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December 11

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Yolanda Webb

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Life changer and problem solver, on a mission to change our world by transforming one life at a time. My deepest passion is to help others connect with their true life's purpose and God given talents. My believes are that ALL human beings deserves to live an authentic and purposeful life. My core Values are: God First in everything. Do unto others as you would have them do onto you. Give a smile to everyone you meet, because yours might be the only one they receive. At present my career as an empowerment specialist is broken down in these areas: Life and Personal Development Coach Inspirational and Keynote Speaker Faciltator for Parent Leadership Training Institute Personal Enrollment Counselor with Life Coach Institute Radio & TV Talk Show Host Volunteer Friend Overall Servant



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Weekly Radio Show, Tweets,Blog, email, Face Book, LinkedIn


https://Myspace.com/Daphne Clarke-Hudson


https://LinkedIn.com/Daphne Clarke Hudson


https://Facebook.com/Daphne Clarke Hudson



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  • Hello Daphne,

    Welcome to the site. I'm trying to expand my friendship base and I think you would be an awesome addition to my connections. Please add me as a friend.

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  • Welcome to BBWO we are so excited to have you in the relm of such wonderful and beautiful women who are here to help encourage, uplift and enlighten you. Please feel free to browse my site and also add me as a friend (as I am at my limit again). God Bless - Sis Helen

  • Welcome to BBWO: Please take advantage of all the awesome opportunities available on this site. Network - Network and Network. I extend an invitation to you to post your business information on my page. Please feel free to add me as a friend

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