Life's lessons learned from a chair

Hello all, As I sit in the chair that has allowed me to be mobile for the past 18 years, I am happy and grateful for the lessons I learned. I learned who my real friends were. I learned how to love the person that I saw in the mirror. I learned that being a woman is more than just becoming a mom or wife. I learned that my external beauty was not the only thing that I had to offer. I learned that I was worthy of loving. I learned that I deserved to love and forgive myself. I truly learned how to let go and let GOD. I learned to accept others without judgment. I learned what freedom means to me. I learned that without continual learning to better myself, that I was going nowhere on wheels. I learned to let anger alone and to leave rage which has brought me peace of mind. Some would say that the car accident that left me with a physical disability was a TRAGEDY, but if I have truly LEARNED so much, where is the tragedy? What has life's hardest lessons taught you, about yourself? 33 days until the new path unfolds.

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