New Orleans, LA


March 1

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To Network with other Black Business Women

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Praline Candy Maker

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I like the idea of meeting other black business women to see if we can help each other.



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Working at my store in the French Quarter selling praline candy.

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  • Greetings Geneva . . .If you or your colleagues are interested . . .please pass along information: We are seeking Vendors that would like to sell their unique and distinctive products or perform or put there products in Gift Bags for Honorees at the 2011 D.R.U.M Awards Gifting Suite. contact me via email GiftingSuite@soiree365.com or info@soiree365.com
    check out my website www.soiree365.com I am a Interior/Event Designer
    (DIASPORA RESTORATION UNITY MISSION) 2011 D.R.U.M. AWARDS in Atlanta, GA Feb 19th, 2011 . .. We are pleased to inform you of our 2nd Annual Human Rights Gala benefitting human rights for all Afro-descendants of slaves living in North America, Latin America and throughout the Caribbean
  • How did you know this was my favorite candy? Thank you for the information and I will be doing business with you very shortly.
  • Hi Geneva, Hope you are well. The pralines sound so delicious (and I know that southern women can cook)... I can't wait to get my order!! Marie

    "It’s Crunch Time!”, This is a new children’s book by Marie Brewer (www.helenbrewer.com for the link to book) This is my book of muscle for boys (ages 9-12) to point them in the direction of HOPE!...This is an interactive book where they can write about their feelings. It discusses acceptable behavior, honesty, good self-image, respect for females and animals, appreciation for teachers/school, choosing good friends. The book also talks about resisting gangs, guns, drugs, violence, alcohol and bad influences. Let's attack the behavior, not the boy. "It's Crunch Time!" , by Marie Brewer, www.bbotw.com. Be a part of the village to help our boys envision their true God-given purpose!
    We can turn this thing around! SEE! THINK ! ACT!
    Heaven gives us hope! Marie Brewer


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  • Good morning, Geneva

    Your confections look so yummy, I 've never been to your city, but if I have the opportunity to visit, I promise to find your store and indulge myself.

    Have a great day
  • Good morning, Geneva

    Your confections look so yummy, I 've never been to you city, but if I have the opportunity to visit, I promise to find you store and indulge myself.

    Have a great day
  • Hi Geneva,
    I can alsmost taste your candy, it look sooo delisious. Your business is cool, i would like to invite you to join the site for all cool things, www.coolylooly.ning.com if you join soon you will receive a space & feature for Supremepralines on our new site set to launch Sept.2009. We would love to feature you, your business is unique & coolylooly. We feature only the coolest of coolest and would love to have you there.
    Cooly Hugs,
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