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September 21

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I would like to network with other Women of Color

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Protecting our kids online

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Ning, SistaSense, Search Engine

About Me:

My name is Sandy Harrison, Internet & Child Safety Advocate. I am a single mom with a beautiful 16 year old daughter. She is the force behind my reaching for my dreams; she is my "why." Utilizing the latest statistics, resources, videos, and expert tips, it is my desire to empower parents with: * A clearer understanding of the issues facing digital children; * The resources they need to communicate with their kids about making safer decisions, * And information about digital tools designed to help parents keep their kids safe when they use social networking and mobile phones. With the ever-increasing dangers to our kids online, this is proving to be a for-sure way that schools, churches, and community organizations can begin to take a stand to protect our children online and make a positive impact in the lives of the families they serve. We are always looking for volunteers that would also like to become an advocate for protecting our children online. There is no cost involved, you will be provided with your own personalized website, completely free training, with an unlimited income potential.

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I spend lots of time reading and researching; always trying to learn more for my business and for my personal development





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  • I am sorry that I am not on BBWO very much. I 've had issues to deal with.I am trying very hard to be more active. Please check out my business site. Thanks for not deleting me.
  • Hi Sandy, thanks for the request, and I really appreciate the compliment! :)
  • Thanks for adding me as you new friend Sandy. Enjoy the rest of this week and be prosperous!!

    God Bless,
  • Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for your friend request. I look forward to networking with you.

    Stay in touch!

    Tonya Harris
    Beijo, Independent Sales Representative
    d.b.a. Fantastic Arrangements

    Complete your look with Beijo!
  • Oh Sandy,

    Then consider us prayer partner! I was at a training for pharmacists when I dared to asked a question. The scientist was soooo rude to me that it made those around me cringe. After his talk he came up to apologize and I shared that my grandparents didn't raise me to treat others that way. I've seen so often in so-called professional circles that I see more clearly how we have come to see our own demise as a nation because of it, among other things.

    Believe well!

    Adelaide (Your sista in prayer)
  • Hello Beautiful!

    Thanks for what you shared on La Shanda's post about the President. I really appreciate you point about our home training dear lady!

    Believe well!

    Adelaide Zindler
    Coming soon!
  • Just stopped by to encourage you to continue taking advantage of all the services BBWO have to offer. I extend an inivation to you to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS on my page. Please feel free to add me as a friend.

  • Hi Sandy,
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
    After the Tryptophan has worn off, please visit my After Thanksgiving Blowout Sale all day Friday.

    Thank you in advance. Have a marvelous day!
  • Greetings my friend and Welcome!

    How are you?
    Just stopping by to say hello and thank you for your friendship...
    Stay In touch,

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