Stop Surviving and Start Thriving:

 Stop focusing on failure and  focus  on your Small Business Success


How is the economy affecting your small business? Many small businesses blame the economy for their inability to grow, and their outlook remains tepid at best. The NFIB's Small Business Optimism Index for January was just 0.5 points above November's historical low.


According to research from, top concerns for small businesses are taxes (70%); government regulation (50%); and the Affordable Health Care Act (36%). Nothing really new or surprising there.

  You cant predict the economy    But  YOU can build a successful, sustainable business even in today's difficult economy. Some of the country's most successful businesses were launched during a down economy. Federal Express. Microsoft Charles Schwab. Southwest Airlines.


So stop blaming the economy and start building  for your success. As business owners, we can't control Washington or Wall Street so focus on the things you can control.


When times get tough -get creative! Step back and look at problems from a new perspective. As my mother used to say, if you want it and you are willing to work hard enough for it YOU can have it " Businesses that rise to the top during tough times are the ones who are flexible enough to adjust to uncontrollable external factors and put faith in their strengths. Commit to building your success despite what economic circumstances prevail this year. Be one of the business owners who not only survives, but thrives.  Study other successful business models -Focus on your success.


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Susan Solovic Small Business Expert Tips

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