee Smith (, Jason Randolph (, and State Farm Insurance Representative Kevin M. Monroe are Morehouse men.

3) Morgan State University

Morgan occupies a sacred space in my heart because it is my undergraduate alma mater (Class of 1986). I share Morgan with my brothalove guardian angel and former co-writer Deno Moss (Class of 1990).

4) Southern University

5) Savannah State College

6) Xavier University

Others characters are distinguished members of Black Greek Letter Organizations including my personal favorites:

1) the "frat so nice you had to name it twice" Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Kappa earned a special place in my heart because my grandfather John L. Leeke, great uncle William Jones, cousin Spencer W. Leak, Jr. (, cousin Reverend Andre E. Johnson, brothalove book editor Wayne P. Henry (former Polemarch of the Columbia, MD Alumni Chapter), and Howard Law classmate Stu Chavis are proud members.

2) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Alpha is a personal favorite because of the friendships I have forged with my attorney brothalove friends John K. Coleman, Howard Law classmate Eric A. McFarland, Willard Stanback, and Werten Bellamy.

3) Omega Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Omega is also one of my favorite fraternities because of the connections I share with my Morehouse and Howard Law brothalove friends Aislee and Kevin.

Some of the fellas that appear on the pages of Love's Troubadours are easy to admire, understand, and love. Other brothas require a little more of your time, energy, and patience to understand their choices and complex personalities. Then there are some guys who are choosing to live beneath their divinity. They might make you holla, scream, and cuss words like s--- . If you are polite, these homeboys might have you mumbling Sugar Honey Ice Tea under your breath.

Whatever you think about these charming, classically "Joe Cool," confidant, conscious, committed, civic-minded, compassionate, compelling, and complicated gentlemen, the one thing that I know for sure is that they are unforgettable. My prayer is that readers learn what they need to learn from the choices that the men of Love's Troubadours make in their relationships with Karma and other characters.

Links for inquiring minds:

1) Black Greek Letter Organizations

a. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity -
b. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity -
c. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity -

2) Historically Black Colleges and Universities

a. Howard University -
b. Morehouse College -
c. Morgan State University -
d. Savannah State College -
e. Southern University -
f. Xavier University -
Thanks for stopping by... I will post some novel excerpts and other interesting information later this week
Peace and Love,
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Blessings All,
The countdown for the Love's Troubadours' official web site launch officially begins today. It kicks off on February 1. There will be plenty of surprises, new videos, February book readings, blog posts, and news about the second novel, Love's Troubadours - Symon: Book Two. In the meantime, click on the YouTube link - - and watch me share a poem entitled "The Word" at the Mocha Hut book signing on November 18, 2007, in Washington, DC. The video was filmed and edited by my brother Matthew J. Leeke, President and CEO of MAJIK Productions, Inc.
Peace, Love, Light, and Happiness,
Ananda Kiamsha Madelyn Leeke

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I will broadcast live on the internet on Wednesday, January 30th at 3:30pm at featuring an Interventional Radiologist, Dr. Michael Tripp of Eastern Radiology that specializes in a new treatment for Uterine Fibroid Tumors. This is a live taping, so you will be able to address any questions you have regarding Uterine Fibroid Tumors to Dr. Tripp during the broadcast. This may be an option for you instead of a hysterectomy. This procedure is called Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). I encourage all of you to hit the website on Wednesday, January 30th. Here are the instructions.

1. Go to

2. Click on "Watch Helloworld TV"

3. Scroll down until you see my logo, click on play and watch the show.

4. You may then type in any questions you desire to ask Dr. Tripp

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Girls Who Network

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To kick My Website back into business!

So like I said yesterday. I Finally took my sewing Machine out of retirement. So today all day so far. I,ve been updating my website and i have a Valentines Day Special for my Pretty in Pink Pillows That was selling like crazy.

I also had a meeting to go to for ASI the Health care service that i work for. It was only for about 40mins so it didnt take that much of my time.

But we are having a new promotion with GoVios Cell phone Company. GoVios Mobile has the least expensive pre paid calling plans in the wireless industry while providing Subscribers with superior Reception and no dropped call! Also the best part is NO CREDIT CHECKS, NO CONTRACT, AND NO OVERAGE PENALTIES! Cant bet that right.

I'm so excited that we have something new because everyone needs a cell phone and plus there giving out a free Motorola Cell phone just for sarting up your service!

If you need a phone, A free phone at that please contact GoVios Mobile at:

sharese Davis


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Good Morning Family,
(Contact Information At Bottom Of Page)

It's your friendly neighborhood "Digital Drummer" again (smile)

Let me take a moment to lift up a dynamic brother and Digital Drummer... Bruce B. Rush

Brother Bruce publishes a bi-monthly e-zine with ethnic, entertainment and online marketing news you can use...TMS Online Entertainment Marketing News

I can not say enough good things about this brother. He has been a selfish worker for Black empowerment and education. The funny thing is, that out of the eight years that I've known Bruce, he has never had his own website...But you can not find a more knowledgeable Black man on Internet and entertainment marketing. A tireless worker and board member of MOBE (Marketing Opportunities in Business & Entertainment) he has been instrumental in MOBE's success. MOBE has generated over $200 million dollars in business deals for Blacks in the entertainment and marketing industry since it's inception in 1992 (see

Besides publishing an excellent online magazine for 10 years, Bruce B. Rush was the Director of Marketing at the Dell East for 9 years. He has been involved in promoting and organizing sports and entertainment events for more than 20 years. Either as a freelance consultant or through his firm, The Marketing Store, Bruce has been involved in promoting and marketing events as diverse as the Philadelphia Greek Picnic, the Tampax Total You Tour and Real Men Cook for Charity, as well as several events involving some unit of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, of which he is a Life Member. In addition to his fraternity membership, he is a member of the National Alliance of Market Developers (NAMD) and the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), and a board member of the MOBE Institute Bruce holds a BS and an MBA degree from Penn State.

The Paying for College Student Resource Guide (see below) is an excellent source of information on scholarships, internships, fellowships, books and more. It includes links, deadlines, and detailed contact information. There are 42 pages of information designed to help you pay for a college education...I strongly recommend downloading and saving the PDF file to your desktop. It is a publication that you will use year round.

Please support brother Bruce by subscribing to the TMS Online Entertainment Marketing News (see info below) If nothing else, send the brother a email of thanks for all he does to make the Internet a better place for the Black online Diaspora.

Remember We Must Share The Knowledge (NETWORK)...To Share The Dollars.

Peace and Gods Blessings,

Jim Neusom


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Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 2:38:20 PM
Subject: Paying For College Student Resource Guide

The Paying for College Student Resource Guide is provided yearly as a
courtesy of U.S. Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (Congressional
District 34-CA). The 2008 edition of the Resource Guide contains info
on national scholarships, internships, fellowships, books and websites.

To download the Resource Guide, go to:

Please share this info with any high school or college students with whom
you may be in contact so that they can take advantage of these many

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Send a blank message to

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Providing a full range of marketing services including
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Bruce B. Rush
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Not Just Tea Customer Testimonials

Dear Not Just Tea Family,

Thank you for your continued love and support of Not Just Tea. With nearly a year under our belt, Not Just Tea has grown exponentially due mostly the word-of-mouth referrals of our loyal customers. I cannot tell you how many people have experienced Not Just Tea though a friend or family member only to become a believer in the great taste and healthy benefits of our specialty hand-blended teas. I value your enthusiasm for Not Just Tea and want to encourage you to keep those referrals coming! Our continued success depends solely on the dedication of our awesome customers!!

Since the beginning, I have always believed that the best advertisement for Not Just Tea comes from our customers who have experienced the delight of our specialty hand-blended teas and tea accessories. Therefore, I welcome you to send me your customer testimonials to be posted on the Not Just Tea website in the coming weeks.

We are interested in:
How you came upon Not Just Tea
What tea blends you have tried and enjoyed
What you personally think about the teas
How you have incorporated Not Just Tea teas into your overall lifestyle.

As an added bonus, if you own a business or run an organization please include your contact details and website so we can included it with your posting on the Not Just Tea website! Also, tell friends and family to include your name as a referral so you can receive a special gift with your next order.

Thank you again for your continued referrals and support!

Yours in Tea,
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YTB In The News

YTB International Expands to Canada, Bermuda, and the Bahamas

YTB International, Inc., a leading provider of Internet-based travel booking services for travel agencies and home-based independent representatives in the United States, announced that the Company is expanding its services into Canada, the Bahamas, and Bermuda.

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Exclusive Travel Agency Partnership for 2008 Olympic Games

YTB International, Inc., a provider of Internet-based travel booking services for travel agencies and home-based independent representatives in the United States, today announced an exclusive partnership with Shanghai Spring International Travel Service to market and sell tour packages to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. The packages will be available from YTB beginning on or before January 11, 2008.

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Time to get the sewing Machine Working again!

Well today i've been pretty much cleaning the house and washing clothes. I hate Laundry days which is like everyday for me. Between all the kids clothes, my clothes, and my mans clothes. Its an everyday process. lol

But i have good news! I finally went to my sisters house to pick up my sewing machine. Dont ask why it was over there. I''ve been having some problems with it. My sewing machines keeps unthreading everytime i sew about 20 stitches. I dont understand. I think i've tried everything. So im going to give it a good clean up and try to figure out whats wrong with it. If anyone has any suggestions that would be nice.

Wish me luck!

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January 26, 2008 Step out on Faith

Hello Ladies

Don't miss this dynamic event by Best Life Now. I will scholarship in the first few people that contact me and confirm attendance. Once we grant the first few, you will have to pay a registration fee: If you have a small business and trying to handle your own taxes, you are doing your business a disservice. Run in to the this amazing event. Visit website for details but contact me right away for your scholarship. (301)613-2283. If the line is busy keep trying or leave a message.

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