Are you getting the benefits?

Hello to all, I would like to share some simple tools and techniques many of you are unaware of. Did you know there are things you do daily that YOU can benefit from?

All of us are on the computer @ least 90% of the day via 9 to 5, @ home, through our fancy phones, or laptops. We often time MISS out because of LACK of knowledge. I don't share information with folks I don't care about. 

A great portion of my FB friends are in bondage with a 9 to 5; for whatever the reason may be! You can survive. Your job is only suppose to be a RESOURCE NOT the SOURCE. 

FACT: You can get paid from clicking while on the COMPUTER---You're already on there and paying your utility bill and internet carrier *****FREE

FACT:You have to shop for things right--Why not get paid from the stores that NEED YOUR $?
You're already on there and paying your utility bill and internet carrier**** FREE

FACT: You have to drive and eat---Why not get paid from the gas stations and grocery stores? $40 monthly for  2yrs around $1000 WOW- If you share--- YOU don't have to just take your $1000 and ride---Or get the referral fees...and ENJOY! Prosperquest is a weekly payout $75 per membership sounds good especially NO overhead ALL PROFIT! # to JOIN 9012193551

FACT:I have to wash and take a bath, continue to lose weight in a healthy fashion. I know vegan products ARE the BEST--NO EXCEPTIONS- Why not pay $29 yr and get 20% off all my products plus a ck and referral fees?******I'm just saying LOL CODE TO JOIN 18387707

I am not telling you to exit your current situation; but, when you have an extra $900-$3000 coming in on the regular it does change some things. Anybody who knows me...will tell you I am a strong supporter in redirecting and putting dollars back into the home. If you like your current status continue. 

I have people from all over the place attempting to pick my brain about tips, strategies,and techniques. The most important tip is being able to offer people a NEED driven product or service. With little or NO COST!

When you position yourself in the right fashion you will not need attraction marketing because the word will spread like wildfire. There is no need for HYPE...folks are looking for ways to generate money with integrity. Everything I have shown you can be done through a nonprofit organization as well and it covers and entire household.

This is 2010 don't repeat what you did in 2009, if it wasn't working. I do all of these and have seen the benefits of them all.

As you can see I enjoy talking and sharing wonderful content. I wish each you much success! Many of the things I have shared with you, will help your other business ventures as well.


If you have not gotten a copy of book please'll understand more about why I urge folks to get connected to the RIGHT people and excel.

What Happens When God Moves

I'm pretty sure being a good steward means a whom much is given much is required...NEED I SAY MORE!

You know the tagline by now, "If you want it Told, I'm the One to Tell it"

I have given you the KEYS will you UNLOCK the DOOR and PROCEED!

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