My name is Linda,  I am so excited about this business to where I am sharing it with everyone I come in contact with.  It is truly amazing  and so simple.  My goal is to allow everyone to take a look at the opportunity and allow them to make an inform decision.  I encourage you to take a good look at this business before it gets saturated and before you know it, everyone will be involve.  


I'm involved with a company called Narc Technology.  This business is unlike any business I've ever seen.  I've been in network marketing an have never made any money, but with this, I am.  I would like for you to take a look at this new business.   I was introduced to the opportunity and I really feel it will be exciting and rewarding.  Take a look at the opportunity and let me know what you think.


How many license plates do you see a day?  If I told you just by

writing down 10 license plates a month you could make money would you be interested?  We get paid for entering license plates 10 a month, that’s it, and we do this within a 30 day period, each and every month.  By you sharing this information to other, you make money from the efforts of them entering the 10 license plates and sharing this with other. Narc Technology is building the largest database of license plates in the country. 

If you can write down license plates, you can do this ground floor business opportunity. NO BUYING, NO SELLING REQUIRED, NO AUTOSHIP


Here’s an overview and compensation of the business by Sienghor Pope  out of Atlanta.  Him and his brothers has been involved in the business going on ruffly around 61 days or so. 

(641)715-3800 Pin 78994#


Here’s our team website:


Give me a call so that I can answer any questions.


Linda Robinson


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