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I stumbled upon this network and I must say how impressive it is. I live in New Jersey, near Atlantic City. I am a single, somewhat a newer entrepreneur who is excited about what my community is doing out here in this big wide world. I am number seven of eleven children and about two years ago we decided to take our skills and finally begin to use them whether for profit or not. Currently I am the Editor-In-Chief - P.E.A.S. Magazine, the goal is to bring awareness to missing children of color, organizations/indivduals who are providing services & resources to communities, whose work/mission are very visible. As the Publicity Manager for Peas In Their Pods being able to connect with entities willing to bring the mission to the forefront is very important. Our children of color do not get the full media attention that is so deserving. I am a mother, grandmother of two grandchildren whom I call my bestest friends..they don't judge me yet, they only see their Mom Mom...and to them I am the apple of their eyes. Their names are Anaya & Amir. I help a non-profit organization Mon-Fri. that help in keeping children and families together with resources from the community. Working towards my Master's Degree in Public Administration. I have made some good friends here , not just a working relationship but more so building friendships, because sometimes they last longer. My goal is to be all that I can be, and making sure that everyone around me does the same. We all have a gift that will they come to pass...the moment we speak them. My desire is to help in marketing businesses, non-profits into reaching a consumer base that may be forgotten.



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  • Hi Denise,
    Thank you for reading my Blog Post and your comment about MeMe! She is definitely a rising Star! If your ever looking Online for a Gift, please consider MeMe!

    And KUDOS to you with what you are doing in your Business and the Non-Profit Sector! I have my Master in Public Administration as well...Continue Success and Be Blessd in all that your work to achieve!

    Janise and MeMe~
    MeMe's Online Mark Store
  • Hello Denise, thanks for the invite! I look forward to networking with you! God Bless!
  • Thank you for the add.
  • WELL Entrepreneur Conference
  • Greetings Denise, we thank you for the post. Hope all is well with you and your business.

    Continued Success
    ALIVE Magazine
    Empower. Inspire. Connect.
  • Hello Denise...I went to the directory yesterday and had some troubles getting in to view it, but I went back today and saw it. I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much I truly appreciate the spread. It looks great!
  • Thank you for your kind words. I would love to be a part of your directory. Can you tell me more?
  • Praise the Lord Sister in Christ:

    I am very thankful to you for joining my Bible Study Group - now I need to ask for your presence in converting your membership over to the launching of my new website at http://www.sistasempoweredbygodsword2009.ning.com.

    With your help we can make this group a major success- you will be able to promote your business free of charge and much more,
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    Again I thank you and look forward to seeing you there.

    Be Blessed - Sis. Helen
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