It is I AM --------------- Cell / 216-381-3286 / Garage / The Mall / The Gym / call me ============================================ Live ALPHA CODE Call in a few Hours ============================================ 9:27 PM (est) live CONFERENCE CALL 1-641-594-7000 PIN 600088# a: Napoleon Hill wrote the classic, THINK and GROW Rich b: He's dead and died long ago c: I lied d: It's just us tonight, Million Mind March @ 9:27 PM e: However, we are the NAPOLEON HILL "Focus Society" (started e-gads, like in 1996) Meanwhile, my manners stink as in, I forgot to say hello Greetings Everyone !! me again, Deborah "Super-Mind" Akbar TONIGHT we lay rest to ** DEBT ** RESTRICTION ** PROCRASTINATION ** Sear Sucker suit wearing low end foul STINKING thinking! -------- LIVE call tonight 9:27 PM (est) 1-641-594-7000 PIN 600088# DO NOT shoot the dog. Simply let you out, lock the doors, shut down your computer and together, just you and me, we will sit amongst 150-200 OTHER Geniues, TONIGHT TONIGHT we study, "THE ALPHA CODE." BRING GUESTS BRINGS FRIENDS WISDOM SCHOOL is $300 and this weekend and S-O-L-D out NEWARK AIRPORT / HILTON --------April 4-5 ---sold out NEXT live SUPER-MIND Wisdom Mystery School MAY 15-16 see you all tonight and thanks for being here I have included some IDEAS on how to work for yourself make money like you make it in the basement "Gangsta money" have fun SHARE and teach wisdom IF that flips your switch, email me for the free 9 page REPORT deborah@deborahakbar.com Thanks Hombre Just me Deborah Akbar------- Cell / 216-381-3286/ Garage / The Mall / The Gym / call me Deborah Akbar PO BOX 210034 South Euclid, Ohio 44121 Post-Script: if you don't own any NAPOLEON HILL books, that's like confessing to not enjoying french fries. Insane HIS classic SUCCESS and MIND SCIENCE books are in every BOOK STORE world wide I started studying HILL back in 1989 Now look at me (wink) MEGA-MIND is $2,041 it's 10 CD's + 2 manuals sell one and earn $1,000 you also earn $500 on your peoples sales AMERICA'S ARMY

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