Is it belly fat or fibroids?

Have you noticed your midsection seems to be get larger every year? You may have gone on diet after diet and exercised until you are ready to pass out, but your belly still remains.

Are you getting frustrated and feeling a bit helpless in your pursuit of a flatter and trimmer waistline?

Well, it may not only be excess fat causing you grief. You may have uterine fibroid tumors that have been growing with or without symptoms inside of you for years. Actually, it is a little scary to think something can be going on inside of us and we are not aware of it.

So many times, we will ignore changes in our body and blow it off.  Thinking, we are getting older and bodily changes are to be expected.

Well, I can tell from experience that it is important to pay attention to the little (or not so little) changes in the shape of your body.

If you are curious about the symptoms of fibroid tumors.  Please feel free to ask her or send me an email with your questions at:

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