Shreveport, LA


June 16

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Hi all my name is Tileda Lovette Moore, I am a 31 year old soul mate, mother, student, actress model, and entrepreneur, yes I am very busy. I ave lived in Shreveport since 2006 and have had a full life. Filled with ups, downs and some bumps along the wary, but with GODS help I have turned out A-Okay. I will never be 100% because growth is an on going process. I started out in Theater at the age of 16, which led to poetry and song writing. I went into Disc Jockeying, country music singing,and modeling(non-professionally). I was introduced to the movie industry, my first agent (Dawn Landrum), and an opportunity to help others, thus Talent Life Management was born. I am the Founder/President of Talent Life Management Corporation (TLM). We are a not for profit organization specializing in talent and life enrichment. The only requirement is an open mind and willingness to learn. Giving back what was freely given to us. Through helping others we come to realize our true purpose. This program will not only enhance our community, but will allow true equal opportunity. Helping you become larger than your dreams. Talent- We feel dreams are the root of all talent. Dreams are the main components in most individuals lives that are last priority. I don't know about you, but I was told as a child to grow up, get a job, and dream when I was sleeping. I chose to continue dreaming while I was awake. Through seeking out these dreams and tapping into the gifts or talents, we will awaken hope. With hope comes confidence, self esteem, and peace with one's self. Once we ascertain the root of your talent we will help it grow. Once you realize your gifts, the potential for growth is endless. This is when we implement the Life portion of the program. Life- Social behavior, ethics/morals, tolerance, experiences, unity, communication Management- Involves but is not limited to internships and apprenticeships. Hands on training is a major part of the learning process. We will offer the community and local companies the opportunity to participate in this process. TALENT LIFE MANAGEMENT CORPORATION Helping you become larger than your dreams! TLMOORE@TALENTLIFEMANAGEMENT.org I now understand that my health plays a large role in sustaining existence so that I can continue to assist others. I am an affiliate of Visalus Sciences, and have started the Body By Vi 90 day Challenge. I challenge myself to live a healthier lifestyle. This is not only a nutritional meal replacement program it is designed to ignite your body’s natural healing capabilities. A healthy body leads to a mind that is clear of bog, and will lead to a cleansed spirit. Our Founders created Visalus with a vision to combine passion for people with the principles of health and entrepreneurship. Visalus is a community dedicated to making a positive impact on the life, health and prosperity of everyone we can reach. www.teamhealthandwealth.myvi.net



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  • Hello Tileda,

    I Like Your Website.

    What if I could show you
    how to market your business more
    efficiently and more effectively
    by using a free lead generating system
    would you be interested?

    If so, your name and e-mail address is all
    I need to send you the information immediately.

    To your success always

    Andrea McCorkle

  • Hello Tileda

    I like to introduce myself my name is Andrea McCorkle,
    and i would love to get to know you and your interests.

    Best Regards

  • Welcome to the BBWO network Tileda!

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  • Tileda

    Thank you for the ad. Your profile rings true and appears you are one willing to step out of the norm to live a healthy enriched life. The quote.... "I don't know about you, but I was told as a child to grow up, get a job, and dream when I was sleeping", had me laughing.  what is not funny, is that you continued with your dream and have now  substance of matter to help yourself and others. I wish you further success. I will be  checking out your website. Peace, Love and Light.

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