Entrepreneurs Have Serious Egos


I recently attended a panel discussion with African-American entrepreneurs, and learned some interesting things.  I learned that you don’t go to a business lunch to eat, but to listen.  I also learned that borrowing money from an institution should be a last result.  But the most important thing I learned is that entrepreneurs have serious egos; and that is not a bad thing.


Entrepreneurs are self-confident, self-reliant people.  They believe in themselves more than anyone else ever could.  They believe in their product, service, or mission more than anybody ever will.  And while driven by undaunted passion for their business, entrepreneurs are truly “full of themselves”.


But they have to be.  Developing and managing your own business requires a lot fortitude, confidence, and intelligence.  When a person brings these things to their business and has some level of success, then it is understandable that one’s ego would be enhanced.  And we’re not talking about conceit, here, were talking about a confidence born from experience.


Entrepreneurship includes in it’s definition, the idea of “risk taker”.  Entrepreneurs may take risk, but only after appropriate research, preparation, and planning in order to minimize the risk.  Entrepreneurs have to be confident in what they do, otherwise the risk is never taken.  When your risk garners success, it reinforces the confidence, and enhances the ego.


So entrepreneurs, you are egotistical people, but it is not a bad thing.  Instead it is part of your personality that allows you to conceive an idea and believe in your ability to make it happen.  Your ego is the part of your personality that makes you work as hard as you do, because you like that taste of success.


Steve Miller


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