55 DAYS to glory

I am not able to walk due to a 1990 car accident. In 2006 I found a doctor (www.sci-therapies.info/biofeedback.htm ) who has a 98% success rate of helping persons with paralysis to regain use of their muscles, hands and or feet again. No insurance company will cover this procedure so I need 800 of my friends online to donate $20 each and that will get me to the Miami Jewish Home and hospital for the 15 treatments that I need. Please stay tuned to my you tube channel (https://www.youtube.com/2ideas ) to hear my first of many radio interviews go to www.webbradio.com/missdeborah. If you are a friend or admirer and want to help, send it to: the Deborah Akbar Treatment fund P. O. Box 210034 South Euclid, Ohio 44121-7034 or via pay pal to deborahakbar@hotmail.com . To read my complete story, go to www.iamakbar.com .

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