Motherhood is a Gift from God

By Dream 4 More Book Reviews "Adrienna Turner" (Milwaukee, WI United States) - See all my reviews Cheryl Lacey Donovan captures the reader by her own story as a young parent. She also adds biblical stories in reference to motherhood. Moreover, Motherhood is to set a godly foundation and structure for our children (a gift from God) and to let them know their worth and value in the eyes of God. As parents (mothers), we are on assignment to train and raise our children under the law of God (train them up the way they should go and will not depart from it). The Bible instructs us as a family is the basic source for moral and practical teaching. My favorite subtitled chapters were "open door policy" and "happily ever after", where it spoke to my spirit and marked up my book on these two sections! This book is for mothers, to-be-mothers, and those considering marriage/children in the future. Moreover, she also touches on "domestic violence" and women to value their worth aside from love of a man. Dream 4 More Reviews, Adrienna! [...]

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