Featured Member: Erin Shell Anthony, has joined Black Business Women Online. Salon owner and author of 'Nappturosity: How to Create Fabulous Natural Hair and Locs', Erin says she takes advantage of "opportunities to stay educated and connected - through sites like BBWO! We can learn so much from each other, plus, when you're serving a niche market, it's a good idea to be very familiar with that niche outside of your own experiences. Networking sites and events like conferences are excellent because they're packed with people who are going in the same general direction, the same flow! After attending events and on networking sites, I always try to follow-up with a handwritten card, call, comment or email to further solidify the connection." - Read Erin Shell Anthony's Successful Sista Profile. - Win a Copy of 'Nappturosity: How to Create Fabulous Natural Hair and Locs' - Watch Erin Shell Anthony's Video Clip on BBWO

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