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December 8

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Having the opportunity to communicate, observe, learn, and collaborate with successful women who have the desire to make change and build profitable businesses is priceless. Membership with Black Business Women Online is important and valuable for these things. I want to surround myself and be in constant company with those who are excelling in areas I may be growing in. I also want to be able to provide encouragement and resources to help this community of women in some form or another.

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Tuxedo Impressions LLC™

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About Me:

Jamara Wilson is the Owner and Founder of Tuxedo Impressions LLC™. She has over 18 years of experience in project management, business operations and process management. Her work has helped businesses streamline their management processes, sustain growth, increase revenue, mitigate risks and reduce expenses. Jamara helps open-minded individuals who have a current awareness of their business establish organization, structure and presentation so they can build valuable vendor and client relationships while accomplishing their passions. She inspires and support other business professionals in their journey to creating professional excellence through national published articles, community building events and speaking engagements where she’s presented to audiences of the Annual Diversity and Leadership Conference, National Association of Black Accountants and Full Sail University to name a few. Connect and learn more about Jamara at JamaraWilson.com.



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What are your most common online activities?

When online I'm usually reading online articles or blog posts, researching or participating in a webinar.







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