WAHMs and SAHMs, did you know we have a way for you to make money, while helping other women (and their families) to live good, feel good, and smell good?  Our affiliate marketing program is designed to help you put money into your handbag, successfully.  It isn't easy being a part of an affiliate marketing program.  Often, those who join are left on their own, to figure out how to effectively earn commission.  When you join our family, we are committed to helping you maximize your commission. Not only do you sit back and relax while we process orders and maintain all of the inventory, we make it super easy for you to share with your online visitors/readers... When you join our affiliate family, in addition to affiliate banners, promotional banners;affiliate-collaboration sale banners;text links and affiliate marketing tips are also provided. You can also expect digital knocks on your email door. We like to see how you're doing, and to see if any assistance is needed.

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Presently, members of our affiliate family are promoting our annual back-to-school sale. This is an example of an affiliate-collaboration sale: affiliates have placed the provided banner on their website, blog, and social networks; shoppers can only access the sale by visiting the affiliate's special place online. Along with our affiliates announcing the sale, we also share in e-blast and social networks, using relevant hash tags (were applicable) pertaining to each affiliate, e.g., #naturalhair if affiliate is a natural hair blogger. 

Our affiliate marketing program is not simply about you making money for us.  It is about you making that extra for any household, business or personal (you know you've been eyeing those shoes) needs. The collaborative aspect is to highlight what you offer online, thus we are adding value to each other.  

For your daughter, niece, grand daughter, cousin, friend's daughter or the little girl next door, we invite you to shop our back-to-school sale, for fun & affirmative bath & body products that smell good.  Visit any of our affiliates below.  See our banner for the coupon code.  Banner is located in a post or on the side of the page. Sale ends 9/9.

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