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Why Building Relationships Shouuld Be Your Success

Let me prove this point with an illustration:Businessman A and Businessman B start their businesses at the same time.Year One: Both use advertising and cold market methods to generate leads and convert them to customers. "A" doesn't stay connected with his clients and build relationships with them."B" stays in regular contact with his clients with intention of keeping them for life. Each gets 80 clients their first year, 80 clients the second year, and 80 the third year. Both have 240 clients, but.........Because "B" has follow up and focused on relationship building, 20% of his new business is now by referral only, so he has less marketing cost while "A" needs to keep prospecting to find 80 more clients.After five years, both have 400 hundred clients, but "A" still has to hustle and spend big dollars on marketing and advertising to find 80 more new customers. " B" however, now has his 80 new customers totally by referral from his current customer base( 20% of 400)- with NO advertising or marketing costs. except the minimal investment in his follow-up system.And because "A" never followed up with his current clients, he has lost a number of them to the competition. "B" has solid relationship with his customers who feel appreciated and that "B" cares about them, so "B" has a steady stream of repeat and referral business for life!If you want to spend less money on advertising and marketing, having a successful relationship building strategy is critical to make sure you are giving the right attention to your prospects and customers, and personalized follow up system is The KEY!
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Living Your Vision

In 1996, when I became a mom for the second time, my dream of working from home truly began to manifest. As I would cradle and snuggle with my new little bundle, I envisioned those amazing moments of bonding, lasting forever. I knew that going back to work was no longer an option for me. I enjoyed the lazy afternoons of holding my son close and studying his facial features. I loved his newborn baby scent and the routines we had already established. For me, being a mom was a dream come true!Growing up I had always been a dreamer and I just knew one day I would have my own business and work from home. Giving birth to my second child nurtured my dream into existence along with my vision. I had found my purpose and knew I was now able to make my dream a reality. I was ready to start living my vision.In order for me to make it happen, the next step was for me to share my vision with the right people. I knew the right support would be imperative to my success and I was serious about being successful. It can be frustrating at times when we have these immeasurable dreams that we are so passionate about and can’t wait to share with those we love just to have that dream shot down by those loved ones who don’t share our same vision and lack our understanding. Do you have a positive support system and a team of personal cheer leaders in your corner?If you are ready to live your vision and work from home, now is the time! It must first start with your dream and the vision you have for your life. Most importantly, you must believe in yourself and not allow negative thinking, people or circumstance to stop you from fulfilling your dreams! You can and deserve to live a life of overflowing abundance. You have the ability to achieve success and be empowered! Be inspired and make your dreams come true.Thoughts to ponder:What is your passion?Do you have a dream and a vision?Have you written your goals down on paper?What steps are you taking to make your dreams a reality?Have you established your support system for encouragement?___________________________________________Tamyka Washington is a wife and work at home mom of five. She is a Direct Sales business owner and has been marketing online for 13 years. Visit her website: or
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Fight Fat With Faith!

There's an old quote that says, "Exercise daily, walk with God." As women in the business world, it's easy to forget to take care of your most important asset-- YOUR HEALTH. If you've been struggling to lose weight, I'm sure you've come to realize that you can't do it on your own.

My new eBook, Fight Fat With Faith: Biblical Strategies For Weight Loss-- gives you both practical and spiritual tips to losing the weight and keeping it off.

Here are three ways to start a successful weight loss journey:

Change how you think about your weight loss. Forget all of the times you've missed the mark. Start making better choices within the next 24 hours. There will be times when it's not easy, but remember-- you must forget those things that are behind and press toward the prize. As a woman is she.

Have realistic goals. You don't have to set out to lose 75 pounds in the beginning. Setting unrealistic goals, leaves you discouraged and demoralized when you don't reach them. Start with a goal of losing 5 to 10 percent of your current body weight. So if you weight 200 pounds-- set a goal to lose 10 or 20 pounds. Once you achieve this goal, it will be easier to lose more.

Let go of all excuses. We all have excuses for not eating right and not exercising. "I'm too busy to cook." "I can't afford a gym membership." "I don't have the energy to exercise." "It's my metabolism." These negative excuses keep us in a cycle of failure when it comes to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. If you need wisdom on how to fit fitness into your lifestyle, pray and ask God for guidance. In James he says, "If any of you lack wisdom...let her ask God, who gives [it] generously without finding fault." (NIV)

In addition to a lower quality of life, the risks of being overweight are many (heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and some cancers). Initially, commit to cultivating a healthy mindset and the lifestyle changes (eating habits and exercise) will come naturally.

To learn more, please visit:
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Birthday Bonus Inside...

Hey BBWO! Every day that we wake up is a great day, but this one is especially special to me because my son is 3 years old! I shouldn't be on the computer right now, because today is all about making him feel special BUT I wanted to do something special for you too. If you've been following me on BBWO you already know about my two new best-selling eBooks that I created for Coaches and MLM Reps, Avon Ladies, Body Magic Gals, basically women in network marketing. Today I've decided to share a coupon so you can get these eBooks for just 10 bucks (regular price 29$). Discount Code: E19OFF EBooks: How to Really Make Money Network Marketing and Selling MLM Products Online How to Really Make Money Coaching Online There are only 300 coupons available and the network is over 7,000 members now, so this is a time sensitive offer. Grab your eBooks here: Off to go check my cake! I'm not much of a baker (lol). LaShanda p.s. Did you review the current BBWO Pre-Holiday Goodies?
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Thank You!

Hello everyone here at black business women online!First I want to say thank you for posting your concerns and for those who reached there hand out to become my friend. I want to offer my hand in helping us grow as a family. I just got a spot on the radio that will be airing onDate / Time: 11/28/2009 7:00 PMCategory: FamilyCall-in Number: (917) 889-3738This is free to introduce yourself, business, meet others, and start traffic. I hope to see you there and prepared. And bring a friend!
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For every lady who has an interest growing and knowing.who want to progress, achieve, and share.You should definitely go to these dynamic women groups and join.You will grow on so many levelsThese ladies can without a doubt assist on your life journeyFrom Personal Development to Building a Financial EmpireThey have the know how, sources, and resources to benefit you, NOW!!!Go Right Now and Introduce yourself!!!MICHELLE ROBERTSclick here
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Your Business Commercial

30 Second Business CommercialHave a compelling response to the question "What do you do?" or "Tell me about you" Make it brief and interesting. If you only have 30 seconds, give them enough of an idea about what you do so that they seek you out to hear more lately. Even in a situation where you have more time, be brief but to the point and then allow them to ask questions. Their questions will give you an idea of their particular interest.Join Groups and NetworkJoin or create a leads exchange group. Find or create a group that has members with businesses aimed at a similar target market to yours. Job seekers find others looking in the same industries. If you join a group where everyone markets to consumers and you market to businesses, you probably won't be able to give or get many leads.Use every social occasion as a networking opportunity. Have your business cards ready if someone asks for one.Build Business RelationshipsForm strategic partnerships with others. If there are other businesses related to yours, seek them out and establish your own relationships. For example if you are a wedding planner you will want to form partnerships with florists, photographers, bands, DJs etc. Refer to your strategic partners and they in turn will refer to you. Job seekers find some partners who are at a higher level than you and who when they find jobs will help you find one in their new company. Of course you must plan to do the same for them.TestimonialsMake a list of testimonials from customers to use with potential customers or employers. Make these testimonials part of your brochure and/or website, and have as a separate document to put into proposals.Domain Name & LogoUse a domain name that tells what your business is i.e. When someone calls Bob they will probably ask him what he builds. The email address itself opens conversation.Create a unique style or logo that makes you memorable. Establish yourself or your logo as a brand so people remember you. Frank Purdue did it as a person. Coca Cola does it as a logo. You can do it too!How do you Market Your Business?
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Exemplary Success

What example have you set? What is your legacy? Will others who stand where you once stood be able to follow your path to success? The chronicle of you is more important than you could ever imagine. To give the gift of hope and inspiration to another is priceless. To empower another person to take control of their destiny is an investment in a better future for all of us. To do this we need to set an example for success. A ‘how to” guide of sorts is required. Although there is no set path for everyone, your example will help others recognize the opportunities and choices available to them.It is in the giving of options that true empowerment is found. If we keep our journey to ourselves we are unable to impress upon this world our legacy. It is our legacy that teaches. Exemplary successes are created with a consciousness for tomorrow. We must develop a collection of exemplary figures and a chronicle of their chosen paths to empower the next generation. Entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this community. If you are an entrepreneur or aspire to be one, how will you take record f your successes and experiences? Below are a few suggestions for how you can begin developing a legacy that will impact the world for generations to come.1. Write a book and maintain a hand written account of your plans, experiences and reflections.2. Speak to others about your dream. Tell as many people as you can and ask them to tell others.3. Find a mentor. By finding and making note of those who have come before you, you become a link in the chain of history.The things that we do are examples for everyone. Whether it is a failure or success, it is a teaching tool. More importantly it teaches a lesson that will elude many of us throughout our lifetime. It is the lesson that possibility resides in the seemingly impossible.Lyndsey Shaffer is the co- founder of the Onyx Six - Women of Color Business Network. Onyx Six is a business development network committed to creating a supportive and influential community of minority women entrepreneurs and professionals. Contact Lyndsey Shaffer by visiting

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MAN WITH THE GOLDEN WINGSbyVernon J. Davis Jr.It is Christmas Eveand the snow is fallingon a lonely little housein the countryside.Come..., let us go inside and listen.In this house, a little girl lies asleepin her bed.But sleep she doesn't stay, for she'sawaken by a bright light instead.The light comes through her bedroomwindow with warming colors.And when she looks out her window,she sees a man with wings on his back.Golden Wings at that."Mama! Mama! Come look,come see!"The little girl runs out her room as she cries."I just saw a man with Golden Wings outside.He's tall and handsome, with a great big smile.And his arms are full of nice shiny things.Mama, who do you think this man is withGolden Wings?"Slowly her mother looks up from her rocking chair.She is still young with fair eyes,but now has greyhair."Hush girl," She barely speaks in a soft whisper."Don't come runnin in here tellin me noboldface lies.Your mama ain't feeling well, and there ain'tno man with Golden Wings outside.I'se know you'se excited cause Christmasis coming.But, ain't no lying gonna make dawn comea runnin.""But, but mama, I ain't lyin! I did see this manoutside.He, he, had a halo on his head too, to go withhis big smile.His Wings moved slowly to keep the snowoff them,and he wanted to say something to me.But, I ran in here so I could get you to seethis man with Golden Wings.""Honey,...listen, your eyes can play tricks on you.And the snow can make you see things too.I remember when I was excited for Christmasat your age.I saw a giant lion with a great big white beard.Hmp, it was nothing but a dream, but, I surewas scared."The little girl hangs her head and quietly says"Mama, I'm sorry.""Baby, that's all right.""But, listen child, I know we haven'thad much in our way of living.And hardly anyone,nowadays, has beenin the Spirit for giving.But you know I'se tried to make things rightfor both of us, since your daddy died.So, for your daddy, we both have to survive.""Tell me more about daddy, what was he like?""Your daddy was a God-fearing man, who diedbefore you was born.And he died seven years ago on Christmas morn.He was on his way home with presents in his arms,when he was lost in the snow.And he never knew he would have a daughter,He never knew he would be a father.""Was he a nice man?""Of course he was.""But enough of this, go on back to bedand get some rest.And when you get up, I'll have you a goodhot breakfast."The little girl gives her mother a hug and whispers"Merry Christmas Mama" and slowly turnsaway."Merry Christmas to you too, sweetheart,"her mother replies while watching her daugther'ssilent strollas she suddenly feels the overwhelmingemptiness of her own lonely soul.Quietly she rises from her rocking chair,walking to her own room with much pain to bear.She climbs into bed, wiping away her tears,and glancing out her window, she feels a slightfear.And when sleep descends on her eyelids, sheasks GOD, "Does anyone really care?"*********************"Mama! Mama! Wake-up, Wake-up! he really washere!"The little girl's voice rings in her mother's ear."Come look, come look, come see for yourself,"she says while pulling and dragging her mother outof bedto see what Christmas day had bred.By the bedroom window laid many pretty giftsnestled comfortably in a glittering snow drift.Toys and clothes all neatly arrayedplaced carefully with Love and Harmonyby the Man with the Golden Wings.But the most surprising gift of allthat the mother only saw...was her husband's wedding ring.She slowly bends down and picks it upwhile her daughter asks"Mama, was He an Angel?""Yes Dear," her Mother replies."And much more. He was your Daddy,come home."It is Christmas Dayand the snow has stopped falling.And the lonely little housein the countryside,for today,isn't so lonely.Vernon J. Davis Jr. (c)copyright 1977, 2001 & 2006.From my upcoming book--"THE EMOSEWA WOMAN"Read more at
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If you want to experience MASSIVE BUSINESS GROWTH in your Life Coaching or Speaking Business? You MUST attend this ACCELERATED 1 Day Training!You will learn:How to rapidly fill you coaching practiceHow to make over $100 an hourHow to attract PAYING clientsHow to overcome self-doubt and become a money making machineHow to position yourself as " The Expert"How to speak with confidence and boldnessHow to create a marketing plan for your business.My life coaching business has been booming, EVEN in this economy! People are looking for answers and YOU just may be able to help them to get there life of business in order.I PROMISE, even if you apply just a few of the tips I share to BOOST your coaching business, you will be out of that job you hate, out of debt, making money, helping others and having fun within weeks ( or days for you highly motivated and ambitious ones)Here's your chance to learn my SPECIFIC coaching, marketing and selling strategies to kick up your business to the 6 figure and beyond mark! But you MUST ACT FAST, because once this program is fills up, It's closed! I have a database of over 50k that will read act fast! Can't make it to ATL? That's ok register NOW for the 2 night teleconference! I'm ONLY accepting 30 people for the teleconference! Call in from ANY PHONE... ANYWHERE! Oh wait... did I mention that you will receive Samples of what you need to launch your career as a life coach and a speaker? Including: Sample contracts, questionnaires, sample exercises etc... Your are learning how to start TWO business! You won't find this info anywhere else... REGISTER TODAY http://becomealifecoach.eventbrite.comWAIT...IT GETS BETTER!Is cash tight this holiday season? Promote my upcoming event and earn $20 for EVERY person that registers! This INCLUDES the 2 night teleconference Dec 7th and 8th! As an EXTRA bonus, the person that has the MOST referrals will get to attend either the LIVE in person event or the LIVE 2 day Teleconference FREE.Market... to your FB, Twitter, Ning, Linkdin, Digg etc... network! You can even save the picture from the ad, attach your affiliate link and send the ad out in an eblast. This is EASY! Join and get on the road to making holiday cash today!
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Sleeping Giant

Dedicated to my dear Sistah, Chanisha...As I have the opportunity to interact with a lot of women, one consistent theme seems to always come up in the conversations. I’ve met women who are gifted and beautiful and talented and feel they have a higher purpose or call, but they have not moved out on that calling. They are stuck in dead-end relationships, dead-end jobs and dead-end situations, but are clueless as to how to get from where they are to where they think they should be.Here are my thoughts: You will NEVER be comfortable or satisfied until you go HARD after your purpose. Yeah, you may have a pretty cool job, but you may feel that it stifles your creativity. Yeah, you may have a pretty cool marriage, but feel that your relationship could go up a few notches. Yeah, you may have the “appearances” of a good life, but you have this internal struggle that’s telling you there is more. I call that internal conflict a Sleeping Giant and that Sleeping Giant in you is begging to be let out. She wants to help you take the world by storm, but you keep her locked away in a nice, neat compartment where she’s safe. Maybe you’re afraid of what others might think, or maybe you’re concerned that you don’t have the training or the finances to carry out your venture. One thing I know for sure is that, although you may have some perceived shortcomings, sitting on your gift & not sharing it is far worse than launching out & trying it. Sure you will have some missteps & make some mistakes. Sure you will have your own personal ‘Hater Board’ that will criticize and judge everything you’re attempting to do. But, so what? Do you want to continue to live a life of mediocrity, discontent, and unfulfillment? Or do you want to live an extraordinary life filled with fulfillment, grace & peace? You decide. All I can tell you is that the world is waiting for the manifestation of your gift.Okay, so nap time is over! Go on and wake that Sleeping Giant up. We’re waiting on you…
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Do you own a home-base business? Let’s be honest – many of us who own home-base businesses are focus on marketing and profits. If we don’t get customers, we are headed for failure. In the December 2009 issue of Home Business, there is an article that talks about the Six Sigma.Like many of you – my first question was what is the Six Sigma? Six Sigma process is used to identify issues and opportunities within your business. Each step is used to ensure that your business obtains the best results. It’s a progression from start to finish.This process is used by such companies as Motorola, Home Depot and Toyota to name a few. This is a five step process in which is known as DMAIC.Define: We must define our customers, their issues and core processes which involves these issues. Also project boundaries including mapping the flow of the process, stop of the process must be defined.Measure: We must measure the performance of the core of our business process. This involves the collections of data to determine defects and metrics in the processes. Once this data is collected it is compared to customer surveys to determine shortfalls.Analyze: The data collected and the processed used to identify gaps between current performance and ideal performance. This involves prioritizations of issues and opportunities for improvement and reasons for observed variations.Improve: This process will target the development of innovative solutions using technology and discipline to correct identifies issues to prevent problems.Control: Involves the improvements by developing, documenting and implementing and ongoing plan to monitor changes and prevent employees from regressing back to their old ways of conducting themselves.To find out more about Six Sigma process, pick your issue today and change the way you do business.
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