Hey guys,

I've been tweaking BBWO for the last month, adding a few things here and a few things there. As I'm sure you know I do the 'Women of Color Coaching Program' but I'm looking to offer web technology and marketing webinars to those women who want the training, but don't want to signup for coaching (even though coaching is great - lol my shameless plug).

Seriously, I've been thinking about doing weekly webinars. They won't be the webinars we know and hate full of sales pitches and lacking value ... they will be actual training sessions where I teach a specific topic and answer your questions.

I was thinking one hour technology and/or marketing webinars in the hopes of providing a service that seems to be lacking (based on the types of questions I've been getting).  Platinum WOCC Members pay $249 for four 30 minute private coaching sessions, but I'm going to set a reasonable price for the entire BBWO Community ... plus I'm thinking about attaching one of my marketing eBooks to each webinar for added information and value... my point being ... what do you think? What topics would you like to learn about?

Thank you in advance for your responses. -lh

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  • I think you should charge more than $10.
    • Hey Rhonda,

      Thanks for chiming in! You make a good point about pricing. This would be a group webinar, so my goal is to make it doable for the wider BBWO audience. I know you are a WOCC member and you've gone through all the modules we had last year, but feel free to suggest any topics that interest you. -lh
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