The Wealthy & Wise Women's Business Bootcamp is growing. We have so many applications from so many women across the county who need the tools to figure out what is holding them back from making the profit they deserve in their business.  Many of the women are speakers, authors, coaches, restaurateurs, inventors, consultants, etc who are all want to go from marginal to profitable. 
I know what you are thinking:
"What's so different about this event than the last empowerment event I went to to with ___?"
-Well, the main thing is that this is not a conference. It is literally a bootcamp. No empowerment included, only profit and growth strategies all weekend. 
"I am tired of going to all of these events and nothing happens"
-That may be true. Events where there are hundreds of attendees takes the personalized element out of the experience. I am only taking a limited amount of applicants. Yes, you do have to submit an application and then we will speak one on one to see if this is good match for you. You will have the support of your peers and I will be there throughout the process to get you where you need to be. We are going to get to some of the root causes of the issues in YOUR business in an intimate setting. 
"But I can't afford it"
-We have investment installment options that will fir your needs. My question will be how much longer can you go in your business WITHOUT making a financial return? This is an investment in your success to ensure that you stop the roller coaster pricing and begin to charge what you are worth while attracting the right audience who needs your expertise. 
The application process is FREE. Take a chance and fill it out. If it is not for you, then you are not obligated to take action beyond a consultation. Our last Wealthy & Wise Women's Bootcamp, we had women fly in from Seattle, Detroit, New York and more all because they were ready to take immediate action in their business. My last class is already realizing a return on their investment and more! Applications are only open for a limited time so make sure you submit yours today and let's talk next week.Click here for more details
and see for yourself what out last class had to say about the experience. 


Carol Sankar 

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