Let it go IN all of my praying, reading and meditating on becoming a better person I realized that I never released the negative thoughts and ideas that kept me where I didn’t want to be. The many times that I and probably you, have heard “let it go” I didn’t let go of anything. I managed to remember every negative thought, action or belief that I encountered. Why? I thought if I didn’t think about it that that meant it was over. Not true I found out after I began using the “Release Technique”. Acknowledging something that is negative isn’t enough to rid your conscious mind of it you must release it and tell it to leave as many times as you need to. We suppress the things we do not enjoy at least I did; now I release it to the delight of my continued healthy mind, body and spirit. Were you aware that fear and worry are present in your lives for 1 of three reasons? Either you want APPROVAL you want to be in CONTROL or you want to be SAFE and when you release the need for approval, to be safe or in control then fear and worry begin to dissolve and disappear. Not over night of course but a lot sooner than it would take for you to kick whatever bad habit you may have developed to help you avoid facing your fears. You can learn about the release technique at www.releasetechnique.com where Larry Crane gives 2 free mp3’s 1 is releasing fear and worry the 2nd is releasing frustration and anger.

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