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April 27

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As founder and CEO of yourlucrativelaunch.com, Lavada is passionate about helping coaches, consultants and other service-based entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses online. Affectionately dubbed “The Conversion Diva” and “Launch Queen”, she partners with her clients to convert more leads into sales using effective copywriting and other online conversion tactics. She has recently been honored as one of 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs on Black Business Women Online and has appeared as a guest expert on several shows to include Pam Perry’s Synergy Energy Show and Deborah Owens’ Wealthy Lifestyle Radio. Laid off, broke and a baby on the way… Lavada’s entrepreneurial journey started in March 2009 when she was downsized from her software development position after being in the Information Technology field for nearly 10 years. She was six months pregnant at the time, had no savings in the bank and was completely devastated. Her passion had always been to empower and inspire other women. So, she decided to start her own consulting business, use her technical skills and partner with women service-preneurs to create effective websites that sell 24/7. Initially, Lavada worked one-on-one with her clients as many coaches and consultants do, until she hit an income plateau in her business. She no longer had the time or energy to take on any new private, one-on-one clients and she was not meeting her revenue goals. As she started developing marketing campaigns to promote her new online courses and teleclasses, she realized many of her clients and colleagues did not have the web development and internet marketing skills to successfully launch their own programs. Lavada scoured the internet and invested thousands in coaches, mentors and training products; only to find there was no comprehensive, simple step-by-step process. So, she created one! No more crossing your fingers and praying that your launch is successful. With a renewed vision, brand and a more profitable niche, Lavada partners with coaches, consultants and other service-based entrepreneurs all over the world to lucratively launch their group programs online.



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  • Thanks for all you've done, Lavada.

    Nominated You: at this link: http://mybbwo.com/forum/topics/bbwo50-viewers-choice


    Lavada Thompson


    Very few other women entrepreneurs in my circle have received quite as many third party endorsements as Lavada (even LaShanda Henry gave her high praise and shout outs).

    She certainly deserves to be featured the next BBWO50 because she gives so much of her expertise to teach and empower online women business builders, especially through the group she co-founded with Cynthia Renee Frasier called the "Fix My Site" group and through the many webinars that she has hosted and co-hosted.

    Finally, her participation as a board member of WAHMs WIN, has helped this organization to progress well, even though it's a brand new organization. She is a vital key member and leader in this org.

    Thanks for this opportunity to, once again, recommend Lavada and give her a much deserved shout out.

    Thank you, Lavada!


  • Greetings! Thank you for adding me as a friend!
  • Good morning and thank you!
  • Happy Mother's Day!
    I pray your day is all that you wish it to be.

  • Good morning everyone. I have not given gifts since I've become a member so today is the day! Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and especially those who are the role models for other children ;)





  • Happy Birthday!

  • thanks for the b day wishes
  • Hi Lavada

    thank you for the welcoming....

  • Thanks for the welcome.
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