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  • LaShanda Henry

    What's Your Business?Urban Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design
  • Ning Test

    Birthday:December 10 What's Your Business?test
  • Dorlisa L. Walker

    Birthday:November 17 What's Your Business?Electrolysis and Real Estate
  • Shantis La'Chon Cosmetics

    Birthday:April 3 What's Your Business?Shantis La'Chon Cosmetics
  • Tsahi N Alexander

    Birthday:May 11 What's Your Business?Myrecipe4life: Love, Peace and Soulfood
  • Katherine Dunn

    Birthday:December 31 What's Your Business?Kat The Course Builder
  • Dianne C Lemon

    Birthday:November 10 What's Your Business?ENVOI LifeStyle - LifeStyle brand offering Image & Interior styling. Launching our first design project - The WHITTE Shirt Society.
  • Kyla Federowicz

    Birthday:May 27 What's Your Business?The Urban Elite Awards
  • Amber Aziza

    Birthday:July 21 What's Your Business?ASquared Coach
  • Jamara Wilson

    Birthday:December 8 What's Your Business?Tuxedo Impressions LLC™
  • Kasoyna Campbell

    Birthday:April 6 What's Your Business?Multilevel Marketing and Direct Sales
  • Angelina Madison

    Birthday:July 3 What's Your Business?Children's books and toys
  • Claudette Gunter

    Birthday:October 1 What's Your Business?The Kingdom of God Flag Company
  • Keisha Lewis

    Birthday:December 2 What's Your Business?KeishaRocks!
  • Charvella J. Campbell

    Birthday:June 1 What's Your Business?Campbell Editing & Proofing Services, LLC
  • Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis

    What's Your Business?The Living Source (Personal Development & Wellness)
  • Gail Weston Shazor

    Birthday:February 5 What's Your Business?author, jewelry designer, charter boat
  • Trice Hickman

    Birthday:January 30 What's Your Business?Author, speaker, literary coach