You ever heard the saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Well when it comes to product promotion, Banner ads have been working for businesses for years, so don't go against the grain. Stick with what works. Now I know for many startup entrepreneurs, funds are tight so spending money is generally an undesired thing. But to be quite honest with you, you can't make real money if you don't plan on spending any. Free search engine submissions, and text links can only get you so far. It's important to develop a strong ad campaign, and a big part of that is having professional, eye catching banners. You can go the low budget route and limit yourself to adding your banner only on your site for others to take or participate in banner exchanges. But you should also go a step further and take advantage of the advertising packages available to you on popular sites that corner your target market. As far as reaching a larger African American Online audience, there are quite a few high traffic, very popular black websites out there worth visiting and utilizing. Many of which are much more cheaper to advertise on than main stream sites because many black websites cater to entrepreneurs on a small budget. And if you want to get the most bang for your buck, cross-promoting on several sites for one low price, invest in Google Adwords. Pratically every site using google adsense, so you know chances are your add will get a major reach through google advertising AND google adWords allows you to only pay as much as you can afford, which works well for your pocket. Now if you really want to invest in building your own ad campaign, and you are serious about getting a custom banner designed then now is the perfect time to take advantage of my custom Banner Design services at prices that any one can afford. Starting at $15, you can get a professional banner to promote your site or business online. Here are the latest Custom Banners that I designed...
Graphics Design Available 468x60 pixel Banner Design - $20 120x90 pixel Banner Design - $15 Other Sizes - request pricing information Email for Details: Do you already have a banner that you want to promote? Looking for Low Cost Banner Advertising? Review multiple shades of you add packages starting at $19.95, online advertising opportunities designed with African American websites in mind. Related Post: Get an Urban Banner Designed Only $15

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