Promotional Item Facts:

  • 80% of customers can identify you from a promotional product
  • On average, a branded shirt will be kept for 5 years
  • A promotional tote bag will be used for 4 years
  • The average woman owns 5 promotional mugs

Fact: A scent of any kind is proven to maximize consumer recall. So make sure it's a pleasant scent.  The brain is a powerful organ, and can recall significant life events years upon years.  A scent can be associated with a fond memory that can almost never be broken, lost or worn out. 

At Smell Good Spa LLC, we are a family that truly believes in creating good memories. Serving many customers over the years has confirmed that fact about scent.  After drinking a cup of hot chai, customers purchased our Chai soap, Fresh Sheets & Me customized in Chai, or Pure Body Balm.  Why? Because our signature fragrance Chai was inspired by the beverage and the blend is spot-on.  The warm aroma from the cup triggered the positive experience they had with those products.  By the way, they told us so. 

We believe that as a woman entrepreneur, event planner or life coach, you can build your brand with a scent, and we can help.  Think outside the box is an overused phrase that encourages a person to be creative.  Although I understand the meaning behind the phrase, my philosophy, and one that I teach my children, is to see beyond.  Thinking outside the box can cause limitations as well, because one can start having great ideas, but then doubt that those ideas can be successful, because the ideas and the person are separate. Seeing beyond allows one to become that idea - every bit of their authentic being goes into that idea, thus inspiring those they serve to believe in themselves; bringing joy to the people they serve; and most of all helping the people they serve. Are you ready to see beyond what you can do for your customers or clients?

Woman entrepreneur, event planner or life coach operating from an authentic place, on purpose, if you  desire to empower your clients or generate more business using the power of smell, let's work together, today. 

Inquire about our Scent Branding at smellgoods(at)smellgoodspa(dot)com; Subject: Scent Branding Inquiry


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