Enterprising women and moms, are you in need of a fundraising source that can:

  • Help your business/your organization/you make a positive change in others' lives
  • Produce quality products
  • Fulfill their commitment with helping you with a successful fundraiser 
  • Treat each of your supporters as though they are the "one and only"

You can trust us to do all of that and more.  Our business culture is built on the commitment of helping consumers to live good, feel good and smell good; helping enterprising women make money for their endeavors, and helping mothers raise funds for their children's endeavors; and going beyond.  

Oh - you're going to make money….

Here's How:

  1. Signup with us here
  2. We'll send a fundraiser presentation to you.  The presentation will include product packages, helping you to decide on what products you would like to offer in your fundraiser.  
  3. A personal category is assigned to your fundraiser on our website, and your special link is connected to it. You'll be able to monitor your sales. 
  4. Announce your fundraiser using provided text.
  5. Receive thirty percent of each sale, deposited into your Paypal account, once the fundraiser ends. 

Let's get started!  If you have any questions, contact us here


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