Greetings, I hope you are having a blessed and prosperous day. I wanted to make sure you could schedule some time for the next call. This is not your run-of-the-mill business network. The goal is for all Black people to work together to build our businesses and to get our products and services sold and well known to Black Consumers all over the world. The goal of every business is to have many long, term repeat customers. Customers who consistently buy and refer others to buy from you. Every Black Business can survive any recession with the right tools and a loyal consumer base. The fundamental principle of the Black Business Network is buying from people who buy from you. We have to support our own, not only to build our businesses but to build stronger communities. Members of TAG TEAM’s Black Business Network will even find customers who will buy from you and you do the same for them. Networking and supporting each other is how every other ethnic group has solved their financial problems. Look at the Jewish community who came over here after World War II, and the Chinese, Koreans and others who open stores and all the money they make is spent back in their communities to support their own. Members of this organization have experienced huge success. Members have closed sales to earn $15,000 and more because of their affiliation with this Black Business Network. In March 2009, there were over 112,000 page views from over 20,000 unique visitors. On top of that there is a general member community base of almost 23,000 positive, Black People who are dedicated to first finding a Black Business with a product or service that the need at the website before they make purchases. Thursday, April 23, 2009 / 9:30 PM - 10:00 PM CALL IN # (712) 432-1100, pin 586281# INVITED BY Darlene Robinson, 407-283-5163,


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