Hey BBWO Members, I'm am cleaning up shop on BBWO in more ways than one. There are few new updates to the website, so I hope you notice and like the subtle changes. As always, I want to continue to rebuild and revitalize conversation and quality contributions among my fellow women entrepreneurs on BBWO because I know we can do more for each other than self-promote our businesses. That being said the main page is new and improved. If you notice there are 10 Featured Member Blog posts and Two Featured Discussions on the main page. If you want to get your blog post or forum discussion featured on the main page all you have to do is write something great, interesting, informational, conversation starting ... send me a message with your article or discussion. Remember to include the URL and I will do the rest! Also, the article must be in the BBWO Forum your BBWO Blog or a BBWO Group. I can not feature articles from blogs outside the BBWO Network. I'm only taking the best of the best, so don't try to SELL ME SOMETHING PLEASE. I am looking for the Small Business Content to highlight and showcase for the members on BBWO. And when you REALLY Write great content it will be added to our Black News Page and Featured on the Blogs Page as well. Free promotion on BBWO and all you have to do is share some quality Smart Business Content. How great is that! LaShanda

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  • How do you promote your business on BBWO? I would love to know - lh
  • Hi LaShanda, This is a wonderful idea that you provided here on BBWO. To interact with one another, and to share very important information with each other. And also help & learn from each other, may God continue to Bless you in your success!
  • Yes, it's a great idea!
  • Hi LaShanda,
    I posted two discussions yesterday that you may want to feature. One addresses high debt and low credit scores, and the other addresses how to make money in any MLM (or direct sales) company. I'm not sure how to send you a link but you can access them from my page.

    Keep up the great work!
  • Great information, you did a great job with the main page. Thanks for looking out for the woman at BBWO. Thanks for posting my blog. I have been so busy, but I am starting to provide more blogs on the site.
  • You are so innovative!
  • My Dear LaShanda,
    Thank you for all the Great information you share with us but the informations about the Grants for Women is a SCAM. I signed up for a FREE KIT (trusting that you had already reviewed or used this service). I gave my business address, email address, credit card information and waited for a confirmation email, which I did not get, I also tried to log on to their website and got a error message (404) http://www.GovGrantsDirect.com/indexlogin.php. Then I tried to pull up the company by name on Google and was met with a SCAM alert for this company. I'm at a loss, should I cancel my credit Card? This link also set me up for two 7 day trail offers for some protection program for your personal finanical information,
    Isn't that Special ...... Still committed to BBWO .......... But Concerned
    • Hi Margaret,
      If you are concerned about identity theft, pull your credit reports for free at www.AnnualCreditReport.com and keep them as a baseline. You can also see if that card company will let you add a fraud alert to the card meaning that they have to call you to authorize any purchases. If you're still concerned, send me a private note and I will let you know about identity protection services.

    • Hi Margaret,

      I am sorry to here that, I didn't start my business using grants, however when I find information I share it with the group. I can say that it's import to research and review everything that is out there because I can't guarentee that you can trust every resource that you find, unfortunately. If you can let me know what article or BBWO post you found that link in, I will promptly remove it as I would hate to have others go through the same thing.

  • I think this is a great idea
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