Hi Everyone !!!

My name is Claudette Gunter, the founder of The Kingdom of God Flag Company.


The Kingdom of God Flag Company is a for-profit ecommerce company. We bring awareness to the Kingdom of God by eradicating injustice, by funding ministries’ in the success of their projects.  The funds used is the profit from the purchases of our products; the TRINITY Flags and Praise & Worship Banners. Our new slogan is "Showing God we are mindful of Him."


The Kingdom of God Flag Company is not your traditional flag company, even though our product and brand is the TRINITY Flag. The profit from the purchase of the TRINITY flags (after operating expenses) will go to help meet the needs of people. We do this by supporting ministries' projects; such as food and clothes distribution, shelter, healthcare, education, mission trips and more. The Kingdom of God Flag Company mandate is to help all people; no matter their religion, through  ministries' programs.


The Kingdom of God Flag Company mission is to give Glory to God. Our vision is for the TRINITY Flag to become the Kingdom flag for Christians. This flag allows Christians the opportunity to commit their loyalty & allegiance to Christ Jesus.


Thanks for this opportunity to be a part of Black Business Women Online, I am happy to be here :D !!!


The TRINITY Flag Sell Sheet .pdf

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