Are you a PRO? Just recently, I was working with a client who spent the last 2 years as a PRO. She was profit sabotaging her business by finding every 'What if" scenario possible. What if they say no? What if I say the wrong thing? What if they ask me for money? So I finally had to get to the root of the problem and ask "Are you a P.R.O. (Profusely Refusing Opportunities)?

There are times when I come across emails from clients who are ready. They are ready to take the next leap. The vision is there, the profit structure is there and all success is waiting for is for you to show up. Then, the PRO status starts to come forward and wave a wand of skepticism that the next level seems to difficult.

The PRO status will take you away from your best gift. The PRO status allows success blockers to cloud your vision and assure you that you cannot do it. Your skepticism's will BANKRUPT you. Your profit-sabotaging behaviors also show up with the market you are attempting to attract as well....PRO's attract PROs, Skeptics attract other SKEPTICS...and so on. Be careful that you are not becoming a PRO at saying 'no," "I will get back to you," "let me think it over," & "I am not sure." Opportunities of value are usually unexpected and can strike at any time. Opportunities are also TIME SENSITIVE. It requires a quick response and turn around time. Many of the most lucrative opportunities that I have had required me to think quick and act fast. I had no time to 'so discuss it' with anyone. That is the thing with opportunity, you have to think quick.

Change your Profusely Refusing Opportunities to
Persistently Receiving Opportunities

Carol Sankar |

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