Nutrition while balancing the budget

It is important to find the best values for food dollars. Often the need to provide a nice meal on the table sometimes limits some of the nutritional content to ultimately keep your family healthy. Not to mention that foods high in carbohydrates and fat, tend to increase the potential of gaining weight by loading the arteries with harmful clogging fat. Yes, you need carbs for energy, but too much of a good thing over loads the digestive tract. You may have heard of the 6-11 servings per day as a guideline on the Food Pyramid, see we all need to remember that one serving is equal to a half cup of whole grain rice pasta potato or ONE slice of bread= 1 serving it is so very easy to go way over the recommended guide cause one sandwich away from home probably equals 4 servings and that's just one meal. SO, come on and get up off the couch after dinner and go for a walk with that special someone to show that you care! Helpful hint: Buy fruits and vegetables in season when possible, and freeze them, first blanche by dropping in boiling water for 3-5 minutes remove excess water then store in freezer bags. They will then keep better for future use. Think about adding moisture into the digestive tract to aid. Vegetable and fruit have valuable fiber that serves to cleanse and keep healthy. So many of us don't enjoy eating veggie's but they are there to assist. I welcome all of your recipes for vegetables to share on this site, personally I'm not a big fan but this is a need to stay healthy for us all! Drink water, water pure water 8 glasses more if exercising. Stay well, Peace, Sister Re


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