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July 16

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I began my business career in corporate america quickly climbing to the upper management levels. I decided however after "bumping my head" against the glass ceiling in place for women and minorities, that I would only get a headache in the corporate world. So I decided to venture into my own business. My first business was a mobile marketing concession that took me to many cities participating in lots of festivals and fairs. I loved doing this so much that I it for 23 years and it helped me to be very financially secure, to rear 5 children and to purchase 16 homes as an investor. Due to some personal health issues, I had to let go of that whole lifestyle which is when I came online to the internet and began to use my business skills in mentoring in business and personal growth. My program is structured around a DMO (daily method of operation, Mind Mapping and Building your Vision Board. I checked out many companies and decided for myself that the UBIEE Corporation with it's 8 solutions was my best fit ,suited my personality and disposition and allowed me to be in a position to help others. Shortly after begining with the UBIEE Corporation I was asked to take the position of Marketing Director quite naturally I was delighted and accepted the position. As I take this position with commitment and responsibility the rest has yet to be is still to be written as the UBIEE Corporation and I co-create the future of the company and our Marketing together. If you are a network marketer, and still have not found success in your business yet, then what I am offering is a solution to your problem. For the past 5 years, I have been working on developing a successful home business. The information that I am about to provide you is the result of those years. It with will change your life, just like it changed mine.



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Sharing tips with Chronic Pain Suffers about ways to deal with Fibromyalgia, Joining with others for World Peace.









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  • Happy Birthday!
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  • We welcome all our sisters , sororities , women organizations to Join us in sisterhood as we gather with other powerful women from the NY and NJ area at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

    Networking event 2pm

    Liberty Game at 4pm

    Cost includes all events and donation to FFAWN

    Tickets are going fast online sales end 8/28/09

    If your part of a group , org or sorority and wish to be seated together during the game send a email to events@thephenomenalwomen.org and we will direct you how do go about group sales.

    Everyone that gets there ticket via TicketMaster's link below and use the code : SISTERHOOD
    will be seated together in the same section for game after the networking event.

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  • Hello! Can't wait to meet YOU! I hope You will ADD Me as Your Friend, I Love to Meet "New" People! Let me know All you're doing and please read below about our Important TV shows coming Up! My name is ANN DANDRIDGE and I would like to invite You & EVERYONE to watch our fantastic Gospel Concerts and African American Short Films!



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