Tallahassee, FL


November 23

Why do you want to join Black Business Women Online?

I want to be able to share in having a successful business with other women like myself, as wel as gain insight on how to grow and maintain my new business.

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Edenic Wellness

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About Me:

I am a woman who is very dedicated to health and helping others achieve good health.I grew up with some health challenges and watched family members and friends also suffer from various illnesses, often preventable. As a result, I make it my personal business to educate and offer heath awareness to the community as well ( in the nicest way possible of course).In fact, my desire to share and help others with their health lead me to start Edenic Wellness, which specializes in Aqua Chi , reflexology, and dietary consultation. Also, I love to travel and eventually want to be a leading health and wellness organization with a global reach.



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What are your most common online activities?

researching nutrition, social networking, reading newpapers

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