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Declutter your life and get rid of the clutter that keeps you frantically busy but that gets you absolutely nowhere.

We all have mountains of clutter around. This could be physical clutter that means that every time we are looking for something it takes twice the time to find. It could be tasks that we have taken on ourselves such as doing all the housework while our partner watches TV that easily eliminate our free time.

Or it could just be too many repetitive activities such as scanning our email several times a day instead of once a day, or finding a quicker route to work, or using an easier shop close by for the daily grocery requirements. All it needs is a closer look at what you fill your day with and with some clever planning you could free substantial time for all sorts of great achievements.

Review everything you do in a regular day whether this needs doing or whether it can be dumped to the trash can of bad habits. You will be surprised how much time you spend on aimless tasks that add no value to your life.

Just by doing this one thing alone by canceling some of the time spent in front of the TV could help you find the time needed to achieve a wonderful goal such as learning how to have financial freedom in your life.

Smart goals is a great way to stay motivated throughout the year and being organized is not a personality trait. It's a skill anybody can learn.

Three Rules of Work:

Out of clutter find simplicity;
From discord find harmony;
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

By: Albert Einstein


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The Dichotomy Of Truth!!

If Dichotomy is the Division of two usually contradictory parts or opinions how can both be truth?can there be a set of opposing opinions and both be true?.While we know that there is only one absolute truth there is also a realitive truth based upon relative reality.Einstein in explaining his theroy of relativity used this analogy"If a Man is sitting in the hot sun on a park bench talking to a beautiful woman, a hour seems only like minutes,when a hand is on a hot stove a few minutes seem like hours.

While there exist the absolute truth of a matter,indiviual perception becomes a perceived reality.The point Im making is that we all see illusions in our every day life and they dont stop us from getting through the days that make up our life,,But at time s those who choose to endorse their realities upon others create divisions in the unified field of life the great web as Dr Martin luther King explain,We are caught in a great network of mutuality!!

We are connected with every living thing on this planet and are all part of a vast Universe,this is absolute truth based upon scienctifict research in the field called Quatum physics.

The docutrine or teaching of race have long been dismissed as a realtive truth,or a truth only to those who believe it.Ultimately it is a absolute Lie,there is no such thing as race it exist as a optical ilussion based upon years of erroneous teaching.While I make that statement I can go out side of my home and based upon a illusion be perceived as thousands of illusions.Like hey,do you play sports?,do you hate me because I look different from you?,will you harm me?Etc,etc

This is the realtive reality that exist in individual minds,and this inspires the duality of mind,We see our selve one way yet are faced with the corresponding opinion of how others see us.

Fredrick Douglas spoke of this Duality,he spoke about the first time he felt like a whole person was when he visited Ireland and described his experience as

a total absence of all manifestations

of prejudice against him, on account of color.” As he traveled the

country, he wrote that no matter where he went there was not “the slightest

manifestation of that hateful and vulgar feeling against me”(that he experienced in the United States) . He

also had no problems finding churches that would admit black worshipers.And

within his first days in Ireland, he toured the city of Dublin without incident

and had dinner with the mayor. In the letter to Garrison reprinted in My

Bondage and My Freedom, he wrote, “No delicate nose grows deformed in my

presence” The people of Ireland, he said “measure and esteem men according

to their moral and intellectual worth, and not according to the color of

their skin” He also told Garrison that in Ireland he was “not treated as

a color, but as a man—not as a thing, but as a child of the common Father of

us all” Douglas echos the sentiment of all men and woman,who relish the emotions of true freedom and feel comfortable and whole being seen as their true self.This is the absolute truth this inspired the absolute love that is God and the source from which we were made and this is the direction that we are being called.

The catalyst that draws us closer Is Gods laws of the universe ,this force is calling us together. all the real flesh and blood men, women and children who sincerely and with purity, love the Earth, nature, MAN, life and the supreme creator of love. The creation of love (real life force energy) by these real lovers of life pulling together to heal all the damage being done by the men, women and children who rebelled and continue to rebel against Love. Any man, woman or child creating and supporting harm regardless of circumstance, location or distance, are revealing themselves as being separated from love. the source of all separation from love we are working together and the wounds will heal no different from a cut that is mended as the skin comes together to seal the separation.

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Start LATE finish RICH!

200 million people will join a home based business of some kind in the next few years. Driving traffic and delivering timely automated information to your prospects is essential to your future success. Come find out how starting late does not mean you can't finish rich @ my business Center. A wealth of Business Information.

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What can you achieve in 3o minutes? Breakthrough!

Participants will receive two montly group calls with an average of 30 minutes each.
An excellent choice for today's busy woman

You'll experience breakthrough in the following areas
Personal and Spiritual Empowerment
This is foundational for this program. Many times we sabotage our success because
we have so much emotional baggage, the wrong mindsets, limiting beliefs, disempowering
habits and more. This is what I call the housecleaning component.
Although it's important to focus some on the external it is even more critical to pay
very close attention and develop the internal which will empower your external activities.
You'll want to watch for my special unannoucned bonus assessment.
You'll also experience the power of celebrating the positives! Take inventory of your wins,
block buster achievements, etc. It's easy to focus on what we haven't
accomplished and the negatives of life you will breakthrough to new
horizons as your celebrate the positives by taking inventory of your
You will utilize a very powerful tool to help you hold your focus,
assessments to assist you in creating life balance and get clear on
what success means to you.
Get clear on your goals and learn ways to leverage your time.
Each participant will be encouraged to keep a gratitude and prayer journal. Value over $697
Business Empowerment
You'll start with a business assessment
Who are you? You'll learn more about branding yourself and business
Get clear on your vision - You will be guided into the very powerful activity
of developing your vision board
Learn more about who you serve - There is a unique audience that you have a message for.
The more clarity you have on this the easier it will be for your client/customer/prospect to identify you.
Introduction to creating your own information products (eBook, ecourse, Teleseminar)
Watch for your bi-weekly power point emails with business enhancing information
on article marketing, blogging and more! Value over $597
The Grand Finale red carpet event
You will put it all together. This is where the rubber meets the road.
The new empowered you will arise as a savvy woman who is clear on your
uniqueness, core values and confident. You will shine forth with brilliance "no apologies!"
You should be armed with a blog, twitter and/or facebook account for visibility,
clarity of your vision,goals and action steps and a sharper focus and aim.
We will celebrate you. Your achievements, new business, new life as a result of
experiencing breakthrough!
You will declare your intentions for the quarter following this experience.
You will receive a charge to live a big, bold, beautiful and delicious life!
Priceless Minimal value of over $497

Visit the Breakthrough enrollment page and secure your seat while there's still space.
You won't believe the incredible price for this phenomenal program
Go there now
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To all the Business Owners and Entrepreneurs I want to share this live audio with you.
Listen to Author, Speaker and Business Success Coach Ron Mueller-Home Business Tax Expert on "Why Everyone needs a Home Business as a back up plan". Why having your own Home Business provides the most TAX SAVINGS and PROTECTION "Bar-None"-It's a "No Brainer" the call will begin shortly after the introducing of everyone coming on the line.
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FitTip of the Week

Take breaks at work.

Your mind can push your body in such a way so that it’s easy to ignore the signals it gives. Take a break every couple of hours and do some simple stretches and breathe deeply.

- For 99 more ways to get healthy, subscribe to OBS' FitBlog and receive the E-book, "100 Ways to Lose Weight AND Live a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle."
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Maureen Daniels PRESENTS!!!

An informational presentation about a blogging network, the only one of its kind, that will get you and your business indexed quickly on the internet and provide you with great exposure to thousands of people on the internet. Come & join us as we share the benefits and show you how you can make money too.

See event details here ( ). You can also read the information to the right and watch the videos about this revolutionary blogging service and network. Join Us on this network and let us give you the resources to blog effectively.

Visit my blog and see one of the many blogs in action at

Thank you & I hope to see you at the presentation & if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here or at this email address


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In March, there will be another conference. This time we are reserving presentations for:

Bloggers, Reviewers, PR's, Marketers, Virtual Assistants, Virtual Blog Tour Hosts or any service that helps promote a writer/author/business owner.

I know there are a lot of members here that offer this service so get ready!! We would love to have you at our conference. This conference is just like the Publisher's Conference. It gives you the opportunity to present your company and find new clients. It will be a 3 day event at the end of March and those that provide a particular service will be able to participate as well as those that are looking for this service!

More details here. Sign up today to reserve your spot:
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You must see this site - It's Awesome and it's helping everybody in MLM or who does any online meetings. For the price you pay, you get somuch more. Let's help us help ourselves to better do what we do.

Scroll down to the middle of the page and take a look at the various tools, especially the GVO Conference.

Call me for more info or get the trial for $1 or do like I did and get the tools immediately.

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Why We Need to Heal

I was recently asked why people of African heritage need to heal.

Why do we need to heal and transform ourselves, our families, our communitiesand our world?

I thought the answer was obvious, but if it's not, here are some of the many,many reasons why we need to heal.

Physical health problems, mental health problems, the miseducation of ourchildren and much more.

My work is all about the healing.

Click here for Parts 1 and 2 of this series
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Start Your Own Stationery Business Today!

Joi Paper Stationery & Gifts

Do you enjoy planning parties, writing, or graphic design?
Would you like the opportunity to:

· Own and operate a business using your creativity?
· Build a part time or full time business that is truly rewarding?
· Choose the people you work with?
· Be recognized and rewarded for your efforts?

Discover an opportunity to integrate your story and your style into a successful niche market business with Joi Paper. Joi Paper is a new company that is in the pre-launch phase and will host its official launch in April 2010!
Joi Paper is a niche market, direct selling organization which provides invitations, stationery, gifts, and business opportunities. Our company promotes, honors, and communicates milestones and events that are common to all and unique to the ethnic market. Our mission is to provide our clients with quality products and give them options which will allow them to express themselves and their lives through paper. We also provide our business partners with the tools and resources to operate their own flexible business as a Stationery Consultant.

Stationery Consultants have an opportunity to share their stories while marketing products that promote a positive self image and tell a fantastic story of heritage, joy, optimism, and innovativeness.
We will provide consultants with an opportunity to earn an income through selling at:

· Paper Socials™
· Online store
· Fundraisers
· Trunk Shows
· Expos, Conferences, Craft Fairs

Join us at the ground floor as we aim to be the ultimate provider of stationery and gift products for every occasion. Sign up today to become a Joi Paper Stationery Consultant at [LINK:]
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Need An Assistant?

We offer professional and quality administrative services for businesses, organizations and individuals. We assist you with your workload burdens, providing you with more time to concentrate on growing your business. All this is done virtually from our office, so you don't have to worry about equipment, paying vacations or holiday pay, nor medical insurance. Our services include typing, internet research, appointment scheduling, reminders, and many other services. Take a look at our website to learn more at:

Thanks for your time,


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