RHONDA "The INNERgizer" Keeps on Going!!

Fort Wayne, IN (ChristianPRgroup) -First Oprah, then T.D. Jakes, Les Brown and now there is RHONDA, The "INNERgizer"! Rhonda White has done it again and continues to deliver a life-changing message to all. Her Passion for Life is evident in all she does, including daring to do what no one has ever done - to Publish and Release 4 Books, and 3 CDs at the same time and an Incredible Website Business (that will become bigger than Google). Click her to order. Rhonda's approach to what plagues society today starts with working on the primary culprit in holding us back; ourselves! By working on the "INNER", she empowers people to tap into a source of strength, power, creativity, motivation and energy to ENERgize and INNERgize them toward success! Her famous National Conference titled, "Soaring Relation-SHIPS: Are You Relat-ing on the SHIP You're on?", has greatly empowered many Singles across the United States to stop connecting with the wrong person, for the wrong reasons at the wrong time; and has refueled Married Couples begin to treat each other as Gifts from God and have a Mighty Marriage Full of Life! From engagements at Purdue University in Lafayette, IN, Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA, The Potter's House in Dallas TX, to the Indiana State Housing Authority Convention in Fort Wayne, IN and to her weekly Television talk show "Soaring Eagles with Rhonda White"; Rhonda is determined to make a difference in any medium. She is committed to spreading the words of hope and encouragement to all. In February 22, 2007 Rhonda began reaching out to Family Readiness Groups of deployed Soldiers during a Military Tour. Her theme was, "Create while you Wait for your Mate" to Military Spouses at Fort Stewart in Hinesville, Georgia. Back Ground Rhonda "The INNERgizer" is a native of Fort Wayne and is an Aspiring Best-selling Author! She is the TV Show Host of "Soaring EAGLES with Rhonda White," a nationally-acclaimed Evangelist, Speaker, Author, Columnist, CNHP and Master Catapult; who loves to help others UNCOVER, DISCOVER and LAUNCH their Giant of Potential within! The INNERgizing Message she delivers all over the world is:"YOU are an Eagle, so Stop Crying and Start Flying. Stop Complaining and Start Aiming, for this is the Best Day of your Life! The Sky is NOT the limit for You because You are Unlimited! Visit: www.RhondaWhite.com and www.MySpace.com/RhondaSPEAKS Contact For event bookings, television, radio, newspaper, or magazine interviews call Jessica White (901) 573-4801 or (770) 620-4732

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  • all-ways reach for the stars...their glitter will rub off on you...helping to sprinkle the dust of life with sparkles..
    much joy....elle
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