Young Grandparents In America

Attention Ladies Of BBWO:

I am a 38yr. old Grandmother of a 3yr. old (girl) and a 6yr. old (boy) who's daughter has abandoned the children on me to care for and as of right now I had been trying to receive help from the DFACS office and as to no avail there isn't really any help unless you are 60yrs. old or disabled at which I am not none of the above. So I am now wanting to start a New Movement for Younger GrandParents In America if any one would like to join and help me out with ideas, being a part of the movement to get it started, to donate anything, or to help out with anyway that you would like to with showing some Sisterly Love please contact via email or call me at 678-857-0415! Thanks for looking at my Discussion in advance it is greatly appreciated!

Tera Dixon

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