Why I went natural.

Unfortunately in 2002 I had huge acne cysts on my face unlike any other acne I ever experienced. So because I still trusted my doctors I went to my dermatologist who gave me a prescription that had to be taken for 6 months non stop. I had to have blood work done and my liver tested just to take this prescription; that should have been a red flag. Before I quit taking it, it being ACUTANE, some young man crashed an airplane into a building. What was he taking? ACUTANE. So I quit right as my 6 months are almost over. As a treat, I go get my hair relaxer touched up. Well my stylist made an awful gasping noise. Then I looked on the floor and to my dismay I saw enough hair for 2 people. She told me my scalp turned a light purple and she forgot to ask me about my medication ahead of time; truly my fault because I didn’t know at the time that changing meds could affect my hair. I drive home almost bald headed trying to think how to explain it to my husband. I cried as soon as I rolled through our front door and he knew everything. Thank goodness I didn’t have to go anywhere. When my husband came home the next day he brought me a present a beautiful new scarf which he tied around my head. I wore it proudly until my hair was long enough to be twisted. Over the next several years I wore my own hair braided, twisted or flat ironed, in other words straight without chemicals. In 2006 I decided to keep my hair locked permanently to make things easier for me as I get older. So this is part of my journey through life. To read more of my journey, go to www.iamakbar.com.

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