Dear Coach, I feel as though I haven’t been as successful as I could have been this year, what are some things I can do to be successful before year’s end? -- Rebecca, Chicago, IL Dear Rebecca, Thank you for your email. It is true that 2008 is quickly coming to a close, and while you may not have accomplished as much as you desired this year, we encourage you to celebrate your successes. Realize that you still have time to accomplish tasks before the year’s end. Develop Your Hot List Rather than a TO DO LIST, I encourage my clients to develop a HOT LIST – these are items that MUST be accomplished immediately. These are tasks that can be completed relatively quickly – in 3 to 5 business days. Identify an Accountability Partner or Hire a Business Coach An accountability partner is someone that, like you, has goals that he/she wants to attain by year’s end. Your accountability partner holds you responsible for attaining the goals you identified while being a support and champion. A business coach works in the same way – providing insight, encouragement and energy as you complete your HOT LIST. Remain Focused In the mornings before the telephone begins ringing and the blackberry starts blinking, take an hour at the start of your day to work on your HOT LIST. By remaining focused on your HOT LIST you will get much accomplished rather than multi-tasking throughout the day. Celebrate your successes Celebrating your successes could be as simple as enjoyable as reading your favorite magazine, to scheduling a massage. Celebrate in a way that keeps you motivated to continue. We wish you much continued success!

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