PRESS ALERT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Gerri D Smith, Designer/Owner Distinctive Elegance 1131 Manzanita Drive Pacifica, CA 94044-4348 * Phone: (650) 738-9865 Email: Web Site: Distinctive Elegance Says Today’s Economy Leaves a Lot to be Desired, Launches Online Fashion Course Pacifica, California - October, 2008 - Distinctive Elegance, a two-year old Bay Area online fashion retail and creative communications business spreads its wings and launches an innovative way for women to create an elegant and distinctive wardrobe and lifestyle in today’s economy. Gerri D Smith, the owner and designer believes that the way you dress, your image and appearance, and the way you present yourself both in the workplace, and for social events is the best power you will ever possess. For individuals who wish to improve their living standards, the economy leaves a lot to be desired. There are few chances and choices available to enhance your knowledge, improve your image, or motivate you to become the extraordinary person you deserve to be. Distinctive Elegance has launched an online course on fashion, style, beauty, and wellness that puts you on a journey to the power behind fashion, and the magic it demands of you as a consumer in today’s economy. For more information visit, As fashion trends come and go, elegance and dressing well is timeless. Professionals, women business owners, entertainers, celebrities, and socialites, all share a common goal: they are women who simply, like Gerri, love to dress up when they go out. “It feels good to be admired. Your self-esteem and confidence is enhanced,” says Gerri. While the economy is taking a turn for the worse, businesses are downsizing or being ruined because of it. Even with big discounts it’s difficult to watch your hard earned money dwindle more every time you go to the supermarket or the department store. Distinctive Elegance now introduces “Fashion Beauty and Wellness,” the first online eCourse of its kind for the individual who wishes to stay ahead in the fashion economy. This one-of-a-kind online course offers some solutions to maintaining your wardrobe with little of the expense. It has everything from fashion tips to wardrobe basics; inspirational lessons that stir your imagination, and encourages you to create new ways to dress up your wardrobe without spending a fortune. Choosing elegant, everyday fashion styles is your choice. Being the most stunning lady at your special occasion with creations from your own wardrobe is another choice that is easy to do. The ups and downs in today’s trade and industry; the mortgage and financial crisis, the lack of adequate medical insurance, and the cost of health coverage continues to escalate. The ongoing increase in obesity leads to ill-health, and crosses many boundaries and all ages. They all play a big part in adding to the economic stress factor. For tips to staying well and challenging the system without downsizing your wardrobe, visit, Or contact: Gerri D Smith (650) 738-986

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