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Broken But Not Bound is an inspiring true story of how one woman is using her own experience as a child who was molested to reach out to others who have endured similar pain. It’s a powerful tale about the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Child molestation transcends race, class and religious beliefs. Statistics show 1 in 4 young girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually assaulted by the age of 18. The rate of childhood molestation has increased 30% in the last two decades. 75% of the perpetrators are men – fathers, stepfathers, uncles, brothers – someone likely known to the child as a protector, someone they love and trust. In Broken But Not Bound, author April Mason clearly articulates how the soul, even in the midst of confusion, anger and misery, can rebound from tragedy and remind you of your inherent greatness. Her descriptive accounts and self analysis of the life she once endured helps to reassure others they are not alone, and more importantly, they too can overcome their pain and lead productive and successful lives. Broken But Not Bound is a vivid illustration of the power of God’s love to bring you through the fire and deliver you into a world of self-love and peace. April Mason is an Entrepreneur, Women’s Advocate, Inspirational Speaker and Philanthropist. She has dedicated her life to helping others to “release the past and embrace the future”. Ms. Mason is the founder of The Broken But Not Bound movement, which helps victims free themselves from the bondage of incest, sexual and physical abuse, and equip them with the tools to execute their vision and achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Ms. Mason currently resides in California.
For speaking engagements, book signings, seminars, etc, contact Bookings at (800) 434-7195 ext. 2 or booking@AprilMason.com http://www.brokenbutnotbound.com



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  • Hi April thanks for excepting me as your friend.
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  • The dangers of a secured credit card

    A secured credit card is used only for the purpose of rebuilding your credit. Most banks will charge you a start up fee for the card. This fee can range from $20.00 to $200.00.

    The consumer is paying to have a credit card that will charge them interest on their own money. A secured card reports to your credit card just like a real credit card. In some cases it will show secured, but not often. This depends on the company that you get the card from.

    My question to many consumer is why would you want to pay interest on your own money? This makes no sense at all. Also, why would you use a card that will lower your credit score when you use it? Most secured credit cards have a minimum deposit of $200.00 or $300.00 deposit. So, when you use more than half of the limit, your score will go down.

    More dangers to beware of below:

    The company will charge you a high interest rate.
    The company will charge you a set up fee, just for the card.
    The company will charge you a late fee on your own money if you don’t make the payment on time.
    The company will report you late on your own money when you miss a payment on your money.

    The only way a secured card will benefit you is when you do not use the card. Let the card work to your advantage. Let the bank pay you money on the secured card, so you gain money. If you are trying to REBUILD your credit this is an excellent way to rebuild your score and make money.

    However, you want to use the card to your advantage and the intended purpose. My advice would be to use a secured card like a saving account. Dump any money on the card that you want to save for about a year or longer, just enough for you to rebuild your credit.

    Next, pull all your money off the card and close the account (all at once). Remember, the key to credit is playing the credit game. If you do not know the rules, you will loose.

    The real question with secured cards is “how much do you want to loose”? One year two years, three years, or forever. Remember, you will pay a yearly fee for that card. If your are paying $59.00 a year, that will cost you around $295.00 for five years.

    Last, make sure you get a secured card that has a good interest rate, so you earn more money. Also, one that has a maximum high limit. For example, you can put up to $5,000.00 on some secure credit cards. Most cards have a set limit on how much you can put on the card. So get one that you will benefit from. More blogs like this at www.creditadviseforyou.com

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