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March 13



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Strictly Business Cleaning; Calvin Stennis Foundation, Credit Masters of Atlanta,

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A Friend

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I was born In Meridian, Mississippi, I am married to my husband Randy and I have 2 sons, Jarvis Stennis and Marcus Hodges, who also resides in Duluth, Georgia. I am currently involved in a deal to open up a clothing store and also begin investing in Real Estate. I am just getting my foundation (in rememberance of my father), Calvin Stennis Foundation off the ground, which will help low income families with food and rental assistance, as well as clothing and household needs. I love people and I love God for allowing me to be in a position to have such a giving heart.



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Listening to webinars on making money





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  • Hello I just recently came back to BBW I just join a fast moving site please check it out and join under me here is my link. 120x240.gif
  • Happy Birthday!


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  • Hello Lorri,

    I see that your business consist of a lot of things. Your business sounds a lot like ours. When we lived in Michigan, my husband and I owned quite a bit of real estate our selves. We sold our last dinosaur (a 67 unit apartment building) just before moving to Kentucky. Our call now is the educate young black children, as our public school system has failed our race of children for decades. We still operate as product wholesalers and liquidators, web designers, graphics designers, videography, film editing and couple of other things here and there. Whatever it takes to be able to stay at home and teach our kids. I will keep in touch as It is always a pleasure to meet other successful black people.
  • Thank you Lorri,

    Thanks for all the good information. I will definitely visit your site.
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