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June 21

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She is the Founder/CEO of Love Inspite of Women’s Bible Fellowship, where Jesus Christ is Lord. She has a vision to build strong biblical relationships through increasing fellowship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his Word, to make every effort towards accountability through our friendships and discipleship programs. Ultimately, it is her desire for God’s women to be totally renewed and transformed into his marvelous light, women whose minds are set, in order to walk in forgiveness and not bitterness, no matter the cost. Andrea is a member of The Well Christian Community Church in Dublin, California, under the leadership of Pastor Napoleon and Nicole Kaufman. She is a minister of the Lord, and has a heart for all of God’s people of different ethnicity and hopes to bring healing and deliverance through her preaching and writing style. Her pen name is Michele Mills and she has recently become a published co author for Victorious Living For Women. (Suber & Pullins Publishing) This book is an anthology filled with the inspirations, wisdom and pathways to victory of 40 incredible women who share stories of their life experiences. As they take you on their personal journeys you will find inspiration, encouragement, blueprints for victory and principles for transforming your life embedded in each chapter. Learn how to overcome fear, find your purpose, define your destiny, recovery from divorce, emotional healing, physical healing, dealing with grief and so much more. The wisdom and candor of this stellar assembly of women with true-life stories will help you pursue your path of becoming. A victorious woman. Her second book “There’s Too Much Hell in the Church” is soon to be released in March 2010. (Holy Fire Publishing). The primary purpose of writing this book is definitely not to persecute the churches. It will bring repentance, righteousness, holiness and most of all the fear of the Lord back into the churches. For so long, many churches have started off by putting the kingdom of God first and in seeking His righteousness, but heartbreaking to say, some have ended up in a spirit of compromise. At the end of each chapter you’ll find one of the six biblical based keys to help KEEP HELL OUT OF THE CHURCH. She is also a contributing writer for Divine Inspiration Magazine and she’s looking forward to contributing too many other magazines. She will be launching an on-line Christian Magazine for women. A life time student of the Word of God, she is continuously furthering her education in Theology emphasis Biblical Studies. Residing in Northern California, She has two children, and one granddaughter. Her scripture for this season is, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14; NIV).



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  • Peace and light, Andrea

    It is great to have meet you and it is nice to be in like-minded community. I hope your life and your business is blessed and filled with abundance, light, ease, and happiness.

    Stay well,
    Ten Nebula
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  • Welcome Andrea to BBWO may you be inspired here on this site.. I really enjoy reading christian novels they are always very inspiring and always make me smile. much continue bless success to you and I hope that the author groups on here will be a inspiration to you.. also check out another website : fromawriterspov.ning .com.. Have a Bless Weekend !
  • Welcome to BBWO: I encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities available on this website. It provides a wealth of business knowledge and tools. I extend an invitation to you to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS on my page. Please feel free to add me as a friend.

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