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For 2008, let me plan your next GROUP Travel Cruise.

In 2006, the amount of annual cruise passengers exceeded 12.6 million

Top 3 reasons people cruise;
- Can visit several areas/destinations
- Pampering
- Fine Dining

Top 3 Cruise areas;
- Bahammas/Carribean
- Europe/Mediterranean
- Alaska

*Visit for contact info (via phone or email)


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For all your travel needs and more - Check out travel site! Go to: Once there, click on "Book Travel" and you're able to peruse the site powered by Travelocity. Check out "Last Minute Deals" or "Vacation Packages". Enter your contact info to receive Special Offers. Any destination is available. The site is fully functional and able to handle your searches, through payment of the entire vacation.

Gottitravel is more than just a travel store. Once there, click on "Book Travel" and within the featured directory section there are concert and theater tickets, flowers, cars, etc. Some other items available via include but not limited to;
- Car Rental
- Hotels
- Tickets & Attractions(WORLD CHOICE)
- Tickets NOW(Includes Sports, Concert and Theater
- Flowers
- Cars
- Honeymoon Wishes Registry
- Limousine
- Insurance for your Trip
- Passport/Visas
- Last Minute Deals
- Singles Travel Service

Interested in joining the business, check out the presentations on the Home Page.

Happy Traveling!

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For all your travel needs and more

Check out travel site! Go to: Once there, click on "Book Now" and you're able to peruse the site powered by Travelocity. Check out "Last Minute Deals" or "Vacation Packages". Enter your contact info to receive Special Offers. Any destination is available. The site is fully functional and able to handle your searches, through payment of the entire vacation.

Interested in joining the business, check out the presentations on the Home Page.

Happy Traveling!

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YTB Travel - Did you know???

DID YOU KNOW...’re giving away YOUR MONEY?!?!
You can have a MAJOR increase in your income by DOING WHAT YOU ALREADY DO! You and your friends and family will use Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, etc. to book your airfare, hotel rooms, and rental cars. WHY NOT GET PAID FOR IT? don't have to sell anything?
"But, I'm not the salesperson type" Good, because you don’t have to be. If they're going to use the web to travel anyway, why not support you at the same time? Maybe they'll get their own and you can make a 50% match on their commissions!

...there is no time committment?
I work at my leisure and make "Sleepy Money" not Hard-Earned money!! Take Paycations now, not Vacations! Get paid while you're laying on the beach!

…your site will probably be cheaper?
I did the research just to test it and most of the time, the prices were cheaper.

…your site is just as easy to use as any other travel search engine?
Why wouldn’t your friends, family and anybody else you give your site to use it instead of the other online travel sites.

…your site can be used to purchase much more than just travel?
You will get paid for Sporting Events, other Events and Attractions, the Honeymoon Registry, Passports, and even flowers! can get paid for business travel you get reimbursed for?
Many YTB Agents use their own site to purchase travel for work. They get reimbursed by the company, and get commission from YTB. You can’t beat that! a YTB Referring Travel Agent (RTA), you are an actual TRAVEL AGENT?
You will receive your own personal IATAN Card and Number to experience all of the benefits of a Travel Agent?

...YTB RTAs enjoy the benefits of a "Brick and Mortar" Travel agency with a small percentage of the work?
As an RTA, you have a call center staffed by Professionals in the business to work on your behalf!

...being a YTB RTA requires no additional software?
All you need is the internet browser window you already have? will receive up to 80% or even more off FAM trips?
Familiarization Trip: Vacation packages sponsored by hotel chains, cruise lines and tourism boards. They want you to come and see what they have to offer and lay out the red carpet so you will send them more business. will make more than your initial investment back in the Tax Write-offs, alone?!
Major tax advantages come with owning a home based business? Couldn't you use thousands more from Uncle Sam next year? If so, you can't afford to miss this opportunity. is a $7 TRILLION a year industry?!
(yes, "TR" not "M" or even "B") and 85% of it takes place online? Tourism accounts for 10.9% of all consumer spending worldwide?

...YTB is a publicly traded company (YTBL.PK)?
This isn't a "Fly-by-Night" Pyramid Scam. It is not just a money making opportunity. This is a business that you will own. This company is here to stay.

...many families use YTB as a fundraiser for family reunions?
Imagine your whole family using a FAMILY YTB site to cover expenses for your family reunion.
Time is money!
Is Yours is being wasted?

I ignored friends, Family members and clients who told me about YTB a year ago and now I’m watching them make GOOD MONEY.

All of them make more than they would on any part-time job.

Some of them make more than they do on their full-time job.

Maybe you’ve already heard about this and you ignored it also.
Here’s the second introduction.
Just don't miss it!

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The Internet With a
7 Trillion Dollar a Year Industry
The Ultimate Home Based Business


YTB brings you the perfect opportunity to transform your life through combining the fun of travel with the speed of the Internet, multiplied by the power of referral marketing to provide YOU with the ultimate home-based business solution. YTB is taking the industry by storm!!

By combining an advantage-rich, home-based business (built around the Internet) with an extremely lucrative (and copyrighted) compensation plan, YTB has become "The Choice" for thousands of opportunity seekers. In today's marketplace, myriads of companies seek your time and attention, each claiming that their opportunity is the best.

By combining the powerful information handling capability of the Internet with the world’s most dynamic product (TRAVEL) and the personal touch of independent, home-based business people, YTB has joined these three trends together in a flawless combination. The Internet is opening the doors to the riches of travel as never before. By utilizing our simple strategies and proven techniques we can show you how to leverage your time to generate a residual income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


A real home-based Travel Agency Business you can run from anywhere in the world or from the comfort of your kitchen table!

  • Huge discounts on hotels, car rentals, luxury cruises, upgrades, exotic vacation packages and many more travel perks
  • Personal travel agent photo ID card and credentials
  • Up to 60% paid commissions on your personal website
  • Online booking engines
  • Company familiarization trips
  • Total service and support
  • And so much more!

The YTB Companies offer two unique and powerful business opportunities, that of a Referring Travel Affiliate or 'RTA' and that of Independent Marketing Representative or 'REP'.
The travel agent opportunity has an initial fee under $449 and a monthly license fee of $49.95.
There is no fee or travel agency purchase required to be a REP.

You may choose to participate in one or both opportunities.



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Women Entrepreneurs

Of America

2nd Annual National Women's
Conference and Convention
AUGUST 8-10, 2008
Vendor/Sponsorship Opportunities Available!
"A New Level of Dedication" of Women Entrepreneurs


Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of

our 2nd Annual National Women's Conference, August 8*10, 2008 in Tampa, Florida. Please review the benefit packets below. Requests will be considered on a first pledge basis. Your pledge is a commitment and benefits begin to accrue immediately upon receipt by WEA, Inc.


WEA's 2nd Annual National Convention is designed to attract the broadcast possible participation from corporated America, government entities and women business owners. However, to ensure that women's business enterprises have meaningful opportunities to connect with potential clients (corporate, government and other WBE's) as well as strengthen relations with future and existing clients. WEA has established specific rules of eligibility for sponsors of WEA National Convention 2008.




AUGUST 9, 2008 ~ $2,500



COFFEE/REFRESHMENTS BREAK August 9, 2008 ~ $2,000

CONFERENCE BAGS August 8-10, 2008 ~ $1,500

PROGRAM BOOK August 8-9, 2008 ~ $1,000


August 8-9, 2008 ~ $500
*Request Sponsorship packets at


Featured sponsorship recognition (ALL FEATURED EVENT SPONSORS AND MAJOR SPONSORS AT 2,500 LEVEL for Corporations and $1,000 for WBE's or GREATER) includes corporate mention (or logo) in our "New Level of Dedication" of Women Entrepreneurs Conference 2008 collateral materials such as the conference program book (INSIDE FRONT and/or BACK COVERS) distributed to all WEA Convention 2008 attendees, two-day conference brochures (mailed to over 1,000 women business owners and emailed to more than 3,000 WBE's, government agencies, elected and appointed officials, economic development and women's business organizations and community leaders nationwide), news releases (national, regional and local distribution), online at, in selected print and Internet advertising, which is valued at $20,000. Specific sole featured sponsor benefits include all of the above and coordinated media relations and publicity campaigns, event program hosting and participation, head table seating and exclusive on site signage.

Sponsorship Packages Include:
  • Radio and Media Advertisement
  • Company recognition/logo on all print media - Over 5,000 distributed (flyers, posters, tickets, websites, newsletters, banners, e-mail blast, newspapers, press kits)
  • Complimentary Tickets
  • List of attendees
  • Exclusive Exhibitor Booth
  • Platform Spotlight (7-10 minute commercial/workshop at event)
  • E-blast to over 25,000 addresses with company logo


CHAIRS, Ms. KRISTI THOMPSON AT 231-733-4238 OR MS. DEONNA G. MOORE AT 216-469-9707
Check out our website at:
Payments accepted online at ~
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Featured on WakeUp Call Radio 99.5 FM (NY)

Not Just Tea has been featured on WakeUp Call Radio on 99.5 FM today at 7:25 AM. It was a lively conversation with host, Deepa Fernandez about Not Just Tea, the healthy benefits of tea and de-bunking tea myths.

Check out for the blurb of the conversation.

In the meantime, visit our website at for our listing of hand-blended teas and tea accessories.

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I'm New here!

Hi to everyone. My name is Sharese Davis. I'm 24 years old but not for long. My birthday is Feb 1st. I get so excited whenever I see African American websites. Its very pleasing. I decided to Make my own website. I hand Sew different items but mostly pillows. Im just starting off so i would love any advice from all my sista's.

Now just within the past month i decided to work for this Insurance Company called ASI its a WFH Bussiness. Its going pretty good so far. I have 2 Boys an 8 year old names Eric and i also have a 20month old named Isaac. So i have my hands full.

My first son Eric i had him when i was 16 years old. It was a challenge, but i didnt make it an excuse. I still Finished High School and a couple Years of college for bussiness Managment.

So I think im doing prettood so far.

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Natural Health & Healing With Herbs, Fruits, & Vegetables

Red Clover

Trifolium pratense

Uses: Antibiotic For Tuberculosis - Arthritis - Blood Purifier - Breast Cancer - Cancer - Immune System – Nervous System - Skin Disorders

Nutritional Value: Biotin, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Vitamins A, B, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, & P.

Parts Used: Flowers Preparation Method: Infusion

Habitat: Asia - Australia - North America - Europe - Moist Grassy Areas.



sweet - astringent - alterative

Uses: acidity stomach, arthritis, bleeding gums, blood, blood pressure, cholesterol, chronic illnesses, diarrhea, detoxifies body, gall bladder, herpes, inflammation, intestinal bleeding, ulcers, & viruses.

Apple Skin - high in calcium.

Apple Juice works well for gas, colitis, a virus or flu with vomiting.

Vitamin A - Vitamin C - Vitamin E -Calcium - Magnesium - Sulfur


alterative – demulcent - tonic

Uses: banemia, build & improve blood, digestive aid, gallbladder, liver, lymph glands,

& menstruation (increases).

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) - Calcium - Magnesium - Phosphorus - Potassium - Sodium

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<p style="text-align: left;"><img src="" alt="" width="300" height="760"/></p>
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Presentation Is Everything

Presentation Is Everything

I do a lot of book events.

Book Fairs, Book Festivals, Signings, On-line events, Book Club Meetings, etc. I try hard to attend these events for business, but also because I am a Book Lover,

So it’s purely for enjoyment either way.

I have the ability to look at things from 2 sets of eyes. One set see’s what is presentated and the other see’s the business side of it.

Of course in seeing there is analyzing going on too.

I see a lot of what to do, and what NOT to do.

Here’s my 2 cent

Atmosphere is everything

If you are a romance author, bring some romance with you!

and create ambiance.

If I were an author I would have a suitcase filled with props and tools to make my signing or table or booth EXTRAORDINARY.

Need A Theme ? Let Me Create One For you !!!

I can layout a theme and all the props you need to create a intimate setting!!!

When I do book events, I try to have a theme, or find out what the event theme is so everything pulls together.

The object of the game is to draw people in, MADE YOU LOOK !

Once you get their attention make your pitch,

PUT THE BOOK IN THERE HANDS!!! I have seen many authors do this and they sell more than those who just point to them or hold it themselves

Keep your sales pitch 3 to 4 minutes at best, because that most peoples attention span, especially if you are at a book festival.

If you are shy, the props and setups will draw people to you.

Have attractive promo items

(HINT HINT) like

Giftmarks, Book Thongs,

That will have you info on it for future contact.

Have them sign a guest book like the one’s they have at Weddings. This builds your mailing list. Send a Thank You Note , after the event for coming, and whats coming up from you, add a ½ mark and a book plate

At an instore signing,

You’re still a little shy, and you want to get the discussion started, or they are a little up tight because they are a little nervous.

Hmmmmm , what’s an author to do????

Play a game !!!

It breaks the ice and all of the people in the group win a prize


At the end of the discusson the most active participant wins a

Book Thong and a book

You’ll have a fan for life

Trust me, I started this business to support my book habit,

I am first and foremost a bookaholic !!!

If you are not the creative type and would like me to create your bag of tricks, and other Promo Materials, let me know

Some authors like to buy packages such as

Thongs, full size bookmarks, ½ marks, book plates and the love notes. They customize them and send them to different targets.

To maximize their reach,

Book Clubs

Book Events


Promotional opportunities


Your Giftmark

Can have

Your picture

Book cover

Contact information

Current and up-coming releases

Past works

Tour schedule

All of your books

Double sided for dual releases or anthologies

What Do I offer




Book Thongs

Book Plates

Note Cards

Press Packets

Promotional Tools

This is what I do but,

It’s all about you

Your work

Your words

Your readers

Your style

Your way

The ½ mark and a book plate fit in note card and is ready to mail very personal, a very nice touch from you to your fans

A favorite “GIFT-mark” might have a useable lifetime of many years, and thus might be viewed many thousands of times. Bookmarks are an under-rated and under-appreciated vehicle for advertising

Just My 2 Cents and My Sales Pitch LOL

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Wrap It Up

Wrap It UpBy Marion JonesWatch night Sermon by,Pastor Aaron James Sr.It’s time to leave your troubles and woes behindNot carrying all the things that held back and claiming them as yours or mines.Letting go and rid of the things that caused you painGetting all that the Lord has in stored for you in the New Year, that’s ordained,Wrap It UpTo look back and remember how He brought you through from then to nowOnly because of Him and Only Him, you can say “thank you Lord, wow”2007 was the year of completion and the past2008 is for New Beginnings and to put your house in order, to get it right with God and make it lastWrap It Up,Your finances, the Lord will provide and give you shelterYour children and your spouse who are acting up, not living right leave it on the alterDon’t pick it back up and own it again, it will only cause you to faultierLift up your hands; give Him the praise, that’s what He’s afterThe trumpet is about to soundHe’s coming backWrap It UpWrap It UpWrap It UpCopyright 1/1/2008
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Time to Get in Shape

Time to Get in ShapeBible Study by Deacon Carlton IngramPoem by Marion JonesWe need to keep our bodies fed and physically fit.By exercising, jogging and what we put in it.As far as men when going to the doctor, we let our pride get in the way.We use old-fashioned remedies and then call it a day.We act like babies when we catch a cold or the flu, then our wives or girlfriends have to come to our rescue.Now we have a spiritual side that loses it’s strength.It needs nourishment mentally at any length.Your bodies is a temple of God, sins kills, steals, and destroys.All through the Old Testaments, it shows that they believed in God’s words and conquered with joy.Time to Get in ShapeOur beautiful bodies need to be taken care of inside and out.We were bought with a priceJust with that sentence alone, we should be on our feet, hands raised and with a loud shout.“I am Redeemed”Our bodies are for His purpose to be used any way He wantsHe doesn’t dwell in unclean places,But in a pure in heartLift Him up and get in shape, and stay in shape, for today, tomorrow and the years to come.Knock off some of those pounds; get rid of those things that hold you back, and lose the folks that weighed you down, and make you miserable.Have some fun.Read your Word, Get FedRomans 12: 1-2Our Bodies are a Living SacrificeFirst Corinthians 6: 12-20Glorifying God in your bodies, for it belongs to Him anyway.Copyright 1/17/08 MLJ Recovery
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Hip Hop Spring Event

Dear Youth Advocates and Friends:
Many of you know me as the President of Young Men With A Purpose. I have launched another business under The Vernette Company called All Good Closet. I have three events each year: Book Bag Event, Winter Wardrobe Event, and Spring Hip Hop Event. The Spring Hip Hop Event will take place on Saturday, April 12th. Many of our young ladies cannot afford dresses for the prom. Many young men cannot afford money to rent a tuxedo. Please help our young people.
Kimberly V. Taylor, M.Ed.
President and Founder
All Good Closet
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Greetings My Sisters,

My name is Jim Neusom. I'm an online entrepreneur and freelance journalist. I publish a bi-monthly online journal "The City Lights Reporter" that focus on Afrocentric and multicultural issues, people and technology. You can review some of my past articles at

I hope the group accepts me as part of this esteemed community. I believe I can be a positive contributor to this online community in many areas but after you review this introduction, you can let me know where our skills can best serve the interests of Black Business Women Online at Ning networks.

I have interest and control of many companies. I suggest we start with InterServe Networks, Inc. for purposes of this overview. It generally functions as a holding company for our many interests. We are a community based, family owned African-American corporation. You can find out more detailed information about our personal background, including bio's at our website

InterServe Networks brings the following companies and alliances to the table;

InterServe Networks, Inc. publishes an online news journal (avg. 30,000 subscribers) that focuses on afrocentric and multicultural technology based, issues, people, and websites. We also are e-commerce software developers, webmasters, and Internet promoters. As online professionals we practice Responsible E-Commerce Marketing and Privacy Policies. We do not indulge in or encourage Spamming, but are experts in developing opt-in mailing list and online marketing techniques. (References and client URL's available on request)

Our stated corporate goal is to assist African Americans and people of color in the achievement of social and economic equality on the Net. We are national speakers, Christians and we donate our time to teach and encourage small, minority and women owned business to get involved in Internet technology.

As online promoters, we have organized and produced many international online events, including the Million Family March, Live Chat with the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. This historic live event was sponsored by 40 web portals (including AOL) and drew over 100,000 participants. We are credentialed writers and our opinions and insights can be found on many websites (,, and, online newsgroups and listserves (over 200), traditional community newspapers, and many international print publications as well (Festac Magazine, Lagos, Africa and Black Filmmaker Magazine in the UK). To review the full archive of stories, and posts I've submitted to the Black online Diaspora, simply join our Yahoogroup, "The City Lights Reporter" by following this link to Yahoo or you can run my byline "Jim Neusom" though any search engine (such as Google) to review the diversity of subjects I cover.

City Light Software, Inc. is the number one developer of Afrocentric and Multicultural software in the country. Our primary products are content driven screen savers. We represent icons of the entertainment, photography and art worlds;

Ray Charles, Red Foxx, George Clinton, All Stars of Jazz

African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and Native Americans

LaMonte McLemore's Tan & Lovely, and Howard Moorehead's Bronze Beauty's

Charles Bibbs, Albert Fennell, Larry "Poncho" Brown, and Calvin Massey

Hughes (now Boeing), US Post Office, and the MGM/Mirage Resorts & Casinos

City Lights fine line of screen savers are designed for Windows PC's and require a minimum of 4 MB of memory. They come on CDROM or 3.5" diskettes and are best viewed at a minimum configuration of 640x480 and the monitor display set at no less then 256 colors. Our products contain high quality graphics and many entertaining effects and features. City Lights provides a 100% money back guarantee and full technical support via phone, fax, and on the Internet.

We produce the only educational screen saver in the nation, designed specifically to promote and educate people on the contributions of minorities to this great country. It was developed for the K-12 school system. Every school has computers and every computer requires a screen saver, but what are the children looking at, Flying Windows, Star-field Simulations? Our screen savers present full color portraits and bio's of leaders like Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Jackie An, Red Cloud and more. Many educators have told us of the positive impact our screen savers have on the self image of children of color. This educational tool comes compete with a study guide to help teachers integrate the technology into their social studies program.

If you desire a sample of City Lights Software's quality products, please contact or e-mail us and we will download to you direct via e-mail our "Collectors Series" sampler screen saver. The Collectors Series features the artwork of such notable black artists as Albert Fennell, Charles Bibbs, Calvin Massey and Larry Poncho Brown.

Together with our team of web designers and programmers, we are a formidable force in the technology industry with proven track records, resources, and abilities. We see an opportunity to serve the needs of the online community by providing software and e-commerce applications, for the wireless/cellular, and Internet industry.

We thank you for this opportunity to present our family of companies to you and we look forward to developing a long and productive relationship with the members of Black Business Women

Peace and Gods Blessings,

Jim Neusom
Executive Director/Publisher
InterServe Networks/City Lights Software, Inc.
(213) 944-4176

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Hi my name is VILMA my husband and i own SPECTACULAR EVENTS phone 410-258-3931 located in Baltimore and PA. We have anything and everything you need to hold events of any kind from tenting to lighting and staging,fabrics and linens,table covers,chair covers,we set up and breakdown and will travel anywhere. We also offer cash for all referrals leading up to a signed contract give us a call. Let us make your event a SPECTACULAR one.
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YTB International Expansion:


We're On Our Way ...

Great news! Now that YTB International is expanding to the great country of Canada, Referring Travel Affiliates (RTAs) and Reps living in Canada may sell travel through YTB websites (RTA) and market online travel agencies (Rep) to people in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Bermuda and Canada. J. Kim Sorensen, President and CEO of YTB Travel Network, states, "We are pleased to take 'international' to a whole new level at YTB. We can now expand the reach of our team to cover all of North America! This means even better opportunities for our RTAs and Reps, and solidifies YTB's travel agency status." YTB International is now recognized as a bonded travel agency in Canada and will add three offices there.

YTB's executive and legal teams worked diligently with the Canadian regulatory bodies to
ensure that the Company meets or exceeds government standards. In addition, new RTAs
will be able to take advantage of the same extensive training available to U.S. based RTAs,
as YTB will be holding onsite training certifications in Canada.

Canada kick-off meetings will be held Vancouver, British Columbia on
Saturday, February 9, 2008 and in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday, February 16, 2008
to provide more information about YTB and its opportunities.

"This is a truly exciting time for RTAs and consumers buying travel through YTB Travel Network. Consumers continue to buy travel online in ever growing numbers and can take advantage of fantastic trips, including YTB's exclusive package for the Beijing Olympics,"
said Derek Avera, Vice President of International Business Development at YTB.
"The addition of Canada (and previously Bermuda and the Bahamas) represents the first
steps in YTB's international expansion plan. We look forward to adding even more
countries to the YTB International family over the next year."


Featured speakers at each Kick-Off Canada event will be:
Coach Lloyd Tomer,
Founder and Chairman of the Board YTBI;
Scott Tomer, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, YTBI;
Andy Cauthen, Chief Operating Officer, YTBI;
Derek Avera, VP of International Business Development,
Exciting door prizes will be given away at both meetings!

Please help us plan for these premier meetings by providing the
requested registration information to:
Please include: Your Name, Meeting Location you will attend,
Number of Guests who will attend

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Do you have a dream?

We stand in the shadows of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday and the many memorial services and celebrations that will take place throughout the country. However, in the midst of our remembrance of Dr. King’s legacy I wonder how many of us “still have a dream”. Moreover, I ponder the poignant question posed to each of us by the great poet Langston Hughes when he asked, “What happens to a dream deferred?”

Many would consider the current economic, social, and political benchmarks obtained by African- Americans as the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream. In fact many political pundits and social commentators would have African American believe that they can stop dreaming now because as a group they have arrived.

I beg to differ.

The foundation of Dr. King’s dream was based upon the social and political equality of African-Americans. I would advance the argument that the “new dream” that African American must confront is premised upon the foundation of economic empowerment and wealth accumulation. Today’s global economy does not respect individuals as much as it respects money. The Internet has allowed each of us the ability to conduct business transactions anywhere in the world with a few keystrokes. Moreover, the person on the other end of that transaction never has to know if you are Black, White, orange, or purple. The only thing that matters is that you have the economic power to make the deal happen.

I wouldn’t be so blind or ignorant as to suggest that race does not play a part in some business transactions. We need only look to Bill Cosby’s continued failed attempts to purchase a major television medium to see the forces of the “old boys club” at work. However, without economic power and capital you never even get invited to the house only to have the door slammed in your face.

Entrepreneurship and small-businesses are the foundation of the American economy. Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship is responsible for creating more millionaires in America than the lottery, lawsuits, or inheritances.

As we begin 2008 it is imperative that we revive, evaluate, and make measureable steps toward making our economic and entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

At Contract Specialist Group ( we often tell our clients that if they bring us their dreams and ideas we will help them create and operate professionally structured businesses.

Dr. King endured being jailed, beaten, spit upon, and killed for people of all races to be able to become entrepreneurs and business owners. The best way that you can honor Dr. King’s Dream is not to defer your own dream any longer. Start building economic power and wealth for yourself, your family, and your community today.

Now you have the rights. What are you going to do with them. Ponder that.


©2007 Contract Specialist Group™, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

For more information visit us at

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Thanks President Obama...

Thanks President Obama…

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama made one of the most significant statements that any of the candidates has made in regards to the economy during the Democratic Presidential Debates this week. The statement has particular relevance to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The relevant portion of the statement was that “Warren Buffett who earns approximately $46 Million per year pays a lower tax rate than his secretary/administrative assistant”. When I heard the statement I wondered how many of the millions of people watching the debate actually analyzed the importance of the statement beyond its initial shock value. Moreover, I pondered if any of the small business owners, entrepreneurs, and would-be business owners understood how they could operate their business in the economically efficient manner that Buffett has seemingly mastered.

The Jobs & Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 is the legislation and mechanism which allows Buffett to make a huge amount of his tax liability disappear. In brief, the JGTRRA limits the tax liability on corporate dividends to a flat rate of 15%. Contrast that with the 28% that Buffett’s secretary/administrative assistant is paying assuming that his/her salary is in the range of $77,000 to $160,000.

The application for you is simple. By operating as a Corporation you could choose to be paid in the form of dividends to lower your tax liability. Likewise, if you are operating as an LLC or LLP choosing an Entity Classification Election may be a step in the right direction to retaining more of your company’s profits.

Barack Obama is the self proclaimed “Agent of Change”. As small business owners and entrepreneurs it is essential in this current economic climate that we change our business practices and “do better business”. Doing better business means choosing and operating our businesses in the most efficient business entities.

It has been our experience at Contract Specialist Group that most of our clients who are business owners/entrepreneurs have chosen to operate as Sole Proprietors, Corporations, or LLCs without any true knowledge about the personal, business, and tax liabilities associated with each business entity.

We challenge each of you to “do better business” in 2008.

Change is necessary.

However, maybe proven experience guiding change is the winning combination. Ponder That.


©2007 Contract Specialist Group™, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

For more information visit us at

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Be Your Own Boss -- The Year of the Solopreneur

Now is the time to take your one-person show to the world...

You've been thinking about it for a while now. Yeah, I'm talking to you, the aspiring event planner. You too, would-be financial consultant. And that goes double for you public relations "wanna be." In fact this message is for anyone who has a dream of becoming their own boss while doing what they love. Now is the time to consider taking a shot at becoming a solopreneur, one of the fastest growing segments of the small business community. Better yet, shoot for becoming a world-renowned, international solopreneur.

I say become an international solopreneur because everything's in place for determined, driven, serious folks to compete on a global scale. Here is why 2008 will be "the year" for you.


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