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December 12

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Cicely J was born and raised in Vallejo, California. Coming from a strict and sheltered upbringing with a Pentecostal Pastor for a dad and District Missionary/Evangelist for a mom she couldn't do much but write. She has been writing since she was a child and was almost skipped from 4th grade directly to 6th after her teacher and principal read her essay "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." Cicely is a very controversial author whose subject matters tend to be very politically INcorrect. Her debut non-fiction "black men vs. White Men: the Black Woman's Choice" is sure to get a conversation going and has been known to even start a debate or even arguments. Her follow up (not yet published) work includes controversy, pain, and self reflection. In The Pastor's Daughter she tells the story of the PK who leaves the church to pursue a secular music career but instead of finding fortune and fame she ends up becoming a stripper. The Skin I'm In tells the story of a successful family man with a beautiful wife, 2 wonderful children living the complete "American Dream" until his wife of 10 years looks in the closet and finds old pictures of him with his ex BOYFRIEND! Finally in The Bestseller's Affair (which has already been optioned to be a film) Erica and Robert leave their cushy jobs at a top magazine to become authors. As their relationship takes a bitter turn they soon come to realize that without each other, they can't seem to make the bestseller's list. Do they get back together for success' sake or keep their distance to pursue their dreams alone? Cicely spent 13 years of her life as a model and lived in the background of the music industry since her teens. Although her life has kept her in certain circles she is quick to tell her audience "I am not another tell-all author." After studying English Literature and Political Science at Oral Roberts University she went on to obtain her BA in Healthcare Adminstration, BS in Legal Studies, and is an ABA Certified Paralegal. In other words, Cicely is not just another pretty face looking for her 15 minutes of fame in this industry. She definitely has a voice that needs to be heard in the literary world as well as the community. When asked about her writing style she conveys "It may make you mad, it may make you repent, but it will definitely make you think." Cicely has spent sometime in just about every field of artistry. She is an actress performing in stage plays as well as independent films. She is an accomplished singer and has had the opportunity to sing back-up for some of gospel music's greatest. And she is also a professional drummer. She put down the mic, picked up the pen, and never looked back. Cicely is Chief Editor of CRJ Publishing, LLC. With offices in San Francisco and Atlanta Cicely is tapping into all markets: down South, out West, and back East. They are accepting manuscripts now especially for first time authors but open for all urban writers. If You Build It, They Will Come. www.crjpublishing.com



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facebook, myspace, twitter. I am a daily blogger









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  • Happy Birthday Cicely!

  • Hey how are you? Wanted to let you know that I am putting together a list for publisher's looking for authors. If your company is looking for new clients, check out details here: http://thepovlounge.wordpress.com/writersauthors-promotion/looking-...
  • Hey Cicely! How are you? I'm looking to book Guest Speakers for my blog The POV Lounge. I was wondering if you would be interested. I'm just looking for people with advice on anything in the literary field to come through and give their personal advice and tips on a particular subject. If you think this might be something for you, check out more details here: http://thepovlounge.wordpress.com/be-a-guest-speaker/ I look forward to hearing from you!

    God Bless, Dominique
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    Be blessed,

    Barb, MBA
  • Congratulations on your publishing company, may God keep you inspire everyday and may you get many clients here on BBWO, please check out one of my friends site, who is a author.. her name is dominique watson ( her website is www.fromawriterspov.ning.com ) she is also here on BBWO.. God Bless
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