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By Germany Kent


Smart, sophisticated, and a classic example of stepping out on faith has become the hallmark of Dr. Angela Butts Chester.  Dr. Chester has been a major player in the faith-based world, and, in just a few years, Chester has forged her own highly regarded brand that includes radio, television, a thriving private practice, her ministry, headlining conferences, and special appearances at local and national events.

Though not yet a household name, Chester is a known authority on Christian empowerment and a Top 10 Spiritual Thought Leader on Health and Wellness, according to Thinkers360. Chester empowers the community by hosting Daily Spark With Dr. Angela on faith talk radio, Daily Spark TV on inspirational TV, Modern Living With Dr. Angela podcast, and Hello Monday With Dr. Angela podcast. Her programs air in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, and Upstate New York, to name a few.

A native Virginian, Chester currently serves on the advisory board of the National InterFaith Council and is a member of the International Society for Mental Health. She is also a published author and counselor with New Life Pastoral Counseling.  Chester is the granddaughter of the late Atty. Williams Davis Butts who was referenced in the novel Hidden Figures. Her grandfather practiced civil law in Newport News.

Not allowing any grass to grow under her feet, Chester stays busy changing her city, with a wide reach and goals to add her unique spark to the world.  The trailblazer and trendsetter took time out of her busy schedule to speak with veteran journalist Germany Kent about the love she has for the work that she does in Virginia, and beyond.

Chester uses her voice to empower women.  “As a speaker, I like to give actionable steps that cause positive change within days on the given topic. In a counseling or coaching session, many times it’s a mindset or learned behavior that needs to be addressed.  Getting someone past limiting beliefs can free them to see a different perspective,” Chester said. “By bringing guests on both radio and TV, we talk about topics that will spark the listener, causing them to positively move.”

When asked how do you live a purposeful life, Chester replied “With intention, dedication, mindfulness, and a willingness to do and learn.”

You would think with her boundless energy, talent and good looks that men would be throwing themselves at her 24/7.  But Chester is not tuned in to distractions, but is more concerned with what God says about her, and her commitment to making a difference.  There is an assignment and a calling on her life and she knows it.

These days, Chester is too focused on the good things on the way and staying in faith believing that God is about to do a mighty work.  “This year the goal is to reach 500 radio episodes and conclude Season 10 of TV on a positive note.  I’m always creating and looking for ways to bring more to my audience.  So, over the next 5 years, I’d like to get back to in-person TV interviews, have community giveaways for Thanksgiving and Christmas in a listening area, and host at least 2 conferences a year,” Chester said.

It has been a slow building process, but a very consistent process for Chester who said the best thing about her work is seeing people grow into the person they’ve always wanted to be.  Chester said it’s reassuring “When people step out of restrictive mindsets, and limiting beliefs, into the amazing person they’ve been purposed to be.

“As a pastoral counselor, an empowerment coach, and as a speaker especially, many times you can see the person putting the pieces together, the gear moving, when they are having that aha moment,” Chester said in reference to the impact her work has had on others.

The executive TV and radio host has been a leader in community affairs and been responsible for programs and initiatives that bridge gaps between the faith-based community and the mental health community.  For Chester, her passion is to develop and foster relationships with various clients and assist in strategic and development planning.

Chester is constantly sowing seeds and has more in store for this season.  “I will be releasing three bible study packages over the next year that help women at various life stages. I work with Millennial and Gen X women. I will also continue to do some free events and talks.  I think it is important to get paid for your services, but equally so, to give back to your community as often as you can.”

The pastoral counselor is passionate about helping others, and some of it stems from challenges and setbacks in life that she has had to endure.  Adversity builds character, and Chester knows all about it.  “My biggest adversity was dealing with Breast Cancer.  Dealing with cancer and then having to restart my practice really taught me to be patient with myself and others, and how to see my vision from a different point of view.”

Chester said her creative energy keeps her going.  “I want to help 10k women Pivot for Purpose. I’d like to partner with the right folks for radio and TV as sponsors, and I am also open to the awesome things that God has in store but hasn’t shared with me yet,” said Chester.

Turning to faith is common for Chester as she focuses on the mind, body and spirit.  She tries to stay in faith and make room to allow God to work in her life.  “Prayer, meditation, and discernment.  Spending personal time with God enables me to know more than I would know or understand on my own.  I am so thankful for every moment that prompted me to pause, stop, or go now,” Chester said.

Chester credits three women in particular who have been most impactful in her life.  “My Mother, Godmother, and my paternal Aunt have molded me into the woman I am today.”  Chester said, “I speak on women’s empowerment because I learned early that empowered women empower women.”  Still the powerful leader said, “I’d be remiss if I didn’t include my father in that list.  My determination, advocate’s heart, and confidence in part comes from him,” the proud daughter confessed.

When asked if there were others who had inspired her work, Chester mentioned other trailblazers, who happen to be household names.  “Celebrities would include Cathy Hughes, Tracey Edmonds, and Dr. Maya Angelou, who never allowed someone else’s ‘no’ to keep them from their ‘yes’, and each woman had a different journey but equally one of success. Their class, grace, and determination really speaks to my heart,” Chester pointed out.

Chester commands attention and has made it her mission to try to find a way in today’s world for the church and to be actively engaged in that ministry, stirring up faith among others.  She said that she recognizes the favor on her life.  “Those out of the blue moments might be that for others, but I understand it to be exactly what it is – prayers answered,” said Chester.

When asked how others can unleash their destiny within, Chester said they should walk in purpose.  “Take a good look at themselves and figure out what ignites their passion in life.  Many times, people are doing what someone else has suggested as a career when they were called for something else.  Ask yourself, who do you want to help in life?  What are you willing to sacrifice your time and energy for?  I help people tackle this question and other issues during Pivot for Purpose,” the multihyphenate Chester said.

Chester has found strength in God knowing that her steps are being ordered.  Chester said the encouragement of her pastor Dr. Brian Blount – currently the President of Union Presbyterian Seminary – motivated her early on in life.  He spoke over her and she stands by his prediction.  “Many Pastors told my parents over the years I had a pulpit presence and to allow me to pursue that anointing.  During that same year, when I was 16, I had a conversation with my pastor Dr. Blount, and he informed me that Pastoral Counseling was the field for me.  He was correct.  I love it,” Chester said proudly.

“My life’s motto is the tagline for my radio and TV show – Enlighten, Inspire and Empower.  So, every day I am reminded of my purpose, the why of my life.  I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Those looking to connect with Chester can do so at her upcoming Pivot for Purpose webinar June 3-5. Chester will also be serving as a guest minister at Friendship Cathedral Church in Suffolk, VA on June 26. And, on September 21, she will be hosting a Falling in Love with God seminar.

For more information on Dr. Angela Chester, visit her website at

Original Post found on the LA Post Examiner by Germany Kent

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It's All About the Heart

It's All About the Heart

Smokey Robinson sang, “Take it one heartbeat at a time.  Close your eyes and let your soul unwind.”  Michel’le sang, “Something in my heart, something in my heart it’s got me hooked on you.”  Al Green asked, “How do you mend a broken heart?”  Stevie Wonder said, “Show her your love with a dozen roses.  Make sure that she knows it with a flower from your heart”.  The Emotions sang, “You’re the one with the key to my heart”, and in the movie "Love Never Was the Issue- Episode Three: The Heart of the Matter", Ty Causey sings, "Is there a place in your heart to let me love again?"  All of these songs are about the heart, and "Love Never Was the Issue- Episode Three: The Heart of the Matter" is about the heart, too.  It is a love story about healing the Physical Heart, the Emotional Heart, and the Spiritual Heart.  It’s All about the Heart!

Love Never Was the Issue- Episode Three: The Heart of the Matter

streaming at

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Honoring Mom Doesn't End on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the day we celebrate the Heart and Soul of the family.  But how healthy is Mom’s Heart?  Heart disease impacts women more than any other disease.  That means Mom needs to make sure her heart stays healthy. 

Love Never Was the Issue- Episode Three: The Heart of the Matter is the story about Olivia Wilson and Sanders Wilson, a divorced couple who reunite after Olivia is stricken with a heart attack and Sanders volunteers to be her caregiver.  As the movie chronicles how Olivia and Sanders navigate the challenges in their new relationship, an abundance of important information about the causes of heart disease, how to prevent heart disease, and insight into rehabilitation from heart disease is woven throughout the story.  The movie serves as a unique and powerful platform for women’s heart health that educates, enlightens, and inspires.  It is a love story that promotes the healing of the Physical Heart, the Emotional Heart, and the Spiritual Heart.

Streaming On Demand at:



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More women are seeking getaways with a purpose. The traditional girls’ trip to Vegas to drink, party, and return home to relax is no more. There is a travel group to fit many types of travelers, the partier, wine taster, explorer, voluntour, ancestor seeker, fitness, spiritual or singles retreat or a combination of all the above.


 This group of California sisterfriends travel throughout the year and for many years with Sisters and Friends Getaway.

Great news, the growing trend to travel with like-minded strangers is especially exciting to African American women. They are connecting with others outside their network and making annual plans to ‘getaway’ from home and travel. Many excursions target those who seek an adventurous group with a theme that matches their interest.

  “Come alone or with a friend,” is the message Connie Portis uses in her outreach to black women seeking a safe getaway experience and want to travel with her annual Sisters and Friends Getaway. In addition, her message is inclusive inviting women at “all stages and all ages” to join in. The Sisters and Friends Getaway tagline “sisters and friends make life more fun,” promotes the proven stress-relieving, rejuvenating impact on mental health when women share the highs and lows of life with each other.

Now in its 15th year, the October 2020 Sisters and Friends Getaway is a five-day all-inclusive jaunt to Barbados. The followers have grown to an expected 150 women this year from the US and the Caribbean. About one-third have attended a previous Sisters and Friends Getaway. From eight “sisterfriends” in Palm Desert to 13 the first year in Martha’s Vineyard to 150 in 2018, and 105 in Negril Tree House in 2019. This eclectic group from California to Texas, to Massachusetts, and Alaska started as a snowball is now an avalanche!

Whether women are traveling solo or with a group, making the right plans can be beneficial and lead to an annual ritual to leave the home-front and explore places and spaces to re-charge their lives.

Connect with Sisters & Friends for the Barbados Getaway.

By Connie Portis is the founder and host of Sisters & Friends Getaway.

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Work At Home Moms Options

10744113061?profile=originalWork At Home Moms for Dummies

Read on to learn how you are able to begin working at home. You can also work at home. An increasing number of folks are working at home, because of remote technology. When you work at home, the work-home balance can get difficult to accomplish. With the dramatic changes in the employment landscape in late decades, more individuals want to work at home and find freelance work. With the correct abilities, you might be working at home in 2017. Starting and running an on-line home based business is quite a bit easier and more affordable than the equivalent offline company, but although the cost might be minimal in comparison to its offline equivalent, a prosperous home based business will nonetheless need you to have good work ethics, dedication and education.

Who Else Wants to Learn About Work At Home Moms?

If at all possible, have one or the two of your kids help you make a decision as to what to put. You have children to raise and require a flexible schedule. Your children will go through several things that may make sticking to your routines nearly not possible. Thus, don't permit the kids disrupt your work. Despite the fact that you might have been taking care of the kids the entire day, it doesn't indicate your responsibilities stop whenever your spouse walks in. If you have children that are not yet in school and you will need to manage a home-based business, it's wise to determine a trustworthy childcare center to have the ability to honor your job commitments and work toward your own personal development.

If you're a mom who's seeking to work and still raise your kids, working at house is the thing to do. It's simple to comprehend why moms would want to work at home.

The Work At Home Moms Cover Up

It is possible to either join a pre-existing opportunity or in case you've got a totally new concept, start a new eBiz. You desire an opportunity that is suitable for your requirements, not one that simply appears good. Are you seeking a business opportunity you may do from your Home.

What Everybody Dislikes About Work At Home Moms and Why

Without a directed schedule for your organization, nothing is really going to get accomplished. Maybe you just want just a little company with some pals and household members and clients. The way to be successful in a home-based business will be discovered in yourself. To make your house business successful, you want a game program. The way to be successful in a home-based business is basically your decision. You can make your own home based business using your PC.

Work At Home Moms Options

Working at home is GREAT. Yes, you're right there are lots of home based jobs for moms. You can't expect to become rich with the totally free home based typing jobs we recommend.

Working as a transcriptionist might be a great fit for you. If you haven't any pending work on Fridays, there's always something you can do in order to grow your organization. Most work at home moms will tell you it requires 3-4 years to create a prosperous business enterprise.

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Hello BBWO:

It's been awhile since I've been on here, so today

I'd like to share a few ways that you can 

Become magnetic and attract abundance in your life and business.

Enjoy and let me know what you think of the new series!

Network Founder

LaShanda H.

p.s. For weekly online business tips and tool talk subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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10744111890?profile=originalHello Everyone!
I am looking for 'power presenters' for my event on Friday, April 13th at 2pm in Hampton. It does include FM Radio airplay, so if you're interested as an individual or as the group, please send an email to with 'Daily Spark Hampton' as the subject line. Thank you!
Daily Spark with Dr. Angela
Power Talkers Package
Empowering the Community for Excellence
Theme: Women on the Move for Greatness
  • Investment: $100
  • 1-radio interview on Daily Spark
  • 1-radio guest appearance at Panel Radio Broadcast
  • WDJY Social Media Promotion/Contest (30 days)
This is a free event to the public.
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Hello, everyone! It have been a long time on here. But I'm back and my life changed completely. I just become a mom 4 years ago to a beautiful, amazing autism daughter. Who have teach me a lot about being a mom and better myself as a person. My daughter will be 5 years old in September 24. And her by my side, I want to also be the best business woman at the age of 34 years old.

My business is named TresjolieART and I make handmade paper bead jewelry, crochet, fine art, etc. I just made my website on my own and also opened my Etsy shop. And need a great person to help me get more people look art my website and etsy shop. So they can get interested in buying from me. I have family and friends on facebook shared my links; but, it's not enough. I also made a gofundme account to invest this business. Please, anybody help me out and/or any suggestions of being a successful business woman.


Etsy Shop: TresjolieART


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Work for It!

Circle of Success 
Work for it.

Often, as we start to feel energized, happy, and successful, we start to get a little lazy, telling ourselves, “I’m feeling great! I guess I can stop eating well/exercising/meditating” And then things fall apart and the cycle begins again. Maintain the self-love practices that keep you whole and happy.

When people ask me how I got to be so happy, I say the same thing every time, “I work for it. Every. Single. Day.” It’s a conscious decision to choose happiness and maintain the practices that align you with your best self.

Like-Share-Work for IT 
#work #goal #achieve #happy #successful #unstoppable #maintain #love#peace #joy #everyday10744111285?profile=original

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Time to think about doing u! Make plans to join Sisters & Friends getaway to Martha's Vineyard in 2018...see these fab photos and a great articlewritten by Debbie Norrell recapping what you missed in 2017! 10744110685?profile=originalSo many coming back for the last Sisters & Friends Getaway. Join us, any age, stage in life! Affordable, fun, no drama...lots of meeting, greeting, laughing and chillin! September 9-16/16-22. Check out Sisters and Friends for rates and more information.

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BEEE’S the Beginning

Top of the day my sisters from all over the world. Though our struggle’s and triumph’s may be different we are united as women. May your journey be filled with love, joy, peace, money lol we got to shop, and laughter. Beautiful=having qualities of beauty; exciting aesthetic pleasure, generally pleasing, and excellent. Encouraged= to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope, to attempt to persuade, to spur on, and to give help or patronage Elevated= being morally or intellectually on a high plane, exilarated in mood or feeling Empowered= to promote the self-actualization or influence Sister=one that is closely similar to or associated with another.It’s my pleasure to persuade my sisters into the higher planes of life while promoting one another because of our similarity’s.Much LoveBeverly CampbellA.K.A. EmpressEbonyOctober 5, 2010
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LEARN HOW TO GET CUSTOMERS FAST FOR YOUR MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) BUSINESS. Making money through multi level marketing (MLM) is another way to increase your earnings. For people who would want to conduct business from their home, owning their time and write their own paycheck without creating their own product? MLM will work. MLM will work even better if you have good leadership skills a self-starter and a hard worker where selling and promoting products does not give you shivers. If selling and promoting however is not your stronger points, MLM might prove to be a challenge for you since your success will largely rest on your ability to create down line. Multi level marketing has proven successful to only 5% of its members. The majority of the 95% fall out within the week, most in a year's time. Your multi level marketing upline will sell you the idea that you do not have much to do once your downline is established. This is mostly incorrect and partly true. Real downright hard work, especially so in personal selling. If someone says that it is a laid down work, that someone is pulling your leg. No matter, if you possess the above qualities, MLM marketing should not be a problem for you. It is a real moneymaker even if only a small percentage of those who joined have something to show for it. WEBSITE SETUP- CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER- GODADDY 99CENT DOMAIN- Set Up your online store- Click here

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A popular book sought after at the Locks Conference is the popular Resource Guide. The Guide contains articles and biographical sketches of this year’s presenters such as author and scholar Dr. Wesley Muhammad, Queen Taese, Ras Ben, Dr. Marcus Kline, Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. POCC/BPPC, Nataki Kambon (LetsBuyBlack365), Dr. Ali Muhammad, Dr. Akmal Muwwakkil, Richard Raw, K Love the Poet, and many other notable scholars, natural hair stylists, wholistic health and wellness providers, natural food experts, musicians, and crafts people from around the country.

The Kuumba Family Institute, the chief sponsor of the Philly Locks Conference, is joined this year by sponsors: Funtimes Magazine, Minuteman Press of Philadelphia, Zuresh Natural Products Emporium, Locs Socs, Island Designs, Chic Afrique, and the Amadi Wellness Connection. The conference offers a great opportunity to revitalize oneself, to relax, to learn, to reconnect with old friends, to meet new friends, to network, to have fun, to witness Aboriginal creativity, and to build solid business and relationship possibilities, to buy black, to shop and shop some more, to eat delicious food, to enjoy live music, and to be motivated to move from talking about change to actively seeking solutions all while supporting an important cultural and educational institution.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Save the dates of Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8, 2017, so that you can attend this dynamic event. For more information and/or tickets visit Eventbrite: 23rd Annual International Locks Conference and/or visit the conference web site or call                    215-438-8189.

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Books for Watoto( Children's Book Drive

Reading powers imagination and imagination deepens creativity, and together the world of possibilities opens especially for our children. Daily, young people are bombarded with negative images, limiting opportunities and behaviors that create regression instead of progression. The need to redirect negative energy, to eliminate self-hate, and to increase opportunities for healthy expression as well as to increase literacy is the motivating force for the Kuumba Family Institute, Inc. (KFII) to sponsor our first annual Books for the Watoto (children). Books for ages newborn to 16 years old will be collected at the 23rd Annual International Locks Conference affectionately called the Philly Locks Conference which will be held Saturday and Sunday, October 7 & 8, 2017, at the Universal Audenried Charter High School. The books collected will be distributed to the children in the Onysnsana Village in Ghana and to an independent school in Philadelphia.

For KFII, promoting literacy (reading, writing and thinking) is part of the push for a healthier, more knowledgeable community. Each year in honor of authors such as Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Edward Robinson, and Gwendolyn Brooks, there is an area at the conference called Ida B. Wells Row which is designed to connect readers with authors and to highlight the creativity that flows within our communities. Brothers and sisters are encouraged to buy a couple of books from the authors and the book sellers who will be in attendance.

MaMa Akosua Ali.Sabree @ 215-438-8189 Sakinah Ali.Sabree @ 267-259-8400

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