Delray Beach, FL


June 1

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Real Estate Sales, African Art, & Jewelry designer

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A Friend

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I'm a daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, jewelry designer and Florida Real Estate Agent . Most of all I'm a child of GOD! I enjoy cooking and entertaining friends and family, a good laugh, fine dinning and African Art, just to mention a few.



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  • Happy Birthday!
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  • hey there lisa
    hope all is well with you

    have a great week!

    always makin' funny @:
  • Thanks

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  • Thanks for your comment, I like your website, I would love to have you as a guest speaker to join me on my radio broadcast August 19 10pm CST 11pm EST. This radiobroadcast will be for individuals looking to establish there own business and be successful as well as those who have a business and need information on how to change their outcome...... We will be discussing Marketing Strategies, Smart Business Moves, and How to Network your business... Please respond to this message if your interested. I will provide you with additional information should you decide to confirm.... Be Blessed
  • Love the pictures of homes on Bruce's Page... Have a great weekend.


    Welcome to BBWO!

    It is my hope that this book circulates amongst many generations, educating adults and children alike. If our children are educated early about the proper use of credit and the importance of protecting their names, then we could see a greater outcome.

    Author of Innocent Victims
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