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  • Reply by Christine Gant 1 second ago
    Inspired by nature, I created a premium natural hair and bath & body product line. I love making herbal and floral tinctures and infusions and its the main ingredient in many of my products. I use only the finest ingredients. I source ingrendients from all over the united states to find the absolute best quality oils, herbs, flowers etc. My products will nourish and moisturize your hair and body.

    You can find my products here:
    and coming soon my new website:

  • Greetings!
    My business is photography and design. I would love for you to check out TSQUARED Photography,, and consider me for your professional or personal photography needs. I provide beautiful professional head shots that reflect your personality and set your brand apart from your competitors. I never just have a client stand in front of background. My approach is unique and modern. I plan out every shoot with my clients and cater the session just for them! In addition to photography services, I also provide graphic and web design services. Please visit to view my design work! I look forward to working with you!

  • Niche' Clement
    Online Boutique Owner
  • Hello,

    I would like to share my business. It wedding favors & baby gifts.
  • People Represent Our Brand
    Because They Love Our Style TM

    Hi, I'm Angela Morris! If you are looking for quality fashion jewelry that is breathtaking, beautiful and extremely affordable, then Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry is the right company for you!

    We are in the business of making you fabulous on the inside and out. When you look good, you feel good and as your personal jewelry consultant, I will help you transform your image and encourage your inner you.

    Angela Morris
    Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
    Independent Business Owner
  • I am involved in a new and exciting business and just wanted to share this with all of you. Don't want to take up too much of your time explaining the details of this innovative business opportunity just watch this quick video at:

    Your Time is Now,
    Sunsira Peoples
  • is this advertisement free of cost ?

    secondly i am in INDIA, so will i get customers for my services provided.
    I am providing Air - condition compressors repairing service. and also general insurance service in india.
  • Michelle Cole's One Stop Shop has everything from:

    Nutrilite Vitamins (the inventor of multivitamins over 75 years ago)
    Artistry skin care and make-up (over 35 years old and in the top 5 prestigious brands just from word of mouth!),
    XS Energy drink (#2 behind Redbull just from word of mouth, has zero sugar, zero carbs, 13 flavors, powered by Vitamin B12)
    Personal Accents jewelry, to Legacy of Clean cleaners and detergents (been "green" since 1959!),
    Ribbon Gift Collections (over 30 years old),
    iCook kitchenware,
    Espring water purification system (rated #1 in Consumer Reports, has the highest rating a water petrifaction system for the home can get, featured on Extreme Home Make Over)
    Atmosphere air purification system (stats as Espring)

    to bath, body, hair and oral care! You name it I have it! Everything is known for its quality and for being cost effective! All products have complete information on them with customer service for any questions.

    If I don't have what you are looking for try my partner stores and services! Best Buy, Sears, Barnes and Noble, Franklin Covey, Avis, Budget, Howard Johnson, Disney store, Office Depot, MBNA Bank/ Bank Of America, just to name a few! Their websites work as if you went to them directly but why not help a sista out and go thru my site considering they give special prices for my registered customers :-)

    If you have any questions or even would be interested in starting your own online franchise with Amway ( over 50 year old company that offers a training and education system and a company that is family owned, owns the Orlando Magic without partners and is debt free) contact me I would love to help. In the mean time TRY THE PRODUCTS! They come with 6 month money back guarantee and red tagged items qualify for FREE SHIPPING! and we pay for any returns! Which includes make up!

    -Michelle Cole
  • Professional career Mom seeks other Moms who want a career of their own. Sound like you?

    You'll be amazed at what your phone can do!
    *Dial, Email, and Text Hands-Free!
    *Eliminate your home or office phone bill!

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    Andrea Hodges
  • Shop AVON online!

    Come and visit my estore 24/7 to view all of our new and existing product lines.

    Avon offers a variety of home, bath, fashion, and beauty items.

    Shop now and receive free shipping on all orders of $5 or more (coupon code: Spring2010)

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    Feel free to email me on BBWO/ Face-book (CLC AVON SALES)
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